8 Ways To Make Money Using WhatsApp

There are plenty of ideas out there on how you can make money using WhatsApp.

Today, I wish to share with you just a few of them and probably they’ll help you.

Please NOTE that this article isn’t featuring any get-rich-quick scheme. But rather, a way to work and gradually earn a stable income using WhatsApp.

Also, using WhatsApp for doing business is a new other model which people are using to run businesses today and earn a living.

WhatsApp makes it easy to directly reach out to your prospects at the comfort of your sit.

The most interesting is, most of your WhatsApp contacts already know you in person or in some way.

So, their support for you or your business is kinda achievable compared to going out and meeting complete strangers.

Here are a few requirements or things to get you started

  • Find a product or service
  • Know your audience
  • Get contacts available on WhatsApp
  • Learn a new skill (such as digital marketing)
  • Join  WhatsApp groups

And here are ways you can earn some money using WhatsApp

1. Sell your Own Products

Start a clothing brand, or shoe brand, or make tables (furniture). It is extremely fascinating how easily you can gain traction from your friends or family that know you in person.

For example, I know a friend who started up a Carpentry and joinery workshop with limited startup capital. But has managed to grow it up both as a team and in sales.

He says, WhatsApp has been his 100% market base to advertise each item they have on display. And when friends like it, if they don’t buy it, most certainly they’re going to share in within there friend circles and groups.

I have personally bought a comfy outdoor couch from him.

2. Affiliate Marketing (Product referrals)

This is referred to as away of recommending a product (that you believe in) to others in exchange of a commission or fee.

There are online stores and companies that offer this service. Let’s say, an online computer store sells computers for $200. But for every referral you get a 10% commission or a fixed price.

The most popular affiliate website today is amazon associates. Where you can simply sign up and get an affiliate id or product affiliate link that you’ll share with your contacts.

3. URL Shorteners

There is a chuck of link-shortening services out there.

With link shorteners, you can cut various web content into small links. Then the short link is shared on WhatsApp and each click actually earns you.

Petty Link is one of the most popular and trusted sites for URL shortening. It also has one of the high payout rates.

Offering a high CPM rate. A petty link can earn you $9 for 1000 views. You can earn money by referring other people to this site through your referral link.

Personal thought: I don’t recommend this service (url shortening) as it tends to be spammy to your contacts. But regardless, it can earn you money.

4. Run an online store

Starting and operating an online store can be greatly hard to get off the ground. I mean, setting up the store, uploading the inventory and monitoring traffic. Updating the blog and marketing it.

But now, it has been made way easier to start one. All you need is to start a drop shipping service store.

A popular option for an online store is to sell custom t-shirts. This can be a lucrative niche, especially if you have unique designs or can cater to specific interests and trends.

One thing I would like you to note is that, before you start the store, do a survey of your clients and what they’re interested in.

This will make it easier for you to promote the products you sell within WhatsApp and easily make sales.

I got inspired by this idea from a friend at university with how he was selling watches and it seemed to work for him well.

5. Offer your services/skill

Let’s suppose you have digital creative skills just like me. And you can build not only beautiful but secure and working websites.

Right within your WhatsApp contacts and groups, there are people (personal brands) or those working with companies in search of consultancy/branding services just like yours

You’ll be surprised. People will inbox you in need of your services.

But one thing you have to take note of is.

You have to have a working model that will make your clients to know that you’re actually there for business and not just chatting.

And on the other hand, you should be willing to offer exceptionally great services within the agreed period and value for money.

Working remotely from the comfort of your living room will be a dream come true.

6. Host E Conferences

Hosting e-conferences can be another fan way to earn using WhatsApp.

Let’s suppose you have already a big following on other social platforms. And probably these people are willing to learn more from you. Or you simply want to share more of your knowledge for a fee.

You can host an invite-only WhatsApp conference chat.

With this, you can send all interested parties a PayPal invite and payment link.

And every person that pays, is added to the WhatsApp conference list.

Ideally, you should be able to present some kind of specialized knowledge or information.

7. Build A Private “Expert” Group (sell subscriptions)

I have come across closed Facebook expert groups.

The same idea can be brought to WhatsApp but this time round. You only create groups where different field experts can meet and share knowledge.

It may be a group of only hospital lab specials or guitar trainers in your city.

And every other person who wishes to join the group can pay a special fee to grant them access.

You can actually create several of these groups by simply searching for experts on Facebook and letting them know about it.

You’ll be surprised, people are willing to share knowledge.

8.  Work With Local Companies (Influence)

In my country today, telecoms are spending more money on Influencers.

And that means influencers are earning. And you can use WhatsApp to influence a number of people.

They may be from your other social platforms, let’s Instagram or Facebook.

My only advice is that you should really promote products or services from a company you trust or products you believe in or else, you’ll loose the trust and followers

And in any case, your local company provides a way to track specific product recommendations, that can be a good hack for both of you.

In closing

I hope helped in you away.

These are just eight ways out of hundreds of how you can actually earn using WhatsApp.

Do you have other ideas? What are your thoughts on WhatsApp earning abilities?

See you in the comment box.

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