[Solved] Can people see what groups you join on Facebook in 2024?

“Can people see what groups I’m in on Facebook?” is a common question among Facebook users.

In short: Yes, people can see what groups you’re in on Facebook unless you adjust your privacy settings to limit this visibility.

In this post, I’ll discuss Facebook groups; their attributes, privacy settings and how you can tweak them to suit your visibility preferences.

Facebook groups

Facebook Groups enable users to come together under a common cause, issue, or activity; to organize, express ideals, debate issues, post photos, and share related content.

Anybody can create and manage a Facebook Group, and one user can join up to 6,000 other Groups.

You have the freedom to search for and join groups you’re interested in, or you can create groups of your own and add people to them, invite people to join them, and so on.

If you are the group owner or manager, you can customize your group’s privacy settings depending on who you want to be able to join and see the group.

Facebook Groups Privacy Policy

Facebook group privacy settings let you manage the basic privacy preferences.

For any other stuff that you share on Facebook, you can choose your audience when you post. 

Facebook has two privacy settings for groups:

Public: where anyone on or off Facebook can see who is in the group and what they post. 

People can see this when they go to your Profile and check groups, or when they go to the particular group you are in and check for its members.

Public groups are beneficial because people can more easily find and engage with content than in private groups.

This means your group can be a resource for more people.

Private: where only group members can see fellow members in the group and what they post.

If you are in a private group, only the other group members will be able to see that you’re a member and see what you post.

So in a nutshell, the answer to the ‘can people see your groups on Facebook’ question is yes.

If you are in a public Facebook group, everyone on and off Facebook, in and out of your group can see that you are, and see what you post.

But this is not so with a private Facebook group.

Tip: To see if your group is private or public, you can find the privacy of a group below the group’s name in the top left.

Things to Note about Facebook Groups:

  • Private groups have the option to change their visibility to hidden so that only members can find the group and no one else.

    Public groups however can only be visible.

  • When someone is invited to a group, they can see the group in preview mode, including its current members’ list and content.

    However, in preview mode, non-members or invitees won’t be able to post or comment on other people’s posts in the group, and they won’t be able to invite others to the group either.

  • Members of the group can see when an invited member is previewing the group in the members’ list, but those who aren’t group members won’t see the “previewer” in the members’ list.

    Also, the group previewer won’t be included in the total group member count unless they accept the invite and join the group.

  • When a Facebook Page joins a group, since it may have several page admins, all of them can see and interact with posts and members of the group.

  • If a group admin adds a third-party app, that app has access to posts and comments in the group.

    However, third-party apps can’t access who wrote posts and comments unless the app has been permitted by the author.

Changing a Facebook Public Group’s Privacy

Public Facebook groups can change to private.

If a privacy setting change is scheduled by an admin, there is a 3-day window for it to be cancelled in case they change their mind. 

Note that once a group changes from public to private, the change is permanent.

The change of a group’s privacy from public to private can only be done by the group’s admin.

Follow these steps to change the privacy of a public Facebook group you admin:

From your Facebook Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group. If you don’t see the Groups option, click See More.

Choose your group from Groups you manage, then scroll down to Group Settings.

Facebook Groups section
Groups you manage
Facebook group settings

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Go to the Privacy setting and select the Edit (pencil) icon, select Private and then click Next > Change privacy.

Change Facebook group to private

As mentioned earlier, you now have only 3 days during which you can cancel the scheduled change, otherwise, the change will be effected, permanently.

Points to note in case of a group privacy change:

  • All admins will get a notification when the privacy change is scheduled.

  • Every group member will get a notification when the privacy change happens.

  • In case the privacy change is cancelled during the 3-day window, the group will stay public and admins will be notified that the change was cancelled.

Changing a Facebook Private Group Privacy

To protect the privacy of group members, Facebook does not allow a private group to change to a public group. 

This is because if someone posts or comments on something in a private group, they are doing so with the expectation that the post or comments won’t be seen by anyone outside of the group.

If that group happens to be changed to a public group, then it means that the person’s posts/comments would be visible to everyone, which wasn’t the agreement or understanding when they posted.

On the brighter side, however, the group admin can make the private group visible so that anyone can find it in the search and other places on Facebook.

Make Facebook private group visible

Note: Group members will not receive a notification when you change the group to visible or hidden.

Other Facebook Privacy Settings

If you’re not your group’s admin and you’re wondering ‘Can someone see what Facebook groups I’m in’

Maybe you just so badly want to conceal your affiliation to a certain group but because you’re not the group’s admin you can’t change it to be private.

You can try one of these additional changes on your profile:

Hide Groups from your Facebook Profile

Go to your Facebook Timeline and click the More drop-down button, and select Manage Sections at the bottom.

OR you can go to the About tab and click on the pencil (✎) button then select Manage sections.

Hide groups from your Facebook profile

Under Manage Sections, you’ll be shown all the sections that are visible on your Public Timeline, scroll down and uncheck Groups then hit save.

Manage Sections
Uncheck Groups to hide from profile

This will hide the groups you are in from your timeline.

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Edit your Public Post Filters and Tools

In your privacy settings, you can choose specific friends that will not be exposed to your future posts.

On each post you make you can also put an exception on which people you don’t want to see it.

You can even Unfollow them, that way they won’t see any posts you share.

Edit facebook public post filters

Change your Activity Log Settings

Another thing you can do is to go into your activity log (Settings & privacy > Activity log).

Here you can change your preference from public or friends to ‘only me’; and whatever you commented about, or any other activity you engaged in will not be shown anywhere you don’t want it to.

change Facebook activity logo

Additionally, you can also post anonymously in a group if the group admins allow anonymous posts.

From your page Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group. If you don’t see Groups, click See More.

Click the prompt to create an Anonymous Post.

Create your post, then click Submit.

Create anonymous post

After you submit an anonymous post, it will be reviewed by admins before it is published in the group. 


  • If you post anonymously, your name and profile picture will still be visible to the group’s admins and moderators, as well as to Facebook.

  • The comments you make on your anonymous post will also be anonymous. (but just like your anonymous post, group admins, moderators and Facebook will be able to see your name and profile picture.)

  • The details you include in your anonymous post could reveal your identity.

  • Some post formats are disabled for anonymous posts to protect you from inadvertently exposing your identity.

  • If you decide not to post anonymously while creating your post, you can just toggle Post anonymously again to turn it off.

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Who can see my groups on Facebook?

If you are asking this question or wondering; can Facebook friends see your groups?

By default, your Facebook friends can see the groups you are a member of on your profile.

However, you can adjust your privacy settings to control who can see your group memberships.

For example, you can choose to hide your groups from specific people, such as coworkers or family members, or everyone except yourself.

If I join a group on Facebook who can see my profile?

If you join a group on Facebook, other members of that group will be able to see your profile to some extent.

They can see your name, profile picture, and any other information you have made public on your profile.

However, they will not be able to see information that you have set to private, such as your email address or phone number.

It’s important to review your Facebook privacy settings to ensure that you’re comfortable with what information is visible to other group members and adjust them as needed.

What happens if I leave a Facebook group?

If you leave a Facebook group, you will no longer be a member of the group and will lose access to any content or discussions within the group.

Your name will also be removed from the member list, and you will no longer receive notifications or updates from the group.

Leaving a group is different from deleting a group. If you are the admin of a group and you choose to delete the group, all members will lose access to the group and its content.

If you are a member of a group and you leave the group, only you will lose access to the group and its content.

Note that if you leave a group created by someone else, the group creator and members will be notified that you have left.

Can People see what groups you join on Facebook?

No, other users cannot see the specific groups you join on Facebook unless you choose to make them public.

Group membership depends on individual privacy settings, allowing users to control their visibility to others.

If you post in a private Facebook group can your friends see it?

If a post is made within a private Facebook group, the friends of the person making the post cannot see it.

This is an important feature provided by Facebook, ensuring privacy and limiting the visibility of posts within specific groups.

By default, posts made within private groups are only visible to the members of that group, providing a level of confidentiality and restricted access to the content being shared.

Hence, it is safe to say that when posting in a private Facebook group, the information remains exclusive to the members of that particular group, ensuring a secure communication environment.

In conclusion

If you were one of the Facebook users with the question “Can people see my groups on Facebook?”, I hope this post has given you the information you were looking for and answered all our questions about Facebook groups and their privacy settings.

While other users can see what groups you’re in, to some extent, there are privacy settings you can adjust to control who can view your group memberships.

You can participate in Facebook groups while maintaining your privacy and security on the platform.

Remember to review and adjust your privacy settings regularly to ensure that you’re comfortable with what information is visible to others on your profile.

Tip: If you are the admin of the group, you have the leeway to tweak the group’s privacy settings to suit whatever you prefer. 

However, if you are not the group admin, you can use the suggestions in the last section of this post to help you protect your comments or posts and any other activity you may participate in in your group, especially if you are part of a public group.

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