8 Tips To Fix Telegram Web Not Working in 2024

Are you frustrated with the constant loading errors or unresponsive pages of Telegram Web? If so, you’re not alone.

In this post, I will analyze some common problems that users face with Telegram Web and provide step-by-step solutions to resolve them.

Telegram Web may experience occasional disruptions due to various reasons including server issues, browser compatibility or expiration, internet connectivity, browser cache and cookies, software issues, and/or browser extensions or add-ons. 

Telegram Web is the web-based version of Telegram; a popular cloud-based messaging app. 

This web version provides similar functions to the mobile Telegram app but with the added convenience of being accessible via web browser on desktops or any other device, without installing any other app or software.

How to Fix Telegram Web not working 

Whatever the reason why Telegram Web is not working, there is something you can do to make things better.

Here is a detailed explanation of 8 steps you can take to fix Telegram Web not working problem;

1. Check your Internet Connection

For starters, it is critical to understand that Telegram Web requires an active internet connection,

This may be a good place to start when attempting to resolve the Telegram Web not working issue.

Make sure your internet connection is stable and reliable.

You can do this by launching other online services or websites to determine whether the problem is unique to Telegram Web or is a general internet connection issue.

If the internet connection is weak, try restarting the internet source device or connecting to a different network. 

If you are sure of your internet connection but still have trouble, here are a few other steps you can take to fix your Telegram Web issue:

2. Check the Telegram servers

In some instances, developers may temporarily take down servers to do maintenance or add new features to the platform. 

If Telegram servers have a problem or are temporarily down, then Telegram Web will not work.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to fix this except wait for the official servers to get back up for it to work perfectly.

I recommend using DownDetector to check the Telegram server status and find out if there are any reported server problems.

If the servers are okay, there may be loading issues or temporary hitches that a simple page refresh can fix. 

Try refreshing your Telegram Web page by pressing the refresh button on your browser or using the keyboard shortcut (F5 or Command+R) to reload the page.

3. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Telegram Web’s proper functioning may be disrupted by accumulated cached data or stored cookies in your browser which may cause technical issues. 

Clear the Telegram app cache and cookies to resolve this issue. 

To do this;

Go to your browser Settings (mine is Google Chrome), under Privacy and Security, find the option to clear browsing data, and select the cache and cookies

Clear browser cache and cookies

After clearing the cache, restart the browser and try accessing Telegram Web again.

Tip: It is advisable to clear cache and cookies periodically to avoid disruptions not only with Telegram web but with other apps as well. 

4. Disable browser extensions

Browser extensions or add-ons can sometimes conflict and interfere with the functioning of web applications. 

You can temporarily disable any extensions installed, then restart your browser, and then try accessing Telegram Web again. 

If the issue is resolved, you can enable the extensions one by one to identify which one might be causing the problem. 

5. Update your browser or systems

Outdated browser versions may have compatibility issues with certain websites or web applications.

Ensure that you are using the latest version of your browser. 

Also, check for any available system updates on your device as they may be contributing to the problem. 

To update the browser (for Chrome);

Note: If there’s an update available the Update button will show and all you have to do is tap/click on it.

Otherwise, go to the 3-dot menu icon in the top right corner.

Click on Help > About Chrome and then Chrome will automatically check for new updates.

Update your browser

After updating your browser to the latest version, try accessing Telegram Web again. 

If the issue persists, it is likely due to some missing file in your browser.

Try to uninstall the browser, and then reinstall it again to see if this will help. 

Do this via your App Store or Play Store.

6. Try a different browser

In some instances, you may be experiencing issues with Telegram Web on one browser due to compatibility between the web app and that specific browser, which can lead to malfunctions.

To fix this, try using a different browser to open up your Telegram Web.

Changing a browser may also help determine if the issue is specific to the browser in use or if it is with Telegram Web itself. 

7. Reset your browser

If all the above does not work, it might be time to reset your browser to the default. 

This can be done by going to Settings and then clicking the Reset Settings option to restore settings to the original default.

Reseting your browser

Furthermore, if you use a VPN or proxy service, it may interfere with Telegram Web’s operation.

Disable it for a while and see if Telegram Web functions properly.

8. Report the issue to Telegram Support

If none of the above steps helps to resolve the problem, you can contact Telegram’s support team and report the issue. 

This can be done through official social media platforms (like Twitter) or the Telegram support page.

Be sure to provide them with details about the issue as being experienced, including any error messages or specific behaviors you have observed. 

The support team may be able to provide further assistance or insights into the Telegram Web not working issue.

Telegram Web FAQ

Why is the Telegram link not opening in Chrome?

The telegram link may refuse to open due to various reasons including 

1. Settings; you may need to check and make sure that the ‘open link’ option is on.

2. Internet connection problems; the internet connection may be slow, this may require that you try mobile internet if the wifi has an issue, or try to reset the internet. 

3. Link style; if the link is not opening then it may not be in the right format. Make sure the link starts with ‘https’. 

4. Account issues; the link may also not open because of a Telegram account issue, it may help to try and open the link in a different account. 

Why can’t I log in to Telegram Web?

First, you need a Telegram web login code to log in to the Telegram Web app, if you do not have this code, then login will not be possible. 

Second, you may have made too many attempts, and most likely with the wrong code.

This will bring up an error, and it is a good idea to wait for some hours before making another attempt. 

Why are my messages not syncing between Telegram Web and my mobile device?

Telegram message synchronization can refuse to work either on your phone or computer because of internet connection problems, outdated app version, or issues with settings, for example, you may have turned sync off. 


Encountering issues with Telegram Web can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can overcome them.

Remember the Telegram platform is continually updated and adjusted, therefore occasional malfunctions or temporary disruptions may occur. 

In addition, reporting the different disruptions can help developers perform some bug fixes and improve the platform.

In the meantime, you can use other messaging and/or communication means as your issue gets fixed, if it gets more complicated. 

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