How To Make Instagram Videos With Music in 2024

Sharing videos on Instagram can be quite exciting, especially with the various options and features that come along. 

So, you have probably watched some videos with music on Instagram and you would like to make yours more captivating by adding music to it. 

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will explain how to create a video on Instagram with music, and where you can get music for Instagram videos. 

In short; you can make videos with music by using Instagram Stickers, third-party apps, or recording your video the old way! 

We shall be delving into these later but first, where do you find music for your Instagram video? 

Where can you find music for Instagram videos? 

1. Within the Instagram app

Instagram’s stickers provide you with the entire Spotify app library so you can access your tunes. 

You will find music tracks officially available within the Instagram app from which you can choose the music track suitable for your video. 

2. Video editing apps

Numerous video editing apps have music libraries with a variety of songs and genres that you can choose from. 

You will be spoilt for choice! We shall see some of these in the next section. 

3. Music apps 

You can also find music to use in your Instagram video from the music app on your phone. 

If you have for example Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes downloaded on your phone, these can be good sources for your video.  

4. Phone or tablet storage 

You may not be using an app but have music tracks saved in your phone storage or files.

This can also be a source of music for your Instagram video. 

5. Compose your own music

You can also use a music composer or creation app to make your tunes to use in your video.

You can download some music composer apps that will help you achieve your goal. 

This last source will save you from copyright issues. Using independent music apps risks your video being flagged for infringement on copyrights. 

If this happens, Instagram will erase all audio and publish your video without the music, but you won’t face any legal issues. 

The choice of source of music for your video will be determined by how you choose to make the video with music. 

Let us look at a few methods you can use to make your Instagram story or video with music in the next section. 

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How to make Instagram videos with music 

You can make your videos with music in the following three (3) ways

how to make videos for instagram with music Using the Instagram special music stickers 

This option is available in the latest versions of the Instagram app on Android and iOS devices. To use this option you can follow the following steps:

  1. Create a new story; you can do this by tapping the your story icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Select video; select your preferred video from your gallery.
  3. Tap the Sticker icon (☺) at the top of your screen.
Instagram Story
Instagram Story
  1. Select music; 

On the next page is a menu with several options, tap the Music sticker and this will take you to the Instagram music library with a list of royalty-free music.

Navigate through to make a selection of the song or track you wish to use in your Instagram video. 

This list also provides you a play button/option to allow you to preview songs before adding them to your video, you can tap the play symbol to listen to the tracks first.

Instagram Music
Instagram Music
  1. Tap the song you have decided to go with to add it to your video.

    This should give you a page with the video (in the background), and a white bar at the bottom.
  2. Select the part of the song you want to use.

    You can do this by sliding vertically through the white bar, this will allow you to focus on a particular part you want to play in your video.

    Then tap Done. 
Instagram Music
  1. Edit; You can now edit your video, and add text by tapping the text icon (Aa) at the top of your screen.

    You can also add gifts or any other additions you may wish as usually done in videos. 
  1. Publish your new story to your Instagram account; 

Tap the ‘next’ arrow at the bottom right corner of your screen to display the sharing options.

Choose your preferred option and tap share. 

Instagram Story
Instagram Story
  1. Share to; You will get a ‘Also share to’ page with options of friends and accounts you may want to share the video with, tap the send against each contact you wish to share the video with. 

You get a few seconds to undo, if you want to change your mind, then you will see a sent.

After you have sent it to all the accounts you want to, you can tap Done

Instagram Story

NOTE: This option is possible with music tracks that are officially available within the Instagram app.

But if you have no access to those or have a particular music track that is not in the app but you would like to use, the next option will help you

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how to make a video on instagram with music using Third-party video editing apps 

Several third-party video editing apps will allow you to include music in your video. You can use these before uploading your video to Instagram. 

To use a third-party app; 

1. Choose an application; 

Browse third-party applications and take your pick. Some popular apps include Filmora, Adobe Premiere Rush, iMovie, InShot, and Canva, among others. 

However, some of the third-party editing apps, especially the best ones require a subscription, meaning that you will have to purchase a package to use them. 

For the sake of examples in this article, I am using Filmora. Here is a continuation of the steps you can follow to use this and other options

2. Download the app; 

After you have made your selection, you can now download and install the app on your mobile phone or tablet from your app store.

3. Import video; 

Open the downloaded app and import the video you wish to edit. 

To import a video into Filmora, open the app, and tap on ‘new project’, this will lead to your gallery, browse through and tap on the video you wish to edit, then tap import. 


Importing will take some minutes depending on the weight of the video. 

4. Add music; 

From the editing page, you can set the cover of your video, then tap Add my music, this will lead to the music page with many options including Genre, and a list of trending songs. 

You can make your choice from the list, or browse the Genre or mood. 

Instagram Add Music
Instagram Add Music

Find your choice and click on the download arrow. This should take a few seconds for the download arrow to turn into a + sign. 

Instagram Add Music
Instagram Add Music

Tap the sign to import the music track you have chosen to use for your Instagram video.

Now you can drag the purple line to adjust the starting point for your video

Instagram Add Music

5. Edit video; 

With the right music track and the target video, you can now adjust the volume, speed and trim the music and other sounds to your liking, then synchronize it with your video

6. Export video; 

If you are satisfied with the music and the adjustments to the video, you can export it to your phone or tablet (or whatever device you are using). 

Exporting will also take several minutes depending on the size of your video. When it is done, your edited video will be saved into your device gallery. 

Note: Filmora requires a subscription, so you will need to choose a package, but packages come with free trial days. There are however good apps that you can use free of charge, you can try InShot for free. 

7. Upload to Instagram; 

Finally, you can upload your video by creating a new post on your Instagram page (tapping on your story).

This will take you to your gallery, select the edited video and upload it. 

Done, your video with music is ready for viewing! 

How about if for some reason you are not able to use a third-party app? Well, there is one more way… 

how to make a video with music on instagram the old fashioned way! 

This method worked widely back then before the launch of the stickers feature. It is also used to film regular video posts. 

Much as it is old, this old way is still effective and will help you use tracks that are not officially available in the Instagram app or third-party video editing apps. 

To use this option:- 

  • On your device, open your preferred music app and play your preferred song.
  • As the song still plays, minimize your app and open the Instagram app on the same device.
  • Begin a new Instagram story; you can do this by tapping the small camera icon in the top left corner of your Instagram page.
  • Record your video; you can long press the record button to do this. 

Make sure there are no unwanted audio sounds because the song you are playing and all other sounds will be recorded together with your video. Then you can press next.

  • Edit your story; the next step is to edit your story as usually done by adding text, gifts, and filters as desired.
  • Publish video; when you are satisfied and are ready, tap send to, this will publish your story.
  • Share; now you can share your story by tapping the share button alongside your story. 


Q. Can you add music to an already shared Instagram video? 

Instagram allows you to make and upload videos as needed, as well as make videos with music as seen above.

But does not allow you to add music to an already shared video. 

If you want music for this video you can edit the video and add music using another app, then save and upload the edited video.

Q. How do I share my videos on Instagram? 

Instagram allows users to share videos from posts or IGTV videos within the app and outside. You will not be able to share stories unless it is your story.

To share a video on Instagram; 

Open the post you wish to share and tap the small paper plane icon (➢).

This will display a list with options to allow you to share the video to your story or send it directly to one of your Instagram contacts you are following

Select the contact with whom you want to share the video, then tap send. 

There, your video is now shared. 


The Instagram app has a variety of features that you can enjoy as you communicate. 

These include the ability to make videos, even make them with sounds and music. 

With the options in this article, you will be able to enjoy sharing videos even more, let alone make them more meaningful and enjoyable to your video viewers. 

Try them out and see how it goes. 

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