How to Schedule TikTok Videos in 2024

Are you an avid “TikToker” who would like to keep your audience engaged by consistently posting content, yet you don’t have the time to be on the app 24/7?

Then you may be asking yourself; can you schedule TikTok videos?

This article will answer your question and then show you exactly how you can go about scheduling your TikTok videos.

Yes, you can schedule TikTok posts/videos and have them posted at your convenience/preferred time. To do this you can use the built-in TikTok video scheduler or some third-party apps.

How to schedule TikTok posts/videos?

The most direct way to schedule your TikTok videos is by using the built-in TikTok post scheduler, a feature that was introduced in March 2021.

Note that the TikTok video scheduler feature is only available on the web version of TikTok. 

You will need to log into TikTok on your web browser and upload your video, and after you schedule it you will be able to see it even on your mobile TikTok app.

Also worth noting is that the TikTok video scheduler allows you to your posts up to a maximum of 10 days in advance.

Take the steps below to schedule your TikTok video with the TikTok builtin scheduler:

Step 1: Log into TikTok on your web browser

Open your web browser and go to TikTok, log in to your account, and then at the top right-hand corner of your feed, click on the + Upload icon.

Tiktok video upload

Step 2: Upload your video

When you click the upload button you will be directed to the TikTok Creator Centre where you can upload your video(s). 

You can go ahead and make any edits to your video if you need to.

For example, you can add a caption, edit the cover image, choose who can view it, and set your privacy settings–including whether people can comment on or duet your video.

Tiktok video upload
Tiktok uploaded video

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Step 3: Schedule your video

After uploading and editing, toggle the schedule button and select a date and time that you want to schedule your post. 

As you will note from the popup, your video will be saved on the TikTok server until the set time.

When you are done choosing a time and date for your post, click the Schedule button.

TikTok schedule button

When you click Schedule, your video will be saved until it’s posting time and you will see it in the Posts section.

It will then auto-publish when the time comes.

TikTok Scheduled video

Tip: You will not be able to edit anything in the video after scheduling the post.

If you need to change anything in your scheduled post, you will have to delete it and re-upload it after making the necessary edits.

When your scheduled content/video is posted, you’ll receive a push notification to alert you that your post is live.

If you would like a TikTok video scheduler with the flexibility to edit your scheduled video, change the post time, and any other edit you are not able to accomplish with the TikTok scheduler.

You may consider trying third-party social media management tool(s) or scheduling apps that will help you accomplish this.

Some popular best TikTok scheduling tools include Hootsuite, Later, Loomly, Buffer, and SocialPilot among many others.

Unlike the built-in TikTok video scheduler, most of these third-party apps will allow you to schedule your social media content (TikTok videos) for a longer period.

For example, I used Later to schedule a TikTok post for 3 months ahead and it worked!

However, note that almost all of these apps work on a subscription basis.

Some may offer you a 7-day or 14-day free trial period, but after that, you have to pay if you would like to keep using the service.

Benefits of scheduling TikTok videos

Scheduling TikTok videos can be beneficial for both individual content creators and businesses alike due to several reasons:

  1. Scheduling allows you to maintain a regular posting schedule or content calendar and post at the best time possible.

    This can help you stay engaged with your audience and keep your content fresh, without spending every minute of your time glued to your phone.
  1. It can help you better plan and manage your time; you can create your content in advance, and avoid any need for last-minute content creation.

    It also ensures that your content aligns with your goals and marketing campaigns.
  1. Many TikTok content scheduling tools provide insights into when your audience is most active on TikTok.

    This allows you to schedule your videos for optimal times when you’re more likely to reach a larger audience.
  1. Scheduling your TikTok videos can help you reach a global audience, even if you’re in a different time zone than that of your target region.
  1. Various scheduling tools offer analytics and tracking features that allow you to measure the performance of your TikTok videos and make data-driven decisions to improve your content strategy.
  1. With scheduling, businesses can release videos that align with their other marketing efforts, for example, a website launch, a product release, or a promotion
  1. Scheduling enables you to diversify your content by planning different types of videos (e.g., tutorials, behind-the-scenes, challenges) and spacing them out strategically to fit your goals.

Tip: Yes, scheduling TikTok videos is beneficial as we’ve seen, but it is also important for you to remain flexible and engage with your audience in real time through comments, replies, and the like when necessary. 

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Q. Why can’t I schedule videos on TikTok?

If you are finding yourself unable to schedule your TikTok videos, note that the builtin TikTok video scheduler has its limitations, check the following for example:

* With the TikTok scheduler, you can only schedule a video for up to 10 days in advance, if you are trying to add a longer date you will not be able to.

* You can only use the video scheduler for business and creator accounts.

If you have a personal TikTok account you may not be able to schedule your videos.

* You can only access the TikTok video scheduler on your web browser. You can not schedule videos via your mobile app.

Q. Does scheduling TikTok videos affect views?

Yes, scheduling your TikTok videos may affect your views in such a way that if you plan and schedule your videos at the exact time when your target audience is available to view them, it will give you more views and engagement with your content.

Q. Can you schedule TikToks with sounds?

Yes, you can add sound to your TikTok videos when using the built-in video schedulers and many of the third-party video schedulers.

Q. Is there a cost associated with using third-party scheduling tools for TikTok?

Most of the available scheduling tools offer both paid and free plans.

The availability of different TikTok scheduling features and pricing may vary depending on the tool you choose.

Additionally, these tools may have certain limitations and restrictions depending on your subscription plan.

Therefore it is important to review the terms and features of the specific tool you select.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, scheduling your TikTok videos can be a powerful tool to help you better plan and manage your content and ultimately help you extend your audience reach and better your engagement with them.

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