How To Submit Posts from Frontend in WordPress for Free (User Submitted Posts WordPress Plugin)

In this blog post, we’ll use the user submitted posts WordPress plugin to enable your website visitors to submit posts from the front end of your WordPress website freely and securely. You can also accept user-generated content from the frontend in Elementor by use of shortcodes provided by this plugin.

Note: the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.

Video: Submit Posts from Frontend WordPress Tutorial

Set Up User Submitted Posts WordPress Plugin

On your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins > Add New, search for the User Submitted Posts plugin then install and activate it (01:55)

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After activating the plugin, go to your installed plugins and find it, click on settings (02:09), here is where you set up what information you want to collect from anyone who wants to submit content on the front end of your website.

NdWwByHST5w9uz7ld0 1BC GGQKVuY0ql58MyU 2S1d2QEA

On the User Name, User Email, Post Title, Post Category, Post Comment, and Challenge Question options; select enable and require.

Disable the User URL, Custom Field, and Google reCaptcha options.

Enable but do not require the Post Tags, then enable the Post Images option (03:00).

user submitted posts wordpress

Scroll down to the General Settings to make some more settings:

Make sure the Post Status is set to the default Pending option, make sure you have your Success message set, and make sure the Rich Text Editor is enabled so that people can be able to edit their posts. Also, make sure the Terms and Conditions checkbox is enabled.

Under Categories & Tags; enable the Categories and Multiple Categories options.

Down on the Challenge Question option; add a challenge of your choice, and under Challenge-Response add your answer.

You can enable Email Alerts if you want, to make sure you’re notified whenever there’s a new post.

And on the Image Uploads option, you can set the submitted images as Featured images, and you can set the maximum number of images to submit, as well as the image dimensions.

Leave the rest of the settings on default, then click the Save Settings button.

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Create a Page and Add a Form

Go to your Pages section on your dashboard and Add New, give your page a name (mine is Frontend Submission), click the Publish button then you can preview your page (06:39)

2E4h7y5GTlBEjpwWcMtJdHoDAAEpLVLe3AmQRldK1LbSnQ0 0inzityYOVrANIFBsAm0PV4ZUQk80c5z6gXJRF31Lb9KLfqoDbUIS jF144iHx R2K1mMzEw5OU2slizwAQxGgX

Back to your User Submitted Posts settings, go to the Display the Form option, copy the form shortcode (06:51).

otjC 0APlJVs8urmU2mcu lRbW3RHbNOqOoBo1E8snwMOqYr26GuB h9EVcY79Mj13VkkF9d7E 2zz9Of57mpV b94oV0 xsLuQ7qSkbT2TT

Back to your Page, click the [+] icon to add a new block, search for the shortcode widget and add it, then paste your form shortcode in it (07:02)

GYpwXwiHe a U8ebJz5p2NdBmXx6SsGWJkkkyB7vs zn330JUUkjZWqsgAhEe3cFB19TZ7jPnZckTM0j0XU1M4eh9cHiBm26Sl5 nVhI1vkVo9DirGpTQtMBL0tsTTcLBu9l07rp

Click the Update button and then preview.

jqET3qq6CxVK 9zQeHIzm6 Sb50z9mCMayEOytCQJd0qK 48GvzMNiQl GLjAiZRf0rXmR2P3jkzu8pvwd9tbmW CH9MxWBXZ0rHGUZr8 5agpqLeMIuADDyZ4Dnm55F1jDJv68C

Now, we have to enable the form to reset after someone submits a post and to be able to view the list of submitted posts.

Back to your form shortcodes, Reset Form Button option and copy its shortcode (07:50)

1EHZqZqzw2WDJrC H9BSqEbwWmN99sBZxbsJkh KYB8BbI 6jA8XhsACmm23M3xmydqSalPsgPMznCNmwf3

Back on your page, add another shortcode widget and paste the code.

Then go to the Display Submitted Posts option and copy the shortcode, in your Page add another shortcode widget and paste the code (08:14)

4Ocob B wYqNIyInLLcpffNYn1osjmZjRxHPsqY6LCHiL8XsdKr1IOHtxrH a57sr2qCWa2U9xzsnv0KSJUAEvE8rfSGiGQD8ekmIPM22MhppB0 fEfz e79E1oVRyhpVcv Gf

When you’re done, update and preview your page. And now there’s a reset form option and submitted posts.

t8uqyfKs5xTl4K gOETSm3CZJGm XHtfqssBcfGYZJhgUa9NOtyjZY2tE7duIK5u6x0q0CwAlL

Go back to your page, add a heading block and name it ‘Submitted Posts’, make it H3 and bold, then move it above the display posts shortcode (08:57).

UZl2HN4A2veqrTx43 H5K5hax4grn1FrKutulJAAGrYFi5pNiSdv1N vDPeca8TLv8GRXfCaAM9vfEB8EAdgPNrwL9yyhc0bEQvXeYkU

Update and preview.


To test out the form submission, copy the URL and go to a different browser, paste it then feed information into your form, and when you’re done submit it.

sUwvhEvHTQqrTqdWOMgCj 4vVNicXspLhOotXef rZbgA7k8V7dc130I0kxly01oXKss VPQZJK4gdfCAr8cLbEBpGgckzbU8S3SwS0g9guLqGAJlVTeYiI8vPsL B Cb1ouhvmS


After someone submits a form, there’s no form left to fill, so for another to use it, they’d just have to press the Reset form button then the form will reappear.

To view the post, go to the backend of your website (on your dashboard), go to Posts and you’ll find a new pending post (10:52), and you can view the details like the author, categories, tags, and the date.

wzSJAEcyZfvdISh8MMqF SsTuuzvA53iCsoZZzbz9Es6TiNljIYZV P RQj7rT7XFVzKZ0B7vFRCkDTN7jw8rsM BrYEcv1FpfPNG78cmq1qNmdT73Ufyl7ux N7iJ

When you preview the post, you’ll see that it has the uploaded image as the featured image, and all the content submitted is there.

If you want to approve the post, click on the Quick Edit option, under Status change it to Published and the update.

ZzWf6q0UY8hkcKh2etCFL18P1QJWAIrhqyAYXcD0Re9SfsLjWq mYOR0a33g2HMEBKKkrx zliI39PoASbQAkJlcBe4d25BCK9 jbdE6YZWR HI8faAC VczI6GQlQwO3OYO8kEi

On your front end, when you reload your page, this post will appear under submitted posts.

Foxo kIkpuwR9RJe3nyVdfvk F2bZ3D8WrgR7YVIQBorzZ5GcQiSDsDKmXBOhFRREYKBQmXMOI0zipVp9uiPTdTIN6uO jN8HQD25TsLb1vT ho6uB6DjV4o0T3oFqIPX7NWwG46

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In Conclusion

That’s how you can enable frontend user submission of content. You can also do this in Elementor by adding your shortcode in your Elementor editor.

For any questions, comments, or suggestions, let me know in the comments section below. 

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