5 Steps To Stop Facebook Autoplay Videos – Working 2018

If you’re reading this post, am sure you’re looking for a working procedure to disable Facebook auto play videos on mobile. A couple of months back i switched phones and so, that required me to reinstall almost all the apps i had on my older smartphone. Reinstalling apps means that you’re will have to reconfigure the settings again. Not forgeting that you’ll have to again configure that logins another time.

Well, I wasn’t any different from anyone else looking for a way to stop Facebook videos from auto playing every time you scroll down. Besides it being too annoying, your mobile data is used up and often times, you aren’t interested in the auto playing videos in the first place.

So in this article, i will show you a working way to disable all videos from auto playing on your time line. Please note that there was a change in the Facebook mobile app in the current version. Before, the disable option was under accounts and setting just after a tap on the drop down Facebook app menu. Today, the auto play video option is way under the main app menu > settings & privacy > media & contacts > auto-play.

Since i experienced a moment where i could figure out exactly where the disable auto-play option was in the current version. I therefore decided share with you the working procedure.

So, lets jump in quickly.

#1. Open Facebook App

Kindly browse through your apps and select to open the Facebook app from the app list. Tap on the three horizontal bars on your extreme top right hand within the app.

#2. Select Settings & Privacy

Kindly tap to select the option settings and privacy in the drop down menu under the three horizontal bars.

See the image below follow up.


#3. Tap to select media and contacts

Just after you select the setting and privacy tab, another tab will open up. Kindly locate media and contacts just within the list and tap to select it.

#4. Select Auto-play

Still under the media and contacts tab, you will see another list of options about videos in the news feed, sounds in the app, continuous contacts upload, links open externally, photo and video uploads and finally Auto-play. Kindly tap to select the Auto-play option.


#5. Choose when videos Auto-play

Finally here we come. Under the auto-play option is where we will finally setup out video auto play disable option for all videos running on our timeline.

In the list, we can choose when videos auto-play. Either On Mobile data and Wifi connections, Only Wifi connections only, or Never Auto-play videos.

Kindly tap to select the most desired option for you.


Extra Tip:

For you looking for a way of regulating your mobile data from runing out. There is an interesting feature that works not necessarily like the video auto-play disable option. But this feature will enable you to select when do use your mobile data. The data saver turns back on automatically when you switch to mobile data that is, if you had set it up.

Turning on data saver will reduce you daily data usage while on Facebook. To turn on data saver. Head straight and tap on the three horizontal bars at the your top right hand, then tap to select data saver and enable it.

Yes, that’s all.

In closing

I tried my level best to find out how to disable the Facebook videos from auto playing even after watching couple of Youtube videos but all my efforts where in vain. For you searching for a working way to disable those videos from auto playing, this is for you and hope it helps.

Let me know in the comment sections if this guide helped you disable auto play videos on your current Facebook app version.

Also, this article marks the start of what i will call marathon publishing. From today to the next 30 days, i will publish alteast 2 articles a day. Hope you guys enjoy every bit of the tips i share here. Yes, same good tips and tricks like always.

See you in the comments section.

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