Can You Rearrange Photos On Facebook After Posting?

One of the most used features on Facebook is the “Photos” feature which allows users to share special/important life events. 

You may post photos and realize that the way they appear was not your intended order, or just not to your preference, which begs the question; can you rearrange photos after posting them? 

In this article, I will talk about the possibility of rearranging or changing the order of your photos after posting them on Facebook and how to do it. 

Yes, you can rearrange your photos on Facebook after posting them by editing your post and then reordering the photos to your desired order, or you can post photos using Facebook albums, or you can delete the posted photos and re-upload them.

How to Create Photo Posts on Facebook

Facebook lets you share your experiences, important moments, joys, and not-so-good moments (if you wish to) with others through photos. Photo sharing is widely used and is an effective way of expression. 

So if you are planning to share your photos for the first time, or just need a reminder of how to do so, here we go:

Open the Facebook app, and go to the new post. You can do this in the ‘what’s on your mind’ bar. When you tap the bar you will get a create post page. 

Facebook Post Page

Tap on Add photos/videos to go to your storage on your computer or phone, choose the photos you would like to include in the post then tap Next. 

You can also select and drag the photos you want from your computer to your post.

The selected photos will appear in your post, you can add or delete some, and if you are satisfied you can tap Post.

If your photos do not appear in the order you would have desired them to and you would like to change the order, Facebook allows you to do that, here is how:

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3 Ways to Rearrange Photos on Facebook

The good news is that you can change the order of photos in your post at any time! To change the order, you have a few options to try:- 

1. Re-upload the Photos in a Different Order

The quickest way to deal with your unhappiness about a Facebook photo post is to delete and re-upload the photos. 

On your Facebook post, as you choose to add photos, you have the option to use the drag and drop function, ignore the drag and drop and instead select the add photos manually.

With this, you can select the photos in the order you want them to appear. You can also do this on the phone or tablet and select from the gallery in your preferred order. 

2. Edit the Post and Reorganize the Photos

If you would rather not re-upload your photos, you can still edit the post and reorganize them.

Go to the post you wish to edit and click on the 3 dots (…) then select Edit post > Edit all.

Facebook Post Page
Facebook Post Page

On your mobile, Tap and hold on to the photo then move it up or down to reposition it to your desired spot. 

On your computer, you can make use of your mouse or the touchpad to move/drag each photo up and down to achieve your desired order. 

When you get your desired order click Done and then Save, and your order will be updated.

Facebook Post Page
Facebook Post Page

3. Work with Albums

Rearranging photos in a Facebook album works best on the desktop; it allows you more control over your photos. 

You can start by creating an album and then you get to change your photo order in different ways.

Create an Album 

Open your Facebook profile page and click on the Photos tab.

Facebook Profile Page

On the photos page tap on Albums then go to the Create Album option. 

Facebook Photos Page

Add your preferred album name, select your audience then tap the upload photos/videos button to choose photos or just drag and drop the photos you want. 

If you are using the upload photos/videos option make sure you select the photos in the order you want them to appear in your album.

When you are done click Post.

Facebook Photos Page

Change the Order of Photos in the Album

After uploading or dragging your photos to your album, if you are still not satisfied with the order they appear you can rearrange by moving photos up and down to re-organize them to your preference.

Open your album and in the top right corner tap the 3 dots () and select the Edit album option from the drop-down menu. 

Facebook Album Page

Go ahead and drag and drop the photo to the position you want it and when you’re done tap Save.


Q. Can you see who viewed your Facebook posts? 

Facebook does not have a specific feature that reveals who viewed a post on a regular Facebook account. 

But you can have an idea of who viewed your post by checking out the comments and likes on your post. This may not reveal everybody who viewed it but at least it gives you an idea. 

However, you can see how many people viewed and engaged with your post on a Facebook group or a Facebook page. 

To see these, you will have to open the page or group in which you are an admin and select the Insights option. 

Facebook Page Insights

From the Insights page, you can see the count of viewers and engagement on particular posts.

Q. Can you see who viewed your Facebook video? 

Yes, you can see who viewed your Facebook video

On your Facebook page, open the video you want to check out, on the right-hand side above the ‘like’ and ‘comment’ options, you should be able to see the views count next to the eye icon (👁).

Facebook Video Views

Q. Can you add photos you already posted on Facebook to an album?

Yes, you can.

Go to that Facebook post and open the photo you want to add to an(other) album.

In the right corner tap the 3 dots and select Move to another album.

Facebook Album Page

Select the album you want from the drop-down and then tap the Move photo button.

Facebook Album Page

Q. What is the maximum number of pictures in a Facebook post?

There is no limit to the number of pictures you can add to your Facebook post. 

However, note that adding a very large number of photos to a single post could make it challenging for viewers to navigate.

If you have a large amount of photos to post it would be best to make use of Facebook albums to foster better navigation.


It is good that the Facebook platform gives a great opportunity to users to share experiences and events with friends and family. And with this comes many useful features including the ability to share your photos in the way you desire even after posting. 

As seen in this article, changing the order of Facebook photos in a post is quite possible and easy. 

You can do this by reposting the photos, using albums, and moving photos within that particular post to get the order that you desire. 

With these features, you can enjoy sharing to your satisfaction. 

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