How To Know If My Whatsapp Is Hacked 2024

We all love our privacy, don’t we? But ever had that feeling that your WhatsApp account is hacked?

Or maybe a fear that someone could be spying on you through your WhatsApp? 

In this article, find out how to know if someone hacked your WhatsApp and get some tips to protect your personal info and your account in general.

If you suspect that your WhatsApp account may have been hacked, look out for signs such as unusual activity, strange contacts or groups, difficulty logging in, and increased data usage, among others.

You’ll be able to tell if there’s an intruder on your WhatsApp account, learn how they could get access to it and what you can do to fix it and prevent future hacks.

a note about WhatsApp security

WhatsApp has implemented a high level of security to the extent that for a hacker to be able to get into your WhatsApp account, they would have to spend a significant amount of time and resources.

Therefore, the highest possibility of your account being hacked is that the intruder had access to your phone or any other device that you use for your WhatsApp.

Nevertheless, while WhatsApp is generally secure, it’s not immune to hacking attempts, which can result in your data being compromised.

Let’s look into how hackers can access your Account.

4 Ways hackers might access your WhatsApp account

Here are a few methods unauthorized users might utilize to access your account:

  1. WhatsApp Web
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Through its Whatsapp Web feature, WhatsApp gives you the option to sync your contacts and chats to your computer.

This way you can access your account from both desktop and smartphone at the same time, or choose whichever device is most convenient for you at a given time. 

However, WhatsApp web also makes it pretty easy for an intruder to gain access to your account from one of your active devices.

The moment someone gets access to your device, especially your phone, they can quickly scan your WhatsApp QR code, and access your WhatsApp conversations in that short time.

Even worse, they’re also able to use WhatsApp Web from a different computer than yours after they’ve gained access to your account.

So this makes it possible for anyone to access your WhatsApp account from anywhere as long as they can access your WhatsApp QR code.

  1. Access to your device backup file
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This can affect you even when you have locked your WhatsApp with AppLock.

However, note that this hack affects only those devices that do not have the recently updated WhatsApp version.

When a hacker gets access to your device, within minutes they will be able to read or even delete your WhatsApp conversations from another device.

After getting your backup file using the file manager, they can send it via Bluetooth to another device.

They can use auto-backup apps like backup text for WhatsApp and email all your WhatsApp conversations in plain text by installing this app on your device, and uninstalling it when done.

  1. Through a public Wi-Fi network with a WhatsApp sniffer
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Just like it is risky to use your email account on a public wifi network, it is also possible for your WhatsApp to be compromised with the WhatsApp sniffer via a public wifi network.

This is because every device has a unique Mac address and if the hacker gets to spoof yours, then they will be able to see all your WhatsApp activity.

  1. Using Third-party Spyware
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Some third-party apps claim to hack WhatsApp conversations.

Apps like Spyzie often require the intruder to install a small piece of software on your device, which enables them to get into your WhatsApp conversations.

Signs that your WhatsApp has been hacked

Now that you have an idea of how intruders might gain access to your WhatsApp account, let’s do a WhatsApp hack check or ‘how to know if someone hacked your WhatsApp account‘.

Here are a few signs you should look out for because, in this age of hackers, ignorance is definitely not bliss.

The tips here are for information purposes only, but are not necessarily a guarantee of the real problem.

1. Unusual activity on your account

If you notice any messages you didn’t send, or you receive messages from users you don’t know, or if you see any contacts that aren’t yours, this might be a sign that there is an interloper on your account. 

Check through your account information and profile to note any changes or any other information you do not recognize like unknown groups and chats.

And if you find any, then it’s a confirmation and you need to secure your account, fast!

2. Sudden change in your phone’s temperature 

Oftentimes, heavy apps running in the background of your phone cause it phone to heat up, this could be caused by spyware.

If your smartphone temperature suddenly hikes yet you’re not doing anything or using any apps that would bring this about, then you need to double-check your phone. 

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3. Unexplained Battery Consumption

If your smartphone battery drains so quickly by just leaving it on mobile data or wifi, then there is a possibility of spy software running on your smartphone without your consent. 

4. Un-invoked Whatsapp verification codes

Another notorious way someone can gain access to your WhatsApp account is by obtaining the text verification code.

If WhatsApp sends you a text verification code that you didn’t invoke, it’s best to ignore it.

In some cases, you may even receive multiple verification codes back to back. 

However, WhatsApp may only send so many verification codes within a given period then afterwards, the app will lock you out if you log out.

This is exactly what the hacker wants, to lock you out of your account and they can do whatever they want with it within that time.

So, ignore those verification code messages if you did not ask to verify, and DO NOT log out of your account, just continue using your WhatsApp account as you usually would.

What to do about a hacked WhatsApp account

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After reading the above signs, if you think your WhatsApp account is compromised…

Here are a few tips on ‘what to do if your whatsapp account is hacked‘; to secure your account and prevent any further damage to you and your contacts.

Unlink other devices

If you’ve been using WhatsApp web, you can check to see which other device is having access to your account. 

To do this:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Tap on the 3 vertical dots () on the top right then tap on Linked Devices.
  • A new window will open where you can see a list of all active devices, if you don’t recognize any of them, then chances are someone else is accessing your WhatsApp.
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  • Select the device(s) you don’t recognize and Log out. Or just tap on the Log out of all computers option.

    This will stop the hacker from accessing your activities. 

However, this should be a caution for you to always check this option and log out of all devices when you are not using them.

Enable the WhatsApp two-step verification

With the two-step verification enabled on your account, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp must be accompanied by a six-digit PIN that you created using this feature.

So enabling this feature could come in handy in case you suspect a hack, or even as just a precautionary measure. 

To enable two-step verification:

Open WhatsApp and tap on the 3 vertical dots (), go to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable.

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Enter a 6-digit PIN code, then click Next

Try to make sure it’s not an obvious pin that anyone can guess, or that could be in use by someone else.

With this option active, you’ll need to enter the PIN code you’ve set to authenticate every time you open your WhatsApp account.

Tip: When this option is enabled, you can enter the email address that will allow WhatsApp to send you a link via email to disable two-step verification in case you ever forget your six-digit PIN.

Notify your contacts about your hacked WhatsApp

When someone compromises your WhatsApp account, they can easily be able to send messages to your contacts stating that the company sent a verification code and then they may gain access to their accounts too.

To prevent all this, send a message to your friends and family, letting them know that your account has been compromised, this prevents any further exploitation of your account and those of your contacts.

This may also prevent the hackers from using any of your contacts to attain information about you like banking details, email addresses, or any other personal information.

Report the Issue

One of the most important things you need to do when you realize your Whatsapp account has been hacked is to report the issue to the WhatsApp support team for assistance.

You can send them an email at [email protected]

The support team might deactivate your WhatsApp account and request you to reactivate it within 30 days, that’s if you don’t want it to be deleted completely.

Delete Your WhatsApp Messenger Account

In extreme hacking cases, you might want to consider deleting your WhatsApp account completely to ensure that the hacker can’t use it.

Note that deleting your WhatsApp account and uninstalling your WhatsApp app are two different things. Uninstalling the app from your phone doesn’t delete your account.

To delete your account:

Go to your app and navigate to Settings > Account, then Delete Account

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Deleting your account will erase all your messages and history, even your Google Drive backup. Also, you will be removed from all WhatsApp groups. 

Even though this measure may seem a bit extreme since it’s irreversible, in some situations, it might be your only option to protect your data from the bad guys.

Still, you should probably seriously think through it before resorting to it.

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Preventive measures to keep your WhatsApp from being hacked

Hopefully, you have read through ‘how to check if your whatsapp has been hacked’ and checked your account, and you’re sure your account is safe and has not been hacked (at the moment), but hey you could get hacked another time!

So here are some precautionary steps you can take to secure your account, keep hackers away and prevent any intruders from gaining access to your account in the first place.

Avoid opening unknown messages 

Many a time, people unknowingly give hackers access to their devices by opening infected messages or any other piece of content sent from suspicious sources. 

If you ever receive a message from any number you do not recognize or a suspicious link, avoid opening it or following the link. 

In the same way, try to avoid installing anything from unknown sources. There should be an option in your phone settings or on your Google Play store that enables you to block installations from unknown sources, use it.

Avoid using public unsecured networks

Public and unsecured WiFi networks are often unsafe so you should try as much as possible to avoid connecting your devices to them.

Also worth noting is the fact that an intruder can access your device if you’re both on the same local or wifi network connection.

That’s why it is highly advisable NOT to log into public and unsecured networks.

Lock your WhatsApp

Use app lockers like AppLock or Smart Applock to keep your WhatsApp (and your other apps) secure.

This way, an intruder will need to unlock your apps before doing anything nefarious, and this would most probably turn them away because, well, they don’t have your passcode! 

Other app lockers are specifically made for WhatsApp, you can try those out.

And, if you haven’t yet activated the two-step verification feature on your account, consider doing so for additional protection.

You could also fingerprint lock your phone.

Hold on to your phone

Additionally, you could avoid all those unpleasant intrusions into your WhatsApp account by simply keeping your mobile phone with you.

Especially in public, do not just leave your phone out there in the open unattended for everyone to check out.

How to check WhatsApp hack FAQ

Can WhatsApp be hacked?

Yes, WhatsApp can be hacked if certain vulnerabilities are exploited.

However, it’s important to note that WhatsApp has implemented several security features to protect users’ privacy and prevent unauthorized access.

To prevent your WhatsApp account from being hacked, it’s important to follow best practices for online security, such as using strong and unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and avoiding clicking on suspicious phishing links or downloading unknown files.

Additionally, you should keep your WhatsApp app updated with the latest security patches to ensure that any vulnerabilities are addressed.

What if someone else is using my WhatsApp number?

If someone else is using your WhatsApp number, it’s important to take immediate action to secure your account.

If you’re still able to access your WhatsApp account, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop and check if any devices are listed.

If you see a device you don’t recognize, then it’s likely that someone else has access to your account.

Go to WhatsApp Web/Desktop and click on “Log out from all devices”.

This will sign out your account from all active sessions. Then go ahead a follow the rest of the steps in this article to regain control of your account.

Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone with WhatsApp hacked?

If your WhatsApp account is hacked, someone can see your messages from another device.

Hackers can use various techniques to gain access to your account, such as phishing attacks, social engineering, or exploiting vulnerabilities in the app.

Once the hacker gains access to your account, they can read your messages, send messages on your behalf, and even delete your messages.

They can also change your account settings, including your profile picture and status.

Follow the steps in this article to secure your account.

Can two people use the same WhatsApp number at the same time?

No, two people can’t use the same WhatsApp number at the same time.

Each WhatsApp account is tied to a unique phone number, and the app can only be used on one device at a time with that number.

If you try to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously, you will be logged out from the first device and logged in on the second device.

This is because WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption system only allows for one instance of the app to be actively connected to the servers at any given time.

How to know if your WhatsApp is cloned

If you’re wondering how to know if your WhatsApp is cloned, here are some signs you can look out for:

1. You receive notifications for messages that you didn’t send.
2. Your contacts receive messages from you that you didn’t send.
3. You are suddenly logged out of your WhatsApp account without your knowledge.
4. You see a duplicate WhatsApp account with your name or profile picture.
5. Your WhatsApp account is suddenly active on a new device that you don’t recognize.
6. Your WhatsApp chats have disappeared or are out of order.

If you notice any of these signs, your WhatsApp account may have been cloned.

Take the necessary steps to protect your account and prevent further unauthorized access.

How can I change my WhatsApp password with WhatsApp hacked?

To change your WhatsApp password, go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Change Password.

Here, you can enter your current password and then create a new password to secure your account.

In conclusion

It’s important to know how to check WhatsApp hack(s) and to take the necessary action to protect your privacy and security, as well as that of your contacts.

Remember to act fast if you suspect that your account might be compromised, to avoid any further damage to you and your contacts. 

Additionally, always be vigilant and take steps to safeguard your data, both on WhatsApp and other online platforms.

Above all, you need to stay vigilant and keep yourself updated about Whatsapp security features and threats so that you know what to do in case of any problem.

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