How To Disable Sensitive Content On Telegram in 2023

In this article, I’ll discuss with you how to disable sensitive content on Telegram and how it works, and how you can tweak it when you need to.

Telegram is a messaging app that allows users to send text, photos, videos, and other types of media to other users. It also includes channels, groups, and bots, allowing users to broadcast messages to a large audience or automate certain tasks.

Telegram is known for its focus on security and privacy, with end-to-end encryption and the ability to self-destruct messages. It is available on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and desktop.

What is sensitive content in Telegram?

Sensitive content in Telegram refers to messages or media files that contain potentially offensive or disturbing material, such as adult or graphic content. 

Telegram values its users’ privacy and safety, including the content they access. This is why by default, Telegram has a built-in content filter that blocks sensitive content like nudity or adult content, etc which may be inappropriate, especially the younger users.

This feature is intended to help users avoid unintentionally viewing sensitive content.

If for example, you are trying to access a channel that for some reason Telegram has deemed inappropriate, you will get this error: “This channel cannot be displayed”. In the next segment of this article, we’ll look at why content gets blocked on Telegram.


Telegram’s sensitive content filter feature may not be functioning in all Telegram versions. Also, this feature may not completely block all sensitive content because it relies on the users’ reports. So most of the time if you want to avoid sensitive content you may just have to be cautious about which channels and groups you join.

Why Telegram blocks/filters content

Since there are many users on Telegram, especially on different channels, it is difficult to monitor and regulate everyone’s postings to make sure they are proper and lawful.

As a result, some members might disseminate indecent or illegal material such as; 

  • Circulating adult content; explicit photos or videos that are unacceptable and violate the Telegram privacy policy.
  • Sharing or posting pirated media; movies, books, videos, etc that violate copyright law
  • Sending messages that promote hatred and violence
  • Misusing private information of individuals or threatening and harassing members.

If Telegram learns that a channel is being used for such purposes, it may block the channel or conceal it from public access.

But what if a channel was wrongly barred even though it wasn’t participating in any of these, or perhaps you simply still want to access it despite the content? In the next section, I’ll show you how you can go around the Telegram filter.

How to disable the Telegram filter for sensitive content

There are a couple of ways you can turn off the telegram content filter, but note that you will not be able to access this via your android or ios telegram app. This content filter feature is active on the app but does not appear in the Telegram Settings, hence you can not disable it via the phone app.

1. Disable the sensitive Telegram content filter via Telegram Web

On your phone or computer, access the Telegram web, follow the prompts, and log into your Telegram account by entering your phone number or scanning the QR Code.

sign in to telegram web

When your profile opens up, go to the menu using the 3 horizontal lines(≡) in the upper left corner.

Go to Settings > Privacy and Security, go to the Sensitive content section, and check the Disable filtering option.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to view sensitive content on your Telegram account, on all your connected devices.

2. Disable the sensitive Telegram content filter on Telegram Desktop

Another option is to do this via your Telegram desktop. This is pretty much the same process as the one above. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install the Telegram desktop app then login with your phone number or scan the QR code.
  • After logging in, tap the menu icon (≡) at the top left corner.
  • From the listed options, click the option for Settings
  • Scroll down and click Privacy and Security
  • Locate the Sensitive content at the bottom
  • Turn on the Disable filtering option.
From settings, select privacy and security
Disable filtering option

3. Disable the sensitive Telegram content filter using Nicegram Bot

Another option is to use a Telegram bot to bypass the sensitive content filtering on your account.

Follow the steps below  to do so:

Open your Telegram app on your mobile device or desktop and search for “Nicegram bot” in the search bar. Alternatively, you may access the bot with this link: 

Once you have accessed the bot’s screen, click the Start button then go to the Nicegram Login option to Log in with your Telegram profile.

After logging in, check the I’m 18+ years old and the Show sensitive content options.

login to Nicegram and select show sensitive content alongside with the age

Nicegram will automatically save your preferences and remind you to restart.

After you have disabled the filtering feature, restart your Telegram app by closing it and opening it again. Once you’ve restarted the app, you should now be able to access the sensitive content which was previously disabled.

Additionally, note that sometimes Telegram content on some channels might be restricted in some countries where content is heavily filtered. As a result, you may not be able to access this content or channel if you’re in that particular country.

To solve this you can use a VPN which will allow you to set your location almost anywhere in the world, this way you can set it to the channel’s country of origin. If you can’t access the channel right away just wait for a while, when Telegram registers the change in IP address, you should be able to join the desired channel.


What does “This Channel Can’t Be Displayed” mean?

This error message indicates that a certain Telegram channel has been banned, typically as a result of the channel breaking Telegram’s privacy standards. Telegram detects a channel and removes it if users there distribute illegal material that could damage others. In that case, turning off Telegram’s filters is the best way to gain access to the channel.

How can I open a Telegram channel that cannot be displayed?

To do this, open the “Privacy and security” page, and scroll down until you see the “Disable filtering” option. Make sure the “disable filtering” option is unchecked. Now, you should be able to open the channel you were trying to access before. 

Note that you can only do this using Telegram desktop or Telegram web. Alternatively, you can use the Nicegram Telegram bot on your mobile app.


In closing, with Telegram, you don’t have to worry much about stumbling on any sensitive or inappropriate content because the app comes with a built-in sensitive content feature. But you still need to be cautious about which channels you visit or join since the app may not be able to track and block out each and every piece of content.

Additionally, you can always disable the sensitive content filter using any of the about methods if you like. And if you decide you no longer wish to view this stuff, you can undo it as well.

For any comments, questions, or suggestions, please use the comments box below. And please remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel and newsletter for more tips and tutorials.

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