5 ways to fix “Instagram Couldn’t Load Users” in 2024

You’re not alone in wondering why Instagram couldn’t load users error occurs. In this article I’ll share with you working fixes and why it happens and how to prevent it altogether.

If Instagram couldn’t load users, it would not be possible to view the profiles or content of those users on the platform.

This could be caused by various reasons such as technical issues with Instagram’s servers, problems with the user’s internet connection, or other issues specific to the user’s device or account.

Users may encounter error messages or be unable to access certain features on the app until the issue is resolved.

How to fix Instagram “Couldn’t load Users” error

Could not load users display on phone screen

The best thing you can do if you are facing this error is to wait, the error will eventually disappear. 

It’s crucial to remember that depending on a number of variables, including your Instagram account type, the age of your account, your Instagram activities, the timing of this error may vary.

Your following list may be disabled for 24 hours, 48 hours, or even up to a week or so.

However, if you think your problem was brought on by something other than Instagram blocking you, there are a few further measures you can try to take to resolve it.

1. Check your Internet connection

If you have a very unstable internet connection or when your mobile data bundle is depleted, you could get the “couldn’t load users Instagram” error. So ensure that your internet connection is stable

2. Clear cache and Restart your Instagram App

Before you restart your app; clear Instagram’s cache, (app’s cache), then close and reopen the Instagram app. You may also go ahead and restart your device before trying again.

3. Update Your Instagram app

Update your Instagram app to the latest version.  To do this go to your Google Play Store or App Store, search for Instagram and then click the Update button next to it.

4. Use a different device or network

Sometime, there could be some conflict with your cellular data or Wife network. Or it could be an iPhone or android device that you’re currently using. Or that you’re using a VPN or a blocked IP address.

Try accessing your following list or the user’s profile from a different device (on a table, desktop or iOS or Android) or try a different internet access point.

5. Inactive user accounts

Sometimes could be trying to access an account that’s no longer active on Instagram hence getting the “couldn’t load posts Instagram blocked” error. This also happens on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Check if the user’s account you are trying to access is active, by searching for the user’s name on Instagram.

If none of the above works, it’s possible that the user’s account has been deleted or deactivated, or that you’ve been blocked by the user.


Instagram app on phone

If your Instagram is displaying an error message saying “Couldn’t Load Users,” it could be caused by a number of factors, including;


The Instagram algorithm may suspect you are a bot and temporarily disable your account if you suddenly unfollow people from your following list. This is to block you from unfollowing more users.


If you’re using a third-party app to unfollow users, your unfollowing list will be disabled.

A third-party app has the ability to quicken the rate of users you are unfollowing but the Instagram’s algorithm will detect it and your following list will be temporarily disabled.

This is Instagram’s way of preventing spam and automation in their platform.

The above are the two main causes of the Instagram “couldn’t load users” error, but below let’s look at some additional possible causes;

  1. The user’s account you’re trying to access may have been deleted or deactivated, so Instagram can not load it.
  2. The particular Instagram user you are checking out may have blocked you from viewing their profile.
  1. There is a temporary issue with Instagram’s servers. If this is the case then it is not just you, it’s a general issue and all you can do is wait for the issue to be resolved.
  2. Your device or network connection may not be working properly.
  1. Your Instagram app may be outdated or not compatible with the device you are trying to access it from.
  2. The user’s account you are trying to access may be set to private.

How to  prevent the “Couldn’t load Users” error from ever happening

To save time and avoid repeating the mistake, you should always take steps to stop it from happening again by taking these steps:

  • Try to avoid repetitively unfollowing users from your following list.
  • Avoid utilizing third-party tools or programs to unfollow users. This is one of the fastest ways you can get your following list disabled because Instagram can easily detect them and disable your following list.
  • Unfollow users manually and in intervals. Try to unfollow a maximum of 5 users in an interval of 10 mins to avoid glitches.


Q. What is the “Couldn’t load users” error on Instagram?

A. Typically, this error means that your following list has been temporarily disabled by Instagram. The block may last for a few hours; 24 hours or more, so you may just have to wait it out.

It could also indicate that the Instagram app is unable to download or collect user data from the Instagram servers.

Q. How did I get the “Couldn’t load users” error?

A. You either unfollowed too many users from your following list in one go or you used a third-party app/automation to unfollow users. If you did this Instagram thinks that you are a bot and temporarily disabled your following list.

Additionally, this error may occur due to other reasons such as poor internet connection, outdated app version, issues with Instagram’s servers, or incorrect login credentials.

Q. How do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

A. Take the following steps to see if a particular user has blocked you on Instagram:

1. Open the Instagram App and Search for the culprit’s username. If it shows up, you’re not blocked.  
2. If it doesn’t show up, go to a mutual friend’s Instagram and go through their posts, likes, comments, and followers to see if the suspect’s username appears.
3. If the user’s name appears, click on it. If you do so and are unable to see their content, even though it shows that they have a number of posts at the top of their profile, then they have blocked you.

In Conclusion

The user’s name will still show up in the search results even if their Instagram profile is set to private. Therefore, if they don’t show up, they’ve either blocked you or closed their Instagram account.

If the “couldn’t load users Instagram” error persists despite trying the steps above, you may uninstall or delete the app or contact Instagram support team for further assistance.

Therefore, errors like couldn’t load users Instagram likes, Instagram couldn’t load users or Instagram can’t load users can be solved by implementing the steps shared in the first part of this article.

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