How to Delete Instagram Account

With Instagram’s provision to have up to 6 accounts attached to a single phone number or email address, it is possible to have too many Instagram accounts and you may want to get rid of

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How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram Stories is a fun and incredible feature on Instagram that enables you to take a peek into some of your favorite people’s lives as long as you follow them or check out their profile

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Save TikTok Videos Without Posting

Are you wondering how to save TikTok video without posting?  Maybe you’re trying to test out some features on the TikTok platform or you’re working on a series of videos and you want to refine

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Create a second Instagram account

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms, ranking fourth according to several websites like Wikipedia, Statista, and Buffer.  Having multiple Instagram accounts can be handy when you have different social circles,

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how to send a text with a different number

Everyone uses text messaging at some point. For some, it serves as the primary medium of communication hence they use it daily.  Ideally, one should be able to identify who texts them but once in

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How To Unprivate Your TikTok Account

Are you looking to step into the spotlight and make your TikTok account public? Well, you’re in the right place because this article is going to show you step-by-step how to unprivate your TikTok account

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Can My Followers See My Comments On TikTok

If you are like me, when you come across a fascinating video on TikTok the first thing you do after watching it is rush to the Comments section to see what people are saying about

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How to Unsuspend your TikTok Account

Finding your TikTok account suspended or banned can be a frustrating experience especially if you do not know why it has been suspended. You are probably reading this because you are experiencing it. Worry not!

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How to Get Threads on Instagram

In July 2023 Instagram launched a new Twitter-like text-based app called Threads.  Picture a carefully crafted post that includes text, pictures, or videos; which in turn sparks a conversation with a long line of replies,

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where is the support inbox on facebook

Many users wonder how to access the support inbox on Facebook. In this guide, I will walk you through the process of locating your support inbox on Facebook and getting the assistance you need. If

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