Best gutenberg block plugins

In this article, I’ll share some of the best Gutenberg block plugins. Most of these block plugins will enable you to add dynamic content, animations and many more features. From Kadence and Cwicly Blocks to

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InstaWP vs LocalWP

Setting up and managing local WordPress environments requires tools that meet the needs of both the developer and the user, InstaWP and LocalWP are such tools.  InstaWP allows you to create and instantly launch WordPress

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freerange stock images

In this article, I will share with you some often overlooked free stock photo sites that I think you’ve never come across. We’ll look at sites like Negative Space, Freerange, PicJumbo and Life of Pix.

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Best Video Hosting Platforms For Online Courses

Imagine a time when people had to travel miles to give or receive knowledge!  Now, thanks to the internet, exchanging knowledge across physical and virtual boundaries has never been easier, as you can do so

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computer makes buzzing noise when scrolling

Scrolling on your computer should be a seamless and quiet experience. However, some users have experienced a perplexing problem where their computer makes a buzzing noise when scrolling. This can be annoying and even alarming,

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WordPress has a useful built-in feature called recovery mode; which was designed to protect your website from severe errors or problems that might render it inaccessible. However, sometimes the recovery mode may fail to work

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Best Android Emulators Right Now

With the emergence of Android emulators, running Android apps on computers has never been easier!  If you’re one of the people looking for a way to create and test your apps, play mobile/video games, or

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Is WordPress Outdated

If you are wondering if WordPress is the best platform for you to use, in this article I am going to answer the question of whether is WordPress outdated or is still relevant today.  In

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social network plugins for wordpress

Are you looking to enhance your WordPress website with powerful social network plugins? Look no further! In this article, I’ll share the top social network plugins that will take your site’s communication and customer support

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Can We Earn Money Through Chegg

Yes, we can! 😊 This article will answer your question and give you all the necessary info to help earn money with Chegg. Briefly; you can earn money through Chegg by becoming a Chegg expert

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