How to Remove Share Button on Facebook in 2024

Facebook encourages content sharing and engagement amongst its users.

But what if you’ve posted your nice video, picture, or quote but would rather keep it to yourself, you don’t want others to share it? 

This is a step-by-step guide on how to keep others from sharing your post by removing the Facebook share button.

By default, your Facebook post is set to “Public”, therefore it will have the Share button and anyone can share it. 

To remove your Facebook share button you can start by making your post private so that “Only you” can view it, or share it with only “Friends”.

Facebook post set to public
Facebook share button

Although there is no direct way to disable the “Share” button on your Facebook posts, you can use some effective methods to limit the sharing of your content and tailor your privacy settings to suit your preferences.

How to create a new Facebook post without the Share button 

To keep people from sharing your post(s), you can set your preferred audience right from when you create your Facebook post. 

To do this:

Log into your Facebook account, go to “What’s on your mind…?” to create your post, and add your text or image to your post.

Create Facebook post

Below your username, you should see the default audience which is set to Public. Click on the drop-down and then go ahead and select Friends.

Facebook default audience
Facebook post audience

When you are done adding content to your post and setting the audience to friends, go ahead and Post.

As long as your post’s audience is set to Friends, there won’t be a Share button on it even if it’s your friends viewing it.

Basically, no one will be able to share it.

Tip: Ideally, I think it’s supposed to be that if the audience is set to Friends then only your friends should be able to share your post.

But for some reason, this is the way it is, for now, no one can share as long as the audience is set to anything other than Public.

Alternatively, you can change your post’s audience to Only me so that it is not visible to anyone else.

Though I don’t know why anyone would post on a public platform and then not want the post to be seen 🤔

But hey, it’s up to you!

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How to remove the share button on Facebook after posting

If you have already posted something and you want to stop people from sharing it, here are the steps for ‘how to turn off share button on Facebook’:

Open up your post and click on the 3 dots () then go to the Edit audience settings.

Facebook edit audience

On the Audience popup set the audience to Friends or any other audience which is not Public, then click the Save button.

Facebook edit audience

With this, the Share button will disappear from your post when anyone is viewing it.

Facebook edit audience

Note: The share button will still show when you are viewing the post from your Facebook account, but to other people (your friends) it will not show.

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how to disable share button on Facebook Stories

If you want to stop others from sharing your post on their Stories; 

On PC;

Tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner then go to Settings & Privacy > Settings

Facebook Settings and Privacy

In your Settings go to the Profile and tagging section, then turn off the “Allow others to share your posts to their stories?

Facebook Settings and Privacy

On Mobile;

Open your Facebook app on your Android or iOS device, tap your Facebook profile picture and then the Settings icon at the top (⚙).

Go to Stories > Sharing options.

Facebook Settings
Facebook Settings
Facebook Settings
Facebook Settings

Here, you can allow people to share your stories if you want them to, or you can choose to allow only the people you mention in your story to share it, or you can just not allow sharing if you prefer.

You can do the same for your Reels as well.

Note: While removing the Share button can come in handy to stop people from sharing your post, remember that people can still take screenshots of your post or even save it if it’s an image and then share it manually, even if you limit sharing on Facebook itself. 

So it’s best to always be mindful of what you post online, even with the Facebook privacy settings in place.

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Bonus: how to share someone else’s post on Facebook when there is no share button

Sometimes, someone’s post might be too good to not share, yet you can’t find a share button on it, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Ask for Permission: You could comment on the post or send a private message to the person who posted, asking for permission to share it on your timeline.
  2. Take a Screenshot: This method doesn’t share the original post directly, and you should still respect the content owner’s rights.

    But you can take a screenshot of the post and then upload the image as a new post on your timeline.
  3. Use the Link: If the post has a link, for example to an article or website, you can share the link separately in a new post on your timeline or a comment.
  4. Copy and Paste: Copy the text or content of the post and create a new post with the copied content, remember to give credit to the original poster if applicable.


Q. Why do some posts not have a share button?

Some Facebook posts do not have the share button because of the posts’ privacy settings.

The audience is set to Friends or something other than Public.

Q. How do I change a post to share on Facebook?

You can allow people to share your post on Facebook by:

  • Go to the post you want to make shareable and tap the three dots (…) in the upper right corner.
  • In the pop-up menu, tap the Edit Audience option.
  • Check the Public then Save.

Q. What is the difference between send and share buttons on Facebook posts?

The Share option on Facebook allows people to share your post publicly on their profile, pages, groups or stories.

While the Send option allows for private sharing.

People can send your posts to specific friends/people and they will receive it in their Facebook messages/messenger, then from there they can choose to view the post.

Q. How can I check who shared my post?

You will find the number of shares or shares count right below your post next to “Comment”.

And when you click on it a popup will show you which people shared your post.

Facebook shared post count

Q. Why would I want to limit sharing on my Facebook posts or content?

Limiting sharing on your Facebook posts or content may come in handy if you want to control how your content is distributed, and if you’re concerned about privacy, sensitive information, or maintaining a specific audience.

Q. What happens when I share someone else’s post on Facebook?

When you share someone’s Facebook post, it appears on your timeline and your friends or chosen audience can see it as well.

The original post’s creator is credited as the source.


In summary, while directly removing the Share button on Facebook remains a challenge, Facebook provides users with options to adjust privacy settings and content moderation tools that you can leverage and restrict who can see and share your posts.

Being able to change your audience on individual posts instead of in general may be handy because it enables you to remove the share button from some posts but keep it on the others that you may prefer to share with the public.

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