Is It Possible To Hide Views On Telegram Channel?

Telegram offers a message views counter feature that shows the number of times a particular message or post has been viewed by users on a Telegram channel.

Telegram allows channel owners to track the number of views that posts and messages on their channel have received and owners can use this information to optimize their content and improve their channel’s performance.

In this article, we’ll examine the Telegram views counter feature and discuss the possibility of concealing view counts from channel posts.

Unfortunately, Telegram does not currently provide any way to hide the views counter on Telegram channel messages or posts. 

Before I answer this in detail, let’s first look in-depth at the Telegram view counter feature.

The Telegram channel view counter: Some things to know

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Here are some key things to know about the views counter in Telegram channels:

1. How to access the views counter: 

To access the views counter for a specific post, click on the post in the channel to expand it. You will see the number of views displayed below the post next to the eye icon.

2. How views are counted?

Views are counted each time the post is displayed on a user’s screen, regardless of whether the user has interacted with the post (such as by clicking on a link or playing a video). This means that if a user scrolls past the post without stopping to read it, it will still be counted as a view in Telegram.

3. Real-time updates: 

The views counter in Telegram channels is updated in real-time, so channel owners can see how many views their posts have received at any given moment.

4. Viewing the views counter for all posts: 

To view the “views counter” for all posts in a channel, click on the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the channel and select “Statistics.” This will show you a summary of how many views each post has received.

5. Multiple views from the same user: 

It is possible for a single user to generate multiple views of the same post. For example, if a user closes and re-opens the app or scrolls back up to view the post again, each view will be counted separately.

6 Limitations of the views counter: 

It’s important to keep in mind that the views counter in Telegram channels only tracks views within the Telegram app. Views from other sources (such as views of a channel’s posts on a website or other social media platforms) are not included in the count.

Additionally, views from bots or spam accounts may not be counted accurately.

While the view counter is a helpful tool for measuring the success of your Telegram channel, it’s important to remember that engagement and reach are not the only metrics that matter.

Other metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, can also provide valuable insights into how your content is performing and how you can improve it.

Can you hide the Telegram channel view counter?

So, what if you do not want to see the views counted on your Telegram channel messages or post, can it be hidden or not?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to hide the views counter on Telegram channel messages or posts. 

The views counter is always displayed below each message, and it cannot be hidden or removed.

This is because the views counter is an important metric for channel owners to track the engagement and reach of their content, and hiding it would make it difficult for them to monitor the performance of their channel.

Telegram channel views counter FAQs

How can I see the message views count on my Telegram channel?

To see the message views count in your Telegram channel, go to the message that you want to check and click on the message to expand it. Below the message, you will see the number of views next to an eye icon, the view count is updated in real-time.

Can I see the views count for all messages on my Telegram channel?

Yes, you can see the views count for all messages in your Telegram channel by going to the channel and clicking on the “Statistics” button in the top right corner of the screen. From there, you can see the total number of views for all messages in the channel.

The Telegram channel statistics feature is only available for channels with more than 50 members, if your channel has fewer this option won’t be available.

What counts as a view in Telegram channels?

A view in Telegram is counted when the message is displayed on the user’s screen. This means that if a user scrolls past the message without reading it, it will still be counted as a view.

Can I track the views of forwarded messages in my Telegram channel?

Yes, you can track the views of forwarded messages in your Telegram channel. When you forward a message, it will have its own views counter that is separate from the original message. You can see the views count for a forwarded message by clicking on the message and expanding it.

Can I track the views of messages sent in Telegram groups or individual chats?

No, the message views counter is only available for messages sent in Telegram channels. It is not available for messages sent in groups or individual chats.

How are Telegram channel views counted?

In Telegram, views for a channel’s post are counted when a user opens the post and the post remains open on their device for more than 1 second. If a user opens the post and then quickly closes it, the view will not be counted.

Please note that the views count for a channel’s post may not always be accurate, as there are several factors that can affect the count. For example, if a user opens a post on multiple devices, each device will count as a separate view. 

Additionally, if a user opens a post and then leaves their device idle for an extended period of time, the view may not be counted.

It is also worth noting that views are only counted for posts in channels. Posts in individual chats or groups do not have views.

Why are there views on my private Telegram channel?

Telegram private channel views maybe be due to the possibility that you are seeing views for your posts because you have given access to other users to view the channel’s content.

In a private channel, the administrator can invite other users to join the channel and view its content. When these users open and view the posts in the channel, the views count for the posts will increase.

Can a Telegram channel admin see who has viewed their channel?

Yes, Telegram channel admins can see who has viewed their channel. To view this information, the admin can go to the channel’s analytics page and view the “Viewers” section.

To access the Statistics page for your channel, follow these steps:
1. Open your Telegram channel and click on the “Edit Channel” button.
2. In the “Edit Channel” menu, go to the “Statistics” tab.
3. On the Statistics page, you will see a section called “Viewers”, which will show you the number of unique users who have viewed your channel over the past week.

Please note that the “Viewers” section only shows unique viewers. This means that if a user views your channel on multiple devices, they will only be counted as one view.

It is worth noting that the “Viewers” section will only show the number of users who have viewed your channel, and not the specific users themselves. You will not be able to see a list of the individual users who have viewed your channel.

Also note that the Telegram channel statistics feature is only available for channels with more than 50 members, and it’s currently only available in the latest Android and iOS versions of the Telegram app.

Can the view counter be reset or cleared on Telegram channels?

No, it is not currently possible to reset or clear the view counter on Telegram channels. Once a message has been posted on the channel, the view counter will continue to accumulate views over time.

Does Telegram pay for views?

Telegram does not pay users for views on their channels. Telegram is a messaging app that allows users to communicate with each other, share content, and join groups and channels. It does not have a monetization system in place that pays users for views on their channels.

If you want to monetize your content on the internet, there are other platforms you can use, such as YouTube, Twitch, or Patreon. These platforms allow creators to earn money through various methods, such as ads, subscriptions, and donations.

Can you see who viewed your Telegram channel?

No, Telegram does not provide a feature that allows channel administrators to see a list of specific users who have viewed their channel. They can only see the overall number of people who did.

Telegram prioritizes user privacy and does not disclose individual view counts or viewer identities to channel admins.

Can you hide user from channel on Telegram?

No, Telegram does not currently allow hiding or blocking specific users from accessing a public channel.

Telegram channels are generally open and accessible to all users who find and join them unless the channel has been set to private or restricted by the channel administrator.


In summary, if you have been wondering how to hide views on Telegram channel, you should know this is currently not possible.

The view count is a helpful indicator for channel owners to monitor Telegram channel engagement and the reach of their material, and it also gives users a method to assess the effect and popularity of the messages they view on Telegram channels.

Note that the view counter is always visible to all users who can see the message and cannot be hidden or removed by the channel owner or anyone else.

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