How To Make A Joint TikTok Account With Your Friends in 2024

If you have a couple of friends you share the same interests with and you are thinking of collaborating with them to blend your talents and creativity, you might be considering having a joint TikTok account to achieve this.

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to make a joint TikTok account with your friends and giving you some pointers on how best to make this work out for you and your group.

Currently, TikTok does not have a traditional provision to create a joint TikTok account. Therefore the only way you will be able to share a joint account with your friends is by creating a normal account and then sharing the login credentials with each participant to post at different times.

I’ll be showing you how to do this in the coming sections of this article.

Benefits of having a joint TikTok account

TikTok Joint Account

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  1. Collaboration: With a joint TikTok account multiple people can contribute to content creation instead of leaving it to one person. This provides a variety of perspectives, talents, and creativity.

Additionally, different tasks such as content creation, posting, and engagement can be distributed among friends, reducing the workload on individual contributors.

  1. Consistent posting schedule: With different individuals having access, it may be much easier to maintain a consistent posting schedule, thus ensuring a steady stream of content for followers.
  1. Diverse content: Since each contributor brings a different style and technique to the table, you can have a diverse range of content that may appeal to a broader audience, leading to more engagement on the platform.
  1. Mutual support: Working with your friends on a joint account, you can provide emotional and creative support by encouraging each other, sharing ideas, and celebrating achievements together.
  1. Wider network: Since promoting your joint TikTok account on each contributor’s individual account and other social media accounts is part of the package, this can help attract more followers to your joint account.

Steps to make a joint TikTok account with your friends

TikTok Joint Account

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Now that you know how a joint account may benefit you and your friends, follow the steps below to create your account:

Step 1: Work out the basics of your joint TikTok account

Before you start up anything, meet up with your group (the friends you intend to make a joint account with) and make sure you are on the same page about the following:

  • Your niche; make sure you all agree on the purpose of your joint account; and what you want to communicate, and with this you will decide on what kind of content you want to put out there.
  • Your account credentials; since this is a joint account with shared credentials, you and your friends need to agree on what login details you want to use. 

You can create a new email address purposefully for your joint account. 

Create a good username and password that rhymes with your niche and your group.

Be sure to also agree on all the other details like the bio, profile pictures, and others.

  • Content posting schedule; work out the details of who will post at what time. Remember that while you all can log in at the same time, you can’t post different content at the same time so you need to know who will be posting; what will they be posting, and at what time.

    This way, there will be no clashes and you won’t risk losing your account by violating the platform’s terms.

Tip: Make sure everyone involved in this joint account venture is trustworthy, and consider the security implications of sharing sensitive information with anyone you do not know well and trust. 

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Step 2: Create a TikTok Account

After working out the details of your account, one of you should go ahead and create the TikTok account using the agreed-upon username and password. 

Since TikTok does not have a joint account feature as we’ve already established, you will have to create one the normal way you would create a personal account.

To create a new joint account:

Open your TikTok app and go to your Profile (tap your profile picture at the bottom right)

Tap on the hamburger menu () at the top right and go to Settings and Privacy.

TikTok Profile
TikTok Settings & Privacy

Scroll down and tap Switch account > Add account, fill in the details, and follow the procedure to create your account.

TikTok Switch Account
TikTok Add Account
TikTok Sign in

Step 3: Share the login details

After successfully creating the account, share the username and password with all individuals who will be contributing to the joint account.

Step 4: Start creating and posting content

Since your account is ready and you already worked out a schedule, go ahead and start posting content. Ensure that your content flow is consistent, but also experiment with trends to keep your content fresh.

Additionally, keep in communication about the type of content to be posted, any themes or challenges, changes, and any other details. 

Remember; different people can log in at the same time on different devices, but you can only do one post at a time.

Step 5: Promote your joint account

The assumption here is that while you are now sharing a joint account, you each still have your own individual TikTok accounts as well. 

If this is the case, go ahead and share your joint account on your personal TikTok profiles and your other social media accounts to attract more followers to your joint account.

Tips to make your joint TikTok account work

As we all know, sometimes it can be hard for a group to be in sync even when they share the same interests and goals. 

Here are a few tips to help you and your group make this TikTok joint account thing work out:

  1. Make sure you have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each contributor. This includes who handles content creation (at a given time), posting, engagement with followers, et al. This will help you avoid clashes.
  2. Communication is key. All members need to be open, honest, and respectful of each other’s ideas so that even when disagreements and clashes happen, they are easily talked about and dealt with.

Additionally, each member should endeavor to be flexible and adapt to your audience’s needs.

  1. Diversify; keep your audience engaged and interested by creating a diverse range of content. Be sure to take advantage of each contributor’s strengths and interests to achieve this.
  1. If your friends are nearby, try to find time to create and post content together as a group.

    But even if they are not, you can take advantage of the TikTok duet feature and use it to create collaborative videos, even if you’re posting at different times.
  2. Remember to share your joint account on your individual TikTok profiles as well as other social media platforms to give it more publicity.
  3. Sharing login credentials is risky business. Be sure that each of your friends is trustworthy and understands and prioritizes security. Try to regularly change passwords to keep your account safe.


How many TikTok accounts can one person make?

You can only have one TikTok account on the same email address or phone number. You can not have more than one account with the same credentials.

However, if you are asking how many accounts one can have on one device; most people have said 3 accounts maximum, but I was able to create 5 accounts on one device using different email addresses. 

So you may have to create as many as you need and see where that takes you.

However, note that TikTok discourages having many accounts on one device to avoid spam, bots, and fraudulent activities, so proceed with caution.

Can multiple people log into the joint TikTok account at the same time?

Yes, multiple people can log into the same account at the same time, using different devices. But you’ll have to do your posting at different times. 

For example, multiple people can not host different live streams on the same account.

How do we coordinate content creation on the joint account?

You can create a schedule of different content and posting times. So that maybe one person can do a LIVE at night, the other person records and posts a video in the morning, and the other person manages comments…something like that.

Can my friends and I use different devices to create content for our joint account?

Yes, you and your friends can use different devices to create content for your joint account. Just make sure you are all in sync, and you follow the posting schedule to avoid clashes.

Can we have different profiles on the joint TikTok account?

No. I think the whole point of a joint TikTok account is to have a JOINT profile. So you can only have one profile because you are all using the same login credentials. 

Much as you and your friends may have your other individual accounts or profiles, the joint account will have only one profile which you will all use.


To wrap this up, while TikTok does not currently provide a straightforward joint account feature, you can follow the above guide to help you make a joint account with your friends using shared login credentials.

Just remember to have very good communication with each other because this is what will help you smoothly run the account and iron out any kinks that may come up along the way.

Above all, remember to follow the TikTok platform’s community guidelines and terms of use as you enjoy your joint account.

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