[Quick] How to View Twitter Without an Account 2024

Before I joined X (Twitter), I used to read Twitter without an account and without Twitter logins or signing in.

If that’s you in 2024, in this simple guide, I’ll show you how to view Twitter without an account and you’ll also be able to make a Twitter search without account.

In summary;
You can view Twitter without an account by simply entering a Twitter URL or username in the browser search bar to access public tweets and profiles. OR use Nitter a free website to browse Twitter without account.

Recent changes to Twitter (X) by owner Elon Musk seem to limit access in some ways. However, there are still 3 other ways you can view Twitter without an account that I’m going to show you how to use in the following sections.

3 ways How To view Twitter without an account

Again, it is possible to use Twitter without an account, but, it is important to note that without logging into your Twitter account, you will not be able to reply to messages, retweet, follow other accounts, view profiles, or post messages on the platform.

You can use these solutions to view Twitter without an account only if you use Twitter for web but not the Twitter app on Android or iOS. To use the app, you will need to sign into an account.

That said, you can try the following ways to see Twitter without an account.

1. Using Google search

You can view Twitter by searching for a contact on your web browser.

Type the user name or just the name of the person whose details you want to view then add “Twitter” and search. This should give you options, your desired option should be in the first two. 

Using Google search

However, it seems this Google search option doesn’t work for every Twitter account you search due to some restrictions I can’t quite put my finger on! 

For some searches, it may only display the info for a few seconds and then redirect to the login/signup page.

Twitter/X sign up pages

2. copy/paste URL into the Browser

Alternatively, you can also use a URL if you have it, for example, https://twitter.com/ntvuganda.

Copy the URL, open a browser tab of your choice, ie, Google Chrome, Safari or Brave. Then paste the URL and search. This should give you a page with Twitter details and tweets/ posts of the contact. 

Twitter paste and go

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3. Using Nitter 

Nitter is a free and open-source third-party site that gives you access to Twitter content.

Nitter for Twitter content

It allows you to quickly look at someone’s profile, thread, or hashtags.

To access Twitter content on Nitter; you can; 

  1. Use the URL of the contact whose tweets you would like to access, All you need is to replace the Twitter address with the Nitter address. 

For example, https://twitter.com/ntvuganda will be replaced with https://nitter.net/ntvuganda

This should take you to the Nitter page with details and tweets of the contact. Now you can scroll through and view tweets as preferred. 

  1. Go could go directly to the Nitter website. This will display a search bar then add the Twitter handle, and search.. 

Enter the Twitter handle of the person or topic or keyword whose tweets you want to view on the timeline. 

Twitter handle on Nitter

Click on the Twitter handle to get more details and boom! You will get the full profile on the left and a big display of the latest tweets and posts by the user. 

This should give you results with the person’s name, their Twitter handle, and a brief profile. As below 

View Twitter on Nitter

Scroll and read through. You can view the posts with pictures, but you can’t see replies or be able to respond. 

Access to Twitter content through this Nitter seems to also have been affected and limited by the recent changes to Twitter. 

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Q. How can I create a Twitter account? 

To create an account on Twitter; 

On the web, go to the Twitter website and you will be redirected to the sign-up page. When you click sign up, you will be guided through the entire process systematically and easily to create a new account. 

Twitter/X sign up pages

You will need to input details like name, email address, and phone number. 

Go through the verification after adding your details, then click next. This will bring a pop-up box prompting you to customize your experience, go through the customization, and check if you want to adjust anything. Then click next. 

On a mobile phone; you can download the Twitter app from your app store, install the app, and go through the registration process to create a username and password. 

Now you can enjoy default Twitter features like following accounts, Twitter trending topics, and Twitter’s explore page just like other social media platforms. 

You can also simply sign up with your Google or Apple account.

Q. How do I find tweets without a username?

Finding tweets without a username is pretty much like using Twitter without logging in. Any of the solutions in this article will help you find tweets even when you are not registered on Twitter. 

Just for emphasis, you can find tweets without a username by:- 

  • Using a search engine will work mostly for public profiles and tweets.
  • Using Nitter; you will only need to add the Twitter handle.  

Q. How do I make my Twitter private?

If you have some concerns and have decided to make your Twitter account private, 

You can log in to your Twitter account, go to Settings, then tap Settings and Privacy from the menu, then tap Audience and tagging, now you can switch on the “Protect your tweets”.

Now you have a private Twitter account.


You may want to check something or someone on Twitter but do not have an account, and you do not want to create one. The options seen above will allow you to view tweets and trends on Twitter without an account. 

Remember, even for the accounts that do open with the above solutions; you will not be able to follow, repost, or reply unless you sign up or log into your Twitter account

Another alternative would be to create a Twitter account with a throwaway email address. This way you keep your privacy and get to read tweets, post tweets, reply or retweet, and other features accrued to a signed-up user. 

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