Why Does Instagram Say This Story Is Unavailable?

Being unable to access a story you want to see on Instagram can be annoying. It can happen when everything seems to be going well and you simply don’t expect your peace to get ruined by such a thing. 

When this happens, it causes you to get frustrated, and lose time.

In this article, we’ll explore the possible reasons why a story might be unavailable on Instagram, what it could mean for different scenarios, and also talk about practical ways you can go about solving this problem. 

Instagram may say ‘This story is unavailable’ if that story has expired, was deleted by the user, or if you have been blocked from viewing the story. 

Depending on the cause of your issue, you can try clearing your cache, updating the app, or simply refreshing your Instagram feed to solve it.

Why Instagram says ‘This story is unavailable’

Instagram Story Unavailable

We are in an age of digital technology therefore learning about the tweaks of how to go about specific issues on social media platforms like Instagram is important. 

Here are some reasons why Instagram says this story is unavailable.

1. Expiration and Time Limit

If you put a story on your Instagram, it will disappear after 24 hours by default. Therefore, if you come across an unavailable story, it may have reached its expiration time and been automatically removed from the platform. 

Users often use stories to share moments or updates that are relevant only for a short period.

2. Deleted by the User

There is also a possibility for a story that was posted on Instagram to be manually deleted. Instagram provides the option for its users to remove stories before they expire, giving users control over the content they share. 

Deleted stories cannot be accessed by anyone, including the person who posted them.

3. Privacy Settings and Audience Restrictions

Instagram offers privacy settings that allow users to control who can view their stories. Users can choose to make their stories visible to everyone, only their followers, or a selected group of people. 

If you are unable to view a story, it could be because the user has restricted their story’s visibility to a specific audience, and you don’t fall within that category.

4. Geographical restrictions 

With Instagram, there are geographic restrictions for some content where certain regions or countries due to content restrictions or legal issues might not avail certain stories. 

For example, content that promotes the use of certain regulated products, such as tobacco or vaping products is usually restricted in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman.  

5. Account Restrictions or Suspensions

In some cases, an unavailable story could indicate that the user’s account has been restricted or suspended by Instagram

This could happen due to a violation of Instagram’s community guidelines, content restrictions, or reported misconduct. 

When an account is restricted or suspended, the associated stories become unavailable to others.

6. Technical Glitches or Connectivity Issues

Occasionally, Instagram may experience technical glitches or connectivity issues that can result in stories appearing unavailable. 

These issues are usually temporary and get resolved as Instagram addresses the underlying problem. 

If you consistently encounter unavailable stories, it may be worth checking your own internet connection or waiting for the issue to be resolved.

7. Blocked by the viewer

Another reason for Instagram labeling a story as “unavailable” is if the user who posted it has been blocked by the viewer. 

When a user blocks another, it prevents them from seeing any of their content, including stories. This privacy feature empowers users to control their interactions and limit exposure to specific individuals. 

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Solutions to ‘this story is unavailable’ on Instagram

Instagram Story Unavailable Solutions

After encountering the ‘this story is unavailable’ issue on your Instagram, you will naturally start looking for solutions. Below are some ways you can try to fix this issue:

1. Refresh your Instagram feed

You do not have to be so stressed when Instagram fails to avail you of the stories you desire to see. 

This annoying issue can be fixed easily by closing the app and then reopening it. After that, refresh your Instagram and then have fun!

2. Clear the Instagram cache

Sometimes the temporary data on your phone can become cluttered and mess up your device’s functionality. 

However, the good news is that when you empty the cache from time to time, this can really help your phone perform better.

You can do this by going to your phone’s Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear cache.

3. Update the Instagram app

Sometimes the apps on your phone (Instagram included) can be out of date and lead to you experiencing glitches. 

You may not necessarily be able to solve this but there are skilled developers that can do it for you. All you have to do is regularly update the Instagram app.


Why is my own story Unavailable on Instagram?

It could be because the story you posted on Instagram has expired especially if 24 hours have elapsed. Usually, this happens and it occurs to everyone who uses Instagram. 

How do you know if someone blocked you from Instagram stories?

You can know that someone has blocked you from Instagram if you can no longer see their stories. That is the most obvious way to know.

Other ways you can know that someone has blocked you on Instagram include; 
*Asking a friend to see if they can find the individual’s account
*Checking your direct messages with the person to see if they are delivered
*Looking at your own posts to see if they have ever commented
*Taping their username to see if you can view their profile 
*Searching the account that may have blocked you and see if you can find it

Can I be blocked from someone’s Instagram story?

Yes, you can be blocked from someone’s Instagram story. Instagram has privacy settings that allow users to be in control of who gets access to whatever they post on their Instagram accounts. 

When you hide your story from someone can they see a repost?

Yes, they can especially when a mutual friend on Instagram reposts that story on their own. The blocked person will see it. 

Can you see if someone screenshots your Instagram story?

No, Instagram currently will not notify you if someone screenshots your Instagram story. Equally, others will not be able to see whether you have screenshotted their story. 


Encountering an unavailable story on Instagram can have various explanations, including expiration, user deletion, privacy settings, account restrictions, or technical issues. 

Understanding these possibilities can help clarify why a story might be unavailable in a given situation. 

If you ever encounter the issue of unavailable stories on Instagram, consider some of the points mentioned in this article and surely you’ll come up with a solution that can help you sort this issue. 

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