Telegram Web Not Working

Are you frustrated with the constant loading errors or unresponsive pages of Telegram Web? If so, you’re not alone. In this post, I will analyze some common problems that users face with Telegram Web and

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Who Is This Number Registered To

So, you’ve just received a phone call from an unknown number and are wondering “Whose number is this?” This is very common and to some people, it is a bother. The good news is you

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How to report on tiktok

Are you wondering how to report on TikTok? It could be a video, a comment or a direct message. Well, I cover all that in this article. TikTok has a system in place for users

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boost facebook page free

Facebook is not just a social media platform where friends and families connect. It’s a place where people run businesses, share educational content, fundraise for different causes, live stream content and so much more. For

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Free AI Image Generators

Are you interested in creating art but lack the artistic or technical aptitude to do so? I have great news for you!  The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has made it possible for some of

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Can You Schedule TikTok Videos

Are you an avid “TikToker” who would like to keep your audience engaged by consistently posting content, yet you don’t have the time to be on the app 24/7? Then you may be asking yourself;

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How to Remove Share Button on Facebook

Facebook encourages content sharing and engagement amongst its users. But what if you’ve posted your nice video, picture, or quote but would rather keep it to yourself, you don’t want others to share it?  This

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How to See a Private Instagram Account Free

The Instagram platform allows users to set their profiles/accounts to private to restrict access to their stories, photos, and videos. If you are unable to view an Instagram account, maybe you were blocked, or you

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How to make Instagram videos with music

Sharing videos on Instagram can be quite exciting, especially with the various options and features that come along.  So, you have probably watched some videos with music on Instagram and you would like to make

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how to add music to TikTok videos

TikTok thrives on creativity and entertainment, and music plays a pivotal role in enhancing your content and making your videos stand out.  If are wondering how to add music to your TikTok videos, you are

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