How To Delete A Facebook Group in 2024?

Facebook allows for group interactions through its Facebook groups feature. 

Facebook groups are created for specific reasons and attract like-minded people. 

At some point, however, you may need to get rid of the group for various reasons. If you are wondering how to delete a Facebook group, that is what this article explores.

To delete a Facebook group, log into your Facebook account; access your group page; access group settings and delete the group. It is important to note that you must be a group administrator. 

We explore these steps and more in this article, but first, let’s understand why you would wish to delete a group that you labored to create. 

Why delete a Facebook group?

There are several reasons why someone might wish to delete a Facebook group, here are some common ones:

1. Inactive or low engagement

You may have trouble getting members to participate as you wish they would. 

If a Facebook group fails to attract active members or generate meaningful engagement over time, the group creator or administrator may decide to delete it rather than maintain an ineffective or stagnant community.

2. Change in focus or purpose

Sometimes, the original purpose or focus of a Facebook group may change in a way that it no longer aligns with the interests or goals of its members. 

In such cases, the group creators or administrators may choose to delete the group and create a new one with a revised focus or mission.

3. Administrative burden

Managing a Facebook group comes with certain demands; it requires time, effort, and attention from admins to moderate discussions, enforce rules, and address member concerns. 

If the administrative responsibility becomes overwhelming or unsustainable, the group creators or admins may opt to delete the group rather than continue investing resources into it.

4. Privacy concerns

In some cases, members of a Facebook group may express concerns about privacy or data security, particularly if sensitive information is shared within the group. 

If these concerns cannot be adequately addressed or resolved, the group creators or admins may decide to delete the group to protect the privacy of its members.

5. Negative or toxic environment

If a Facebook group becomes a breeding ground for negativity, conflict, harassment, abuse, or inappropriate behavior, it can harm the well-being of its members and damage the group’s reputation. 

In such a case, deleting the group may be the most effective way to address these issues and prevent further harm.

6. Decline in relevance or interest

Over time, the relevance or interest level of a Facebook group may decline due to changes in the external environment, shifts in member preferences, the emergence of competing platforms or communities, or simply members may become bored. 

If the group no longer serves a purpose or meets the needs of its members, it may be appropriate to delete it.

7. Organizational changes

If a Facebook group is associated with a specific organization, business, or event that undergoes significant changes or ceases to exist, it may no longer make sense to maintain the group. 

If this is the case, deleting the group can help streamline the organization’s online presence and avoid confusion or misunderstandings among members.

Overall, the decision to delete a Facebook group should be carefully considered and based on factors such as engagement levels, alignment with the group’s purpose, administrative capacity, privacy concerns, and the well-being of its members.

So if you are experiencing one or more of the above, and have made a decision to delete your Facebook group, this article will tell you how you can go about it. 

But wait, you have the option to pause or archive the group if you wish to come back to it at some point. Depending on your reasons, you can choose to pause the group. 

Let’s delve into how to archive a group before exploring how to delete it.  

How to archive a Facebook group

If you want to temporarily suspend activity without permanently getting rid of the group, you may pause or archive the group. 

To do this; 

  1. Login to your Facebook account. Remember you have to be a group admin.
  2. Open the group: account. From the list of groups you manage, you can select the group you wish to archive.
  3. Archive the group; on the Facebook group, check on the right side and tap on the ellipsis to access a popup menu, then select the Pause group option from the menu. 
Delete facebook group
  1. Now you can go through the confirmation and you will be done. 

You can always come back to this group when you need to. 

How to delete a Facebook group

Delete  facebook group

Okay, if pausing a Facebook group is still not the best option, herein are steps you can follow to delete a Facebook group either on your desktop or via your mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. 

Steps to delete a Facebook group (for desktop version)

To delete your Facebook group you need to be a Facebook user; have or be a member of a Facebook group; and be the group administrator. 

Here are steps you should follow if you are using the desktop version. 

Step1: Login into your Facebook account

You can start by opening Facebook in your browser and logging in to your account.

Step 2: Open the group you want to delete

Open facebook group

On the left-hand side of your Facebook page is a menu with the group icon, click on it. This should give you a list of groups you are a part of. 

Select the group you wish to delete.

Step 3: Delete the group

On the group page, along the middle menu, on the right-hand side is an ellipsis (the three-dot line).

Delete facebook group

Click on the three-dot line to get a popup menu.

Pause facebook group

 Down on the pop-up menu is the delete group option. Click the delete group. 

Step 4: Confirm 

When you click on the delete group option, you will get a popup message asking you to confirm your attempt to delete the group. 

At this point, you can cancel the attempt if you wish to.

Delete facebook group

If you are sure you want to delete, confirm your action by clicking on the delete button link with the blue background color. 


A group can only be deleted when there are no members. So as an administrator, you need to first remove members from the group and when you are the last member you can go ahead and delete the account.

If you are an administrator, this action will permanently delete the group. 

Steps to delete a Facebook group (using a smartphone) 

To delete a Facebook group on your smartphone, you can follow these steps. 

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Access the menu in the top right corner of your screen is the menu icon (usually three horizontal lines). Tap on this icon to get the menu.

Facebook menu

Step 3: Go to Groups

From the menu, tap on the Groups tab. This should display a list of groups you are in, including those you manage.

Facebook group tab

At this point, you can select the group you wish to delete from the list of groups you manage. 

Step 4: Access group settings 

To get the group settings, tap the arrow icon.

Facebook Group

Step 5: Remove members from the group

You need to have the group de-populated before you delete it. To remove members, you can tap each member’s name and remove them one by one.

For each member, tap the cog icon and select Remove from Group

Step 6: Delete the group

Once you’ve removed all other members, scroll down to the support header. Below the support is a menu with three icons – share group, pause group, and delete group. 

Delete group

Select the Delete group option. 

Step7: Confirm 

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the group. 

Facebook group delete

Confirm by clicking DELETE GROUP.

Remember that group members won’t be notified when you delete a group, and the deletion is permanent and irreversible. If there are no remaining members, the group will be deleted.


Can another administrator remove the creator of the Facebook group?

The answer is NO.

The Facebook group creator is automatically an administrator of the group. Hence he/she can not be removed from the group. 

For the creator to be removed, he or she needs to assign another member to be an administrator and then leave the group. 

So long as the creator is still a member of the group, other administrators can not remove him/her.

Is it possible to bulk delete the members before leaving the group as an administrator?

From the analysis, there is no clear method to delete multiple members of a group at once. 

If you have one hundred-plus group members you have to remove them one at a time and then finally delete the group. 

Otherwise, the shortest and quickest way would be to simply archive (pause) the group if you do not have the time.

Do Facebook administrators get paid?

Facebook group administrators make money from their pages, which is legal.

As an administrator, mentor, and moderator you are free to make money. You do not have to be the company owner to generate money.

However, ownership of a group provides numerous advantages including the power to manage settings, behavior, and announcements.

Should one create a Facebook group or a page?

A Facebook Page provides the most interest if you want to build a brand and market your business to a broader audience.

A group can be very useful if you’re a small and new business wanting to create a presence, especially if you provide specialty products.


The Facebook groups feature is helpful for many reasons and creating groups comes quite easy. 

However, at some point, you may want or need to stop the group, hence the need to delete it. 

There may be a reason or reasons that prompt one to delete a group. Whatever it is, do not completely let go of your experiences while managing the group, as it may be of help in your next business group.

Note that you can also choose to archive or pause your group, which means that non-members won’t be able to locate it in searches and that no one will be able to join it or add new content. 

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