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Telegram Hacked? Here is how to know and how to get it back


Hacks to personal social messaging accounts are being the norm of the day. It does matter the device you’re using or the application you’re subscribed too. A telegram hacked account can be just like a normal functioning application but only to realise later.

That is when your contacts start texting you how they’re receiving spammy messages, images or sometimes messages soliciting to money.

This can be an attacker trying to use your identity through your hacked telegram app to compromise your identity and at same time extort money and data from your contacts.

So in this blog, i’ll share with you how to know if your telegram hacked and how you can go about having it fixed.

1. How to know if my Telegram is hacked

There is no direct way you can detect that now your telegram app is hacked or compromised. But there are several observations that you can take and then come to a conclusion.

Among the many ways to know that your telegram is hacked are:

i) Your telegram app sending unsolicited texts, images, videos to your contacts
ii) Not being able to access you application
iii) Your telegram app asking to sign in every time you want to use it
iv) If telegram often asks you to re-verify your contact details (phone and email)
v) When you receive a notification that your telegram app is being logged-in from a different location

2. How to find out who hacked your Telegram

If you want to know if someone hacked your telegram account or basically find out who hacked your telegram. It was made simple.

You can easily monitor your Telegram sessions under settings. But if you still can locate any foreign or suspicious sessions running. You could try out 3rd party app monitoring applications for any suspicious activity going on behind the scenes on your device.

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how to fix hacked hacked telegram

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3. What do to if Telegram account hacked

i) Enable two step verification

The two factor authentication way to let Telegram confirm you access through sending you a confirmation code to you email associated with your telegram account.

Here’s a guide that shows how to secure Telegram by setting up two-step verification via the Telegram app.

  1. Open the Telegram app and sign in.
  2. Tap the “menu” button on the top-right corner.
  3. Go to “Settings” and then to “Privacy and Security”.
  4. Tap “Two-Step Verification”.
  5. Create a strong password and re-enter it for confirmation.
  6. Create a hint for the password.
  7. Enter your email address and tap the “green check” icon.
  8. Go to your inbox, open the email, and click the “confirmation link”.

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ii) Monitor/ terminate telegram active sessions

One of the most interesting security features that’s unique with telegram is the ability to monitor and terminate session in your telegram app.

This enables you to see which devices,IP address and location of devices connected to your telegram app. That way if you spot a devices you’re not familiar with, you till simply hit terminate.

This feature is located under Settings > Privacy and security > security > Active sessions

iii) Set a Passcode Lock

This is a feature that enables you lockup your telegram app. When you set up this additional passcode, a lock icon appears on the chat pages. You simply have to just tap on the lock and unlock your telegram app.

Caution: If your forget the passcode, you’ll need to delete and reinstall the app and all secrete chats are deleted.

iv) Reset you email password

Once an attacker has access to your email that you used to setup your Telegram app, then they’re half way into your account. Why, all the auth codes are sent to your email

So, once your Telegram account is hacked, make sure your reset your passwords including that of your email ID. Please don’t use a password you use elsewhere. If you can, you may consider using a password management tool to easily generate secure passwords and save them.

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v) Don’t use Jailbroken or Rooted devices

Using jailbroken or rooted devices makes it easier for a potential attacker to gain full administrative control over your device. This is also know as having root access.

A user with root access can easily bypass security features built into the operating system. Once an attacker has root access, any efforts to mitigate threats become futile.

No application can be called safe under these circumstances, no matter how strong the encryption.

If none of the above seems to work for you, then kindly contact Telegram security team directly.


There are a couple of ways you can fix a hacked telegram account and these are just a few of them. The other could include like creating secret chats which create a more secure person to person text messages. Meaning that only the recipient can read messages you send them. Unfortunately, these messages cannot be forwarded from person to person.
All secret chats in Telegram are device-specific and are not part of the Telegram cloud. This means you can only access messages in a secret chat from their device of origin. They are safe for as long as your device is safe in your pocket. Click To Tweet

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Telegram is one of the MOST secure social messaging apps on the planet. Besides one successful attack that was performed by Iranian attackers through hijacking 2FA texts between sender and receiver. There’s nothing else yet that has come up yet.

On the other hand, telegram offers USD 300k prize to any one person able to decipher telegram messages.

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