How to Promote A Facebook Page For Free (Boost Facebook Page)

In this article, am going to show you how to promote your facebook page for free or boost a facebook page for free in six simple steps.

Facebook is the 3rd most visited website on the globe after Youtube and Google. And its not by chance that this is happening.

Being the most popular social media platform founded by school dropout Mac Zuckerberg, it has found its ways to the lead through connecting people.

Form the word go, facebook has stood out for one single reason. And that has been to connect as many people as possible. From family and friends, work mates, spouses and teams in distant locations.

However, of recent there has been a twist at facebook in the way it performs. Of course, in this blog am NOT going to talk about the facebook data breaches but am going give you an insight into what facebook has now turned out to be.

Not just a social media platform where friends and families connect. Its more of that. People now running businesses on facebook and its by no surprised that even facebook is changing the way people expressed themselves politically and impacting on politics right within every country.

Okay, let’s dive straight and see how you can promote a facebook page for free to grow your following, impact and influence.

1. Curate Valuable Content to Boost Your Facebook page

I don’t how much i should always have to stress this point. Value over anything. If you actually want to make it one the facebook platform, please just bring value to people. That will pay you more than just money.

The way facebook works is like wild fires. You publish something on your wall and little do you know who is seeing it or not. Before you know it… It has been republished on another platforms and with a way bigger audience. You’ll find people joining your gang and following your page.

And that’s where the value point really keeps in and will always win. Be of value and provide value.

2. Utilise Groups And Promote Your Facebook Page

One of the tips that actually works really well is to join and be of value in groups. Groups are under rated by Facebook users but i want you to know from this blog that actually content shared in groups has more reach than that shared on your facebook page.

The one single fact is that once you share your content into the groups, you’re well assured of the number of people who are going to see that content.

Let’s suppose you share your content in a Facebook of 10,000 members. Well you’re certain that 10k people will see you content than your 2000 page followers.

So, if you’re being valuable or if you provide value to your readers that means that they will love what you’re sharing and they will be happy to share it too with there friends too. And in turn this boosts your facebook page and builds you audience and influence.

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3. Be Fun and Meaningful

Aside from just pushing out content. Being fun is one other things that can greatly help you boost facebook page for free.

I mean, who does’t want fun? Who does’t enjoying laugher and feeling good about themselves. Its pretty a simple measure but of course way harder to create fun but meaningful content. Content that still provides value but in a fun and meaningful way.

When people fall on your fun filled and meaningful content that actually relates to them, trust me, you’ll never walk alone. You’ll be surprise by how this will boost your facebook page for free in no time.

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4. Utilize the Facebook Search

This is the least used facebook feature but yet one of the most powerful. Just imagine a section of Google that was embedded into facebook and this is facebook search.

Name what you’re looking for, you’ll certainly get a result in the facebook search results. And guess what, you even have the option to sort the type of content you want to view, from people, pages, videos, groups etc.

And how does it relate to boost your facebook page for free?. Well, you can actually use the search features to reach out the potential persons, pages or groups where you can further promote your facebbok page content.

But one thing i always advise content creators is to first be of value even in the platforms they’re trying to reach and promote their content.

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5. Convert Your Profile into a Page

This is a very simple hack to repurpose your profile content on facebook. Imagine if you have already 5000 friends on facebook. That means that by converting your facbeook profile into a page, facebook will bring over all your friends into already people liking your page.

That’s the beauty about this feature. Like i’ve seen people having to rebuild a following on there facebook page other have to boost facebook page for paid likes because they never knew this simple hack which actually saves you lots and lots of time in growing your page.

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6. Promote Facebook Page Content For Free

Mentioning about the facebook public page creation and not mention about the beauty it comes with would not be fair to this blog post and you the readers.

Did you know that you can actually run ads using your newly created facebook page that you converted from your profile?. The goodies here are that you can boost your facebook page to thousands of possible prospects who might work with you, give you business or actually start following you.

It is basically a win win for you promoting your page and gaining new followers but all to the followers who find your content either fun, valuable or both. At the same time, you can merge two different facebook pages into one for free. That means will actually be able to move over your audience from one page to another hence boosting your other facebook page audience and reach.

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There are unlimited number of ways you can grow your facebook page audience and following. This is just being a scoop on that. One thing though you have to know is that you can actually grow on facebook, promote your business and get a following. It is very possible.

Loved it and have some tips to share, let me know in the comments section below.

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