How to Prevent others from Deleting Telegram Messages

In this article, I am going to explore some of the best ways how to prevent others from deleting telegram messages as Telegram is a popular cloud-based instant messaging app that offers a range of features for group chats, secret chats, self-destructing messages, etc

Unfortunately, Telegram has NO option to prevent others from deleting telegram messages. However, let’s explore a few other options available.

Telegram is known for its speed, security, and user-friendly features, including the ability to send messages and files of any type, support for group chats with up to 200,000 members, and a robust API for developers.

Telegram also offers end-to-end encryption for secret chats, making it a popular choice for privacy-conscious users. The app is available for Android, iOS, and the web and can be used on multiple devices at the same time.

Telegram has this unique “Delete for Everyone” or “Also delete for (contact)” feature which allows users to delete a message that they have sent in a chat, and have it deleted from the chat history for all participants, and there’s absolutely no time limit to it.

This feature can be useful if you have sent a message by mistake, or if you no longer want the message to be visible in the chat. 

How the Delete Feature Works

To use this delete feature; just go to your chats and select the particular chat(s) you want to get rid of. 

Select by long pressing the chat, then from the upper right corner click on the delete icon, the delete message window will pop up and you can check the option to Also delete for [the name of the other person in the chat], then click the Delete button.

confirm the delete message prompt

And just like that, you can erase a particular message from your chat or the whole chat, from both sides.

Keep in mind that once a communication has been erased, there is no way for a user to get it back (even the person who hit the delete button cannot undo it).

Also, anyone with whom you have ever spoken privately may decide to delete whatever you or they have said and proceed without your awareness or even your permission.

I’ll just mention that personally, I appreciate this feature. Yes, there have been moments when it has been a pain, but I really enjoy the thought that I am in charge and can remove a chat entirely at any time, as well as alter or rewrite the narrative in my chats!

But hey, this isn’t about me. So let’s talk about options (if there are any) to prevent the deletion of messages from your Telegram chat.

Unfortunately, Telegram has NO option to disable the “also delete for” option. This feature is designed to allow users to delete messages for everyone in a group or individual chat. 

Tips to Prevent others from Deleting Telegram Messages

Since there is no direct way you can prevent others from deleting telegram messages, here are a few tips to keep account of your messages from telegram chats.

1. Screenshot your messages

If you don’t want to be caught off guard and lose your chats, take a screenshot of the messages before they are deleted, this way you can refer to them when you need to.

2. Export your chats

You can also save your chats from being deleted by exporting them so that you have the chat history file somewhere on your device.


The export chat option is only available on Telegram Desktop.

To export your messages, go to your telegram desktop and open up the particular chat you want to export

Click on the 3 dots() menu and select the Export chat history option

In the popup window select which items to export then click the Export button.

Your file will be saved in your Telegram Desktop installation folder.

export chat history option

3. Use a third-party app

You may also use a third-party app like Telegram Database Viewer to back up and save your Telegram messages before they are deleted.


Nevertheless, respecting other people’s right to secrecy and the option to erase their messages is essential.


Q. Can someone else delete my Telegram message?

A. Yes, the person you are chatting with can very much delete your side of the conversation as well as theirs whenever they choose to, without your knowledge or consent.

Q. Can I disable the “delete for everyone” feature?

A. Unfortunately no, you can not disable this feature. All you can do is take the necessary measures to save your chats before they are deleted.

Q. Can you recover deleted Telegram messages?

A. Unfortunately no. neither person in a chat can recover messages as long as they have been deleted.

Q. Does the “delete for everyone” feature work in Telegram groups?

A. Yes. but the only person who can delete the message for the whole group is the group admin. 

Therefore, if you send a message and change your mind about it and want to get rid of it, you will not be able to delete it unless you are the group admin.

Q. Does Telegram notify the other person when I delete a message from both sides?

A. No, when you delete a telegram message from both sides, there is no record of the deletion whatsoever. 

In fact, if the recipient had not seen the message yet, they will not even be able to tell that there was a message at all.

Q. Can I save all of my personal Telegram chats?

A. If you want to save some chats before being deleted, you can export your Telegram chats using your computer. Download the Telegram Desktop app and sign into your account. Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner(≡), then tap Settings.

Click on the Advanced option and Export Telegram Data. Follow the on-screen prompts and select which data to save or export.

In conclusion

The Telegram “delete for everyone” or “also delete for…” feature both gives and takes away control, depending on which side of the deletion you are on. 

And unfortunately, you can neither get your messages back nor stop the other person from deleting them. In fact, you may not even realize immediately that they were deleted. 

All you can do is take some precautions and save or back up your messages before they are deleted.

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