How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram in 2023

One of Instagram’s default features is the Active Status or the Activity Status indicator which allows an Instagram user’s followers and contacts to see when he/she is active and what time they were last seen active on the platform.

Typically, to turn off active status on Instagram you simply need to log in and access your Instagram Profile, go to Settings > Privacy and toggle off the Activity status switch.

In this article, I’ll show you how to turn off instagram active status on both the Instagram App or incase you’re using a laptop via a web browser.

Eitherway, Instagram takes your privacy seriously and whenever there may be times you find yourself not wanting to show you are active on Instagram, maybe because you do not want to feel you have to respond to people’s messages, OR

You are just concerned for your privacy; you can always turn off active status on Instagram.

Why turn off active status on Instagram

While the active status feature is advantageous in fostering transparency and engagement, it may sometimes raise privacy concerns for some people who would rather remain incognito when using their Instagram.

They may therefore want to turn it off to retain control of their online presence.

Since your contacts can not see you online, they most likely won’t bombard you with messages. This gives you a chance to focus on whatever task you want to accomplish at a given time without interruptions.

Some people may simply prefer their private life to remain private even if they are using a public platform like Instagram; hence keeping their active status off.

How to turn off active status on Instagram

To kick this off, launch the Instagram app on your mobile device and log into the account you wish to deactivate the active status.

Tap on your profile picture (at the lower-right corner of the screen) to access your Instagram Profile.

Once your profile page opens up, go to the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner (hamburger menu ≡). Tap on it to reveal a menu of options, and select Settings.

In the Settings section, tap on Privacy then scroll down and tap on Activity Status

Instagram profile icon
Instagram setting
Instagram privacy

In the Activity Status section, you can control whether your active status is visible to others or not.

Toggle off the Activity status switch.

Turn off active status on Instagram on via mobile


When you turn off active status on one device, this automatically applies to all the other devices where you use Instagram. For example, if you have just followed the above steps and turned it off on your mobile app, if you log into Instagram on your web browser you will have the same setting and you won’t have to repeat the process.

However, if you are using Instagram primarily on your PC, read this next section for how to turn off Instagram active status on your PC.

How to turn off active status on Instagram on Pc/Web browser

Log into your Instagram account on your computer and go to your Profile by clicking your profile picture on the left.

When your profile opens up, go to the Settings icon (☼) at the top the open Privacy and Security.

Instagram privacy and security tab via web browser

Under the Account privacy section, you’ll find the Active status setting, turn it off.

Turn off active status on Instagram on via web browser

And now, you can continue your Instagram journey in peace without any interruptions.

Note, however, that if you turn off your active status, you will not be able to view other people’s active statuses either. So just like they won’t know when you are online and when they were last seen, you won’t be able to know when they are online or last seen either.


What do followers see if I turn off my Instagram active status?

If you turn off your active status on Instagram, your followers and people you have direct messaged with will not be able to see when you are actively using the Instagram app or when you were last active.

How do you know if someone just turned off active status?

You will not see the green dot next to their profile picture, and you won’t see the “Active now” or “Last Active” timestamps in direct message conversations.

Can you hide your active status from one person on Instagram?

No, the active status setting is general. If you hide it you hide it from all Instagram users.

Is there any notification when someone turns off their active status?

No, Instagram doesn’t notify users when someone turns off their active status. They simply stop seeing the person online and their last seen.

Can I turn off my active status temporarily and then turn it back on later?

Yes, turning off active status is not permanent. You can toggle your active status on or off at any time by revisiting the “Activity Status” settings.

Will turning off active status affect my overall Instagram experience?

Turning off active status mainly affects the visibility of when you’re online. Your other Instagram activities, such as posting, liking, and commenting, remain unchanged.

Can I still receive messages while my active status is turned off?

Yes, when people send you messages you can still receive messages and notifications even if your Instagram active status is turned off. 

How can I verify that my active status is successfully turned off?

After turning off your active status, you can verify that it is off by checking if the green dot indicating your online presence is no longer visible next to your profile picture in direct message threads.


In summary, whether your goal is to control your interactions on Instagram or to maintain your privacy, turning off your Instagram activity status can help you achieve this.

This may even help you balance staying connected with taking a break from the ever-active digital world.

Remember that when you turn off your active status, not only will other Instagram users not be able to determine your online status or the timing of your last activity, but you won’t be able to see theirs either.

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