How To Download Instagram Videos On PC in 2024

While the Instagram app allows users to view and share videos, it does not provide a built-in feature to download the videos users may prefer to keep on their device/computer. 

This restriction can be frustrating, especially when you find a captivating video that you may want to save for offline viewing or share with friends.

Luckily, there are a bunch of tools that you can employ to efficiently download Instagram videos directly to your PC that I’ll be sharing in this article.

You can download Instagram videos on PC by using video downloaders (browser extensions), and online video downloading tools.

1. how to download videos from Instagram on PC using Online Tools

A smooth way to download Instagram videos to a PC (both Windows and Mac) is by using various online tools available on the internet.

These online tools work by downloading a video from an Instagram link you paste on the website, as we are going to see in detail.

Some of the tried and tested online tools include SaveInsta, Inflact, SnapInsta, and others. Let’s look at SaveInsta in detail.

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Use SaveInsta to Download Instagram Videos

SaveInsta homepage

SaveInsta is an online tool for downloading good quality Instagram reels, stories, and videos all without installing any software.

All you need to do is visit the SaveInsta website in your browser and paste your Instagram link then press the download button and your video will download.

Take these steps to download your Instagram video:

Step 1: Open your Instagram and then open up the video you would like to download

Step 2: Go to the 3 dot menu () on the side and select “Copy link

Copy link to download the video

Step 3: Open the SaveInsta in your browser and paste the link.

Click the Download button and your video will load, click Download video and it will be saved.

Paste link to download the video
Download page of SaveInsta

2. How to Download Instagram Videos on PC Using a Downloader

There are various downloaders available that you can use to download Instagram videos to your PC.

One of these that I have tried myself is XDM (Xtreme Download Manager).

Download Instagram Videos on PC using XDM (Xtreme Download Manager)

Xtreme Download Manager homepage

This is a powerful third-party app that enables users to save streaming videos.

XDM integrates with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and other browsers.

It also has a built-in video converter which allows you to convert your downloaded videos to different formats.

To use XDM to download Instagram videos:

Download and install XDM from their official website or GitHub.

After installing XDM, open it up via a shortcut on your desktop or your taskbar.

Open your Instagram and go to the video you would like to download, click on the 3 dots menu (⋯) and select Copy link.

Copy link to XDM page

Go to XDM and select New > Video download.

XDM video download page

In the window that pops up, paste your Instagram video link and click the search icon (🔍).

paste your Instagram video link and click the search icon

XDM will search and bring up available streaming videos, select the one you want, choose where you want to save it, and click Download now (or you can add it to a queue; Download later). 

Tip: Depending on the video, sometimes XDM will give you different video sizes in the tab on the right, and you can choose the size you prefer for your video.

XDM download options page

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Qn. Can I use Instagram videos downloaded from my PC for commercial purposes?

You could, but this may infringe on copyright and intellectual property rights. 

Try to seek permission from the original content creator and follow Instagram’s guidelines regarding the use of the content for commercial purposes.

Qn. How can I download Instagram videos to my Android mobile phone?

To download videos on your phone (Android or iPhone):
Open the video you want to download then tap on the Sharing icon (it looks like a paper plane), and from the options in the next window tap on Download and your video download will start immediately.

Alternatively, go to your Google Play store and install the IG Downloader app.

Open your Instagram app, go to the video you would like to download

Click on the 3 dots (⋮) and select Link(🔗), open IG Downloader and paste the link then click the Download button and your download will begin.

Click on the 3 dots
 select Link
open IG Downloader and paste the link then click the Download button

Qn. How can I give credit to the original content creator when reposting a downloaded Instagram video?

You can do this by mentioning the creator’s username or tagging them in the caption or comments when you share their video.

Qn. Is it legal to download Instagram videos using third-party tools?

Using third-party tools to download Instagram videos may potentially violate Instagram’s terms of use and community guidelines.

Endeavor to use Instagram responsibly and respect people’s right to privacy and other content creators’ work. 

Additionally, when sharing on Instagram, ask for permission where necessary and give credit where it is due.

Qn. Is it safe to use online Instagram video downloaders?

Online Instagram video downloaders may be risky especially those that require you to enter your Instagram login credentials to download your favorite content.

Be cautious; use trusted and reputable online tools to minimize potential risks and avoid sharing sensitive information. 

Qn. Is there an alternative method to save Instagram videos?

Yes, instead of downloading videos, you can always use the “Save” feature on Instagram. 

Simply click on the 3 dots menu then tap the bookmark icon labelled Save to save it to your “Saved” collection on your Instagram account. 

This way, you can access the video again without downloading it.

How do I download Instagram for PC?

Unfortunately, there’s no Instagram desktop app for PC at the moment, only for mobile devices.

I’ve come across a bunch of websites that claim to have the setup, but when I downloaded the setup couldn’t work or even open.

To use Instagram on PC you will either have to use a web browser, an Android emulator or your Windows App Store.

In conclusion

With the tools mentioned above, hopefully, you have learned how to save Instagram videos on PC effortlessly.

However, remember to exert caution and use discretion when attempting to download Instagram videos on your PC. 

Ensure that you respect content creators’ rights and comply with Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of service to maintain a positive online experience.

For any comments, questions, or suggestions, please use the comments box below. Remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel and newsletter for more tips and tutorials.

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