How To Unprivate Your TikTok Account in 2024

Are you looking to step into the spotlight and make your TikTok account public?

Well, you’re in the right place because this article is going to show you step-by-step how to unprivate your TikTok account and adjust the visibility of your posts.

While many TikTok users find satisfaction in keeping their accounts private to control who can view their content, there are times when one might want to share their creativity and interact with a larger audience. 

You can accomplish this by “unprivating” your TikTok, a.k.a changing it from private to public.

If you are using TikTok on your smartphone; you can change your TikTok account from private to public by simply opening the app and logging into your TikTok app; tap on your Profile at the bottom right of your screen then go to the hamburger menu (≡) at the top right > Settings and privacy > Privacy and toggle off the Private account option.

Private vs. Public TikTok account

TikTok allows you the choice to have a private account or a public account. Let’s look at the two in detail:

Private TikTok account:

Some may wonder; ‘what does a private TikTok account look like?’

If you have a private TikTok account; your videos/posts, bio, likes, following and followers lists, comments, and any other content on your account will not be visible to the public.

Only those users you have approved can follow you and view your content. 

Public TikTok account:

This is the default TikTok account. When you create a new account on TikTok automatically your profile and posts will be visible to the public.

With a public account, your TikTok profile; bio, comments, likes, posts and videos will be visible to anyone on or off TikTok. additionally, other users will also be able to Duet, Stitch, and download your videos.

Tip: Whether your account is private or public, you can always limit who can view your videos or any other content you post. You can do this via your Privacy Settings. 

How To unprivate TikTok account

Follow these steps for how to unprivate a TikTok account:

Step 1: Open up your TikTok Profile; to do this just tap profile picture at the bottom right.

Open up your TikTok Profile

Step 2: Tap the 3-line icon/hamburger menu(☰) at the top right then open Settings and Privacy.

open Settings and Privacy.

Step 3: Tap Privacy and turn off the Private Account option.

Go to Privacy
turn off the Private Account option

Another window will pop up with a summary of what will happen if you switch your account to private.

If you are sure. Tap the Switch button to confirm.

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Tap the Switch button to confirm.

When you complete this process, your profile, bio, videos, and the like will be visible to other TikTok users, and anyone will be able to follow you and download your videos.

Tip: Keep in mind that whether you have a private or public TikTok account, other users can still search for and maybe even find you on TikTok. 

Luckily, you can still tweak your settings and choose who can direct message you and whether you want your TikTok account to be suggested to other users or not.

It’s also important to note that the changes you apply to your TikTok settings on your mobile device will automatically be reflected on your PC or any other device you use. 

For example, if you have changed your account to a public account using the above steps on mobile; if you log into your account on a computer these changes will be reflected and you don’t have to repeat the process.

However, if you use TikTok primarily on your computer, keep reading to find out how to unprivate your TikTok account on your PC.

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How to unprivate your TikTok account on pc

Step 1: Open TikTok on your web browser and log in.

Step 2: Go to your profile picture at the top left corner and click Settings.

click Settings

Step 3: Under Manage account > Privacy > Discoverability, turn off the Private account option to switch your account to Public.

Private account


Q. What should I consider before unprivating my TikTok account?

Before unprivating your TikTok account, consider the privacy implications and whether you’re comfortable with anyone on TikTok being able to see your content. 

Also, think about the type of content you want to share and whether it’s suitable for a public audience.

Q. How do you tell if an account is private on TikTok?

If a TikTok account is private, typically their content, bio, and the like are hidden.

You can not view it unless you hit the Follow button, and even when you do so, the account owner will have to first approve you as a follower, then you can start viewing and interacting with the person or their content.

Tiktok Private Account

Q. Can people who follow me after I change my account to private see my past private videos?

No, only the content you post after changing your account to the public will be visible to everyone.

The approved followers you had on your private account will still be able to see your past private videos, but your new public followers will not.

Q. Can I still approve followers if I have a public TikTok account?

No, once you switch your TikTok account from private to public, you won’t have the ability to approve or deny follower requests.

Anyone can follow you without requiring your approval.

Q. Will my existing followers be affected when I unprivate my TikTok account?

No, your existing followers won’t be affected by the change from private to public TikTok account.

They will still be following your account, but new users will be able to follow you without needing approval.

Q. What is the default privacy setting on TikTok?

The default account on TikTok is the public account.

This means when you create a new account, your profile and everything you post are visible to the public and anyone can follow you.

Q. Can I switch between private and public settings frequently?

Yes, you can switch between a private and public TikTok account as often as you want to.

However, not that changing often could have an impact on your followers’ experience and ability to interact consistently.

Q: Can I know how to unprivate a TikTok video?

Yes. You can do this via your video settings. Follow these steps for how to unprivate TikTok video(s):

Open the TikTok app and go to your profile by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right.

Locate the private video under the lock icon section and tap on the three dots next to the video to access options.

Click on Privacy Settings and under Who can see this post select Everyone.

Find the Private video section
Change video privacy
Unprivate TikTok account


Unprivating your TikTok account can be a great way for you to share your creativity and talent with the public, as well as open yourself to engage and interact with a wider audience. 

But make sure you understand the implications of sharing your life with the whole world and make sure the content you share on your public account is appropriate and in line with Tiktok guidelines.

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