How To Know if Your Twitter is Hacked and How To Fix it

Having your twitter account hacked is one of the most un comforting experience you can have especially for your online repute.

For some reason, you maybe noticing a suspicious activity going on within your twitter account. It could be that your account is tweeting stuff you have no idea about or that its auto following or unfollowing other accounts.

Yes, that and many other actions are signs that your twitter account is probably hacked or has been compromised. And in this article, am going to share with you how to know if your twitter account is hacked and how to fix it.

But first, you need to know that twitter accounts can be hacked so the best way to prevent your account from such hacks is to have the best security measures put in effect. Still again in this blog, am going to share with you how you can implement the best security features for your twitter account.

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How Most Twitter Account Get Hacked

There are several ways and tricks attackers use to compromise Twitter account. Here i share only the few and most common.

But first, it should be noted that most hacks come from within. It could be that you shared your twitter account password with your family member, workmate or a friend. Or it could be that you left your work computer browser logged-in your twitter account and someone got access to it.

So, first thing is to asses your security right from within once you have that figured out, then let’s get to other tricks attackers could use to compromise your twitter account.

1. Not having an up-to-date computer antivirus:

Having your computer infected with viruses and malware could bring your twitter login credentials phished by computer viruses handing out your credentials to malicious websites. So please make sure that your computer has an up-to-date computer antivirus software.

2. Poor pass-wording culture (weak and password re-use):

Besides your password being weak meaning that it could be your birthday, first name or even your place of stay, you also re-using that same password on several other platforms like emails and computer logins. This is very insecure.

Provided that attackers managed to hack one of the the systems, they’ll use the same credentials (passwords) to launch attacks on other platforms. And this makes password reusing VERY dangerous.

3. Use of 3rd Party Insecure Apps:

Am pretty sure you’ve come across platforms that asked you to login using your social accounts (twitter, facebook, gmail) but also other non popular and insecure platforms. Most of these 3rd party apps don’t implement the best security practices on data they collect.

That way, attackers an easily access there systems and steal data. That data can be used to launch attacks on other platforms like your email. So, be cautious of the 3rd apps you allow access to your twitter account.

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How to Know if Your Twitter Account is Hacked

Here are the most common ways twitter accounts get compromised or hacked.

  1. Your friends start complaining of spammy texts and sometimes with links that don’t seam to come from you into there inbox.
  2. Suspicious change in follow numbers. This could be either an overwhelming increase in your followers or unfollowing.
  3. Having 3rd apps accessing your twitter credentials without your knowledge.
  4. Change of your account credentials. Yes, you may be surprised to find that your twitter account email changed and the one available you have no idea about.
  5. Direct messages promising incredible opportunities. These are spammy messages that may be sent to your inbox promising heaven and earth. Please remember NOT to click on any of those link text as they could phish your credentials too.
  6. Receiving a notification from twitter about your account security or being compromised.
  7. Noticing that your account password is no longer working and you’re required to reset it.
  8. Noticing unexpected tweets by your account without your concent.
  9. Receiving account information change notice from twitter and yet your didn’t change a thing.

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How to Find out Who Hacked your Twitter Account

This is one of the most tricky things to do or even achieve. However am pretty sure twitter could provide you with account logs if contacted. Also, there are 3rd party apps like Spyzie that can help with providing app usage and access logs, location and address of person accessing your account.

However, this whole process is tedious and i can’t guarantee on the correctness of the information you will get from any of the platforms. Best thing to do is to fix your hacked account.

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How to Fix Your Hacked Twitter Account

In this section, i’ll share with you on how you get your hacked twitter account fixed or basically what you can do if your twitter account is hacked.

  1. Often update/change your twitter account password. It could be within every 6months period. Use a password with 7 characters or longer and mixed this special characters. Checkout out on using a password manager.
  2. Revert all access to 3rd party apps within your account. Yes, these could be the ones granting access to the mysterious attacker.
  3. Scan your computer for viruses and malware with an up-to-date antivirus software.
  4. Do not click or follow any of the suspicious links within tweets or in your inbox as those could be phishing your credentials.
  5. Delete any spammy content (texts and links) on your timeline or inbox
  6. Activate the twitter login verification on account accessibility and location.
  7. Contact twitter support with hacked account option here. Be sure to use the email address associated with hacked account.

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How to Keep Your Twitter Account Secure

Twitter recommends the steps below in order to keep your account secure.
  • Use a strong password that you don’t reuse on other websites.
  • Use login verification.
  • Require email and phone number to request a reset password link or code.
  • Be cautious of suspicious links and always make sure you’re on before you enter your login information.
  • Never give your username and password out to third parties, especially those promising to get you followers, make you money, or verify you.
  • Make sure your computer software, including your browser, is up-to-date with the most recent upgrades and anti-virus software.

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Having your account hacked, or NOT having access to your account is very depressing. So, i ask you to be cautious of who and where you share your account credentials with and on which devices you use to login into your account.

Those seem to be mere, but would lead to leaking your account login password on twitter. Thereafter your personal email and then list goes on.

Incase you’re unable to find a possible measure  to fix your hacked account, kindly contact the twitter support directly and if you happen to discover a working mean to recover a hacked account, be sure to share with us in the comment box below.

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