Snapchat device ban

Snapchat is one of the quickest and easiest social media platforms used to communicate through photos and videos. Because of its emphasis on security and safety, Snapchat may ban a user’s account due to violations,

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InstaWP vs LocalWP

Setting up and managing local WordPress environments requires tools that meet the needs of both the developer and the user, InstaWP and LocalWP are such tools.  InstaWP allows you to create and instantly launch WordPress

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How can i see hidden followers on facebook

Besides friending people, Facebook users are also able to follow or get a following on the platform.  While Facebook allows you to accept friends into your friends list, followers will not necessarily need your approval

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Best Video Hosting Platforms For Online Courses

Imagine a time when people had to travel miles to give or receive knowledge!  Now, thanks to the internet, exchanging knowledge across physical and virtual boundaries has never been easier, as you can do so

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Telegram Web Not Working

Are you frustrated with the constant loading errors or unresponsive pages of Telegram Web? If so, you’re not alone. In this post, I will analyze some common problems that users face with Telegram Web and

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Who Is This Number Registered To

So, you’ve just received a phone call from an unknown number and are wondering “Whose number is this?” This is very common and to some people, it is a bother. The good news is you

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How to See a Private Instagram Account Free

The Instagram platform allows users to set their profiles/accounts to private to restrict access to their stories, photos, and videos. If you are unable to view an Instagram account, maybe you were blocked, or you

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How to make Instagram videos with music

Sharing videos on Instagram can be quite exciting, especially with the various options and features that come along.  So, you have probably watched some videos with music on Instagram and you would like to make

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how to send a text with a different number

Everyone uses text messaging at some point. For some, it serves as the primary medium of communication hence they use it daily.  Ideally, one should be able to identify who texts them but once in

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How to Mute Instagram Account 

Like all social media, Instagram messages can occasionally become overwhelming, or you may get unwanted posts or simply get tired of interacting with a certain account yet you don’t want to unfollow the person. This

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