Instagram chat disappeared but not blocked

Instagram is not just about scrolling through what is shared but also communicating and making new friends. You can do this by following accounts, liking and commenting on posts, and through the Instagram chat feature.

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Snapchat device ban

Snapchat is one of the quickest and easiest social media platforms used to communicate through photos and videos. Because of its emphasis on security and safety, Snapchat may ban a user’s account due to violations,

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How can i see hidden followers on facebook

Besides friending people, Facebook users are also able to follow or get a following on the platform.  While Facebook allows you to accept friends into your friends list, followers will not necessarily need your approval

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why is my instagram explore page full of models

Just like most platforms, Instagram aims at making their users’ experiences personalized, better, and memorable. Instagram Explore is one area where they do this by suggesting content or people that they think will get your

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what does the purple star mean on twitter

Twitter now known as X has made several changes to the user interface, adding several features and removing some while tweaking a few things here and there. One such change is the different symbols and

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how to find a reddit user without username

Reddit is a platform where many people will freely express themselves and share their opinions or expertise about different things. As such, you may often find yourself looking for someone on the platform for one

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is it bad to post two tiktoks in a row

TikTok, a predominant short-form video app, has gained remarkable popularity and its users frequently contemplate the rules surrounding content posting. In this article, we will explore the likely implications, considerations, and best practices surrounding consecutive

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computer makes buzzing noise when scrolling

Scrolling on your computer should be a seamless and quiet experience. However, some users have experienced a perplexing problem where their computer makes a buzzing noise when scrolling. This can be annoying and even alarming,

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Save TikTok Videos Without Watermark

In this article, I’ll share with you some effective and user-friendly tools that will give you high-quality TikTok videos on your device(s) without the TikTok watermark. These include SnapTik, SSSTIK, SaveTT, SaveTik, and TTDL (TikTok

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Using Facebook Groups

“Can people see what groups I’m in on Facebook?” is a common question among Facebook users. In short: Yes, people can see what groups you’re in on Facebook unless you adjust your privacy settings to

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