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Welcome to GO Tech UG (GTU)- Bringing Your Way To Technology.

This is tutorial tech blog that simplifies web-tech for total beginners step by step. Get free guides from real life tech headaches our clients pay us to solve.

I make tutorials that may help you create an online, web and digital presence with zero techie know-how step by step with no step skipped.

Launched on the 28th night of May 2017, I have seen it grow from literary zero visitors a day to now over 10k visitors a month. (30th-Aug-2018) 

What To Find Here

This blog is dedicated to sharing information, the knowledge, the insights, and many of the strategies I have uncovered that have changed my tech and digital lifestyle and given me the power to create and live freely.

If you have ever blogged before, don’t mistake it with just another thing. It’s an intense platform which can empower you beyond anything and these words reach out to everyone in every corner of the planet.

If you’re a technology enthusiast no matter which field you’re in or what you do or where you leave, I recommend this blog for you.

Who Hamza Is..

He is a digital content designer and publisher with 5 years experience in digital content designing, WordPress web design and Search Engine Optimization.

With a bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology from SMU – India and a diploma in Media Design and Print Technology, Hamza is more than happy to have the opportunity to share his knowledge through this blog.

Prior to starting to write this blog, he has worked in Television, Pre- Press and Advertising. 

He started blogging out of his passion for learning & sharing. 

Just writing a blog has given him so much more than just money.  It’s given him a sense of freedom that he didn’t know was possible. 

He’s passionate about technology, art and travelling. With his passion for travelling, he has visited 10 countries and these include, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, DR Congo, S.Sudan, Ethiopia, Germany, Austria, France and Hungary. Of course, he spends most of his time in his motherland, Uganda.

He used to be an introvert, but now he speaks in front of hundreds of people at seminars and conferences. Most times to motivate and inspire.

In his free time, he swims, jogs, rides a bike or reads a book.

It has been a long journey, please be NICE!!