is it bad to post two tiktoks in a row

TikTok, a predominant short-form video app, has gained remarkable popularity and its users frequently contemplate the rules surrounding content posting. In this article, we will explore the likely implications, considerations, and best practices surrounding consecutive

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computer makes buzzing noise when scrolling

Scrolling on your computer should be a seamless and quiet experience. However, some users have experienced a perplexing problem where their computer makes a buzzing noise when scrolling. This can be annoying and even alarming,

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Save TikTok Videos Without Watermark

In this article, I’ll share with you some effective and user-friendly tools that will give you high-quality TikTok videos on your device(s) without the TikTok watermark. These include SnapTik, SSSTIK, SaveTT, SaveTik, and TTDL (TikTok

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Using Facebook Groups

“Can people see what groups I’m in on Facebook?” is a common question among Facebook users. In short: Yes, people can see what groups you’re in on Facebook unless you adjust your privacy settings to

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WordPress has a useful built-in feature called recovery mode; which was designed to protect your website from severe errors or problems that might render it inaccessible. However, sometimes the recovery mode may fail to work

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Turn off active status on instagram

One of Instagram’s default features is the Active Status or the Activity Status indicator; which allows your contacts to see when you’re active and what time you were last seen active on the platform. However,

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Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account

Are you in need of a break and wondering how to temporarily disable your Instagram account? You’re the right place because this post is going to show you exactly how to disable Instagram account temporarily.

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How To Change Account Type On Instagram

With its wide range of features and tools, Instagram reaches a diversity of users. These include individuals sharing personal moments, companies exhibiting their products, and content creators entertaining audiences.  Instagram provides 2 account options; personal

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telegram k vs z

In April 2021, two Telegram Web versions emerged; Telegram Web K and Telegram Web Z. These allow users to access their messages and conversations through a web browser, rather than solely on a mobile device.

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Telegram X vs Telegram

Telegram and Telegram X are both open-source instant messaging applications/platforms from the same company. The difference between Telegram and Telegram X lies in their software architecture and development approach. Telegram is the official app version

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