Top Twitter Monetization Requirements in 2024

In 2022 when Elon Musk took over Twitter (now X), he announced that Twitter monetization would be one of the top priority changes to make.

Did you know there are several ways to earn money from your tweets?

For example Twitter Amplify, Ads Revenue Sharing, Tips, Subscriptions, Sponsored tweets, and Affiliate marketing, among others.

Whatever program you choose for Twitter monetization, you must be 18 years or older, reside in a country where the program exists, and have an active Twitter account.

We will discuss these and more Twitter monetization requirements in this article.

Types of Twitter monetization

There are several programs for earning money on Twitter including;

1. Twitter Amplify

This is divided into two; Amplify Pre-Roll and Amplify Sponsorships. 

The Twitter Amplify feature is for publishers to earn money through their video tweets by adding ads to them.

With Amplify Pre-Roll, you attach selected tags to your post, and ads based on those topics will show up with your video tweet.

 While with Amplify Sponsorships, you partner with particular brands whose ads you want to display on your videos.

2. Ads Revenue Sharing

This is the recent expansion to the Twitter monetization feature introduced in February 2023, but it fully went into effect in July 2023.

Twitter monetization post
Twitter ads revenue

Here, Twitter shares the money it is earning from the ads showing on the platform with Creators who are sharing these ads in the replies to their posts.

3. Tips and Tipping

In this program, if people like your content, or want to help you raise funds, they can go to your profile and send you either money or cryptocurrency.

Payments are made through a third-party platform you choose like Venmo, GoFundMe, Cash App, and Patreon.

You will have a Tips icon that shows your visitors that you are eligible for Tips and Tipping. You can learn more about Twitter Tips and Tipping here.

4. Sponsored tweets

This is when influencers; Twitter users with a very large following, earn money by posting messages promoting a particular brand’s goods and services. 

You basically advertise for particular brands, like a brand ambassador.

Influencers and brands are usually connected through influencer marketing platforms for example NeoReach, IZEA, and Upfluence.

5. Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing you sign up with external marketing networks, post a tweet endorsing a particular product, and get paid a commission from the sales made by users clicking on the link in your tweet.

6. Subscriptions

Also known as Super Follows, this is when a content creator shares some specific content with paying viewers/subscribers. 

You can set up a monthly subscription fee that your followers who are interested in the exclusive content can pay to view it.

Twitter super followers
Signup to twitter super followers
Signup to twitter super followers

7. Ticketed Spaces

Twitter spaces were introduced in 2020 and they are live online audio meetings, discussions, or events organized by creators. 

In Ticketed Spaces you earn money by putting a joining fee to your Twitter space and then Twitter will pay you a portion of the money collected from selling tickets.

8. Twitter Spaces Spark Program

Introduced in 2021, this is a beta Twitter monetization program that runs in intervals of 3 months. 

Here, Twitter pays creators who have hosted interesting spaces and asks them to host their spaces twice each week for three months for a fee of 2500 dollars per month and more benefits.

Know more about the Twitter Spaces Spark Program here.

9. Promoting your business

This is not a direct way to make money through Twitter, but if you have a business it can work for you.

You can tweet about your products and include links that people can click on to purchase your product.

Eligibility Requirements for Twitter monetization

The following are the general requirements for an account to qualify for any Twitter monetization criteria;

  • The account holder must be 18 years and above.  

  • Have a Twitter account that has been active for at least 3 months. 

  • Be based in a country or region in which the preferred Twitter monetization program is available.
Twitter payouts
  • Must create and verify Stripe account which is the Twitter payment processor to receive payouts.

  • The Twitter account should have a complete profile inclusive of an account name, a bio, a profile picture, and a header image.

  • Must have a verified email address.  

  • Must be a secured account with two-factor authentication. This is a way of logging in with both a password and code or security key. 

  • Must not be a designated state-affiliated media account; an account that is attached to any government.
Twitter badge
Twitter badge
  • Must be in good standing with Twitter, that is;
    •  Not have been suspended before for violation of any Twitter policies like Ads policy.
    • Must not have repeatedly violated the Twitter rules.

  • Compliance with Twitter rules including the safety, authenticity, and privacy rules eg;
    • No engagement with or endorsement of illegal, abusive, hateful, or could result in self-harm toward others.
    • No publishing or accessing of other users’ private information.
    • Observe the governing laws, rules, and regulations.

  • Abide by conduct standards like no solicitation, fraud, spam, and tax evasion.

  • Must abide by the content standards, and not monetize illegal content, violence and graphic material, natural disasters, adult content, and false claims.

Check out more on Twitter’s Creator Monetization Standards

More Twitter Monetization Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, depending on what category you choose, there are additional conditions for Twitter monetization eligibility criteria;

1. Twitter Amplify

  • Be verified also known as a premium account or Twitter blue.

  • Have a professional account; a Twitter professional is anyone who comes to Twitter to do business like Creators, publishers, businesses, nonprofits, and developers.

  • Must work with Twitter Partner Managers like Brandwatch, Sprinklr, Sprout Social, and ListenFirst among others.
Signup to twitter super followers

2. Ads Revenue sharing

  • Must be a verified organization or a premium account; have a blue badge what is formerly known as Twitter blue or verified accounts
Twitter verified organisation
Twitter verified account
  • Create a professional profile.
  • The user must have a minimum of 5 million tweet impressions in the last three months.
  • The user must maintain 500 active followers or more.
  • Comply with Twitter’s Ads Revenue Sharing Policy.

3. Tips and Tipping

4. Sponsored tweets and Affiliate marketing

  • Have a professional account
  • Must identify the tweets as sponsored by attaching a #sponsored tag.
  • Must post tweets manually and not automated.
  • Follow the Twitter Ads Policy.
  • Must abide by Twitter’s Paid Partnership Policy

5. Subscriptions/Super follows

  • Must have an active following of more than 500 users.
  • Must have posted content within the last 30 days.
  • Have a professional account; in other words, your profile should not feature the identity of another person, brand, or organization, nor use a fake identity that is intended to deceive others. 
  • You are subscribed to Twitter Blue or Twitter Verified Organizations.
  • You must only monetize content that is original and authentic, and that you have the rights to monetize. 
  • You must adhere to Twitter’s Content monetization standards for all Subscription content. 
  • You must comply with the Subscription creator terms like not being an employee of Twitter.
  • Must follow Twitter’s Ads policies like you must not promote Subscriptions content through Twitter Ads.
  • Must not monetize Subscription content through the Twitter Amplify Program.
  • Observe Twitter’s Subscriptions Policy.

6. Ticketed spaces

  • Must not be an employee of Twitter.
  • The account should have at least 1,000 followers.
  • Should have hosted at least three Spaces in the past 30 days.
  • Must live in the United States.
  • Abide by Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces creator terms.

7. Twitter Spaces Spark program

  • Your account has 5,000 or more active followers.
  • You are located in the US for Phase 1 of the Twitter Spaces Spark Program. 
  • You commit to hosting a minimum of 2 Spaces per week that run a minimum of 30 minutes. 
  • You must comply with the Twitter Spaces Spark Program creator terms. 
  • If you advertise on Twitter, you must follow Twitter’s Ads policies.
  • Adhere to Twitter Spaces Spark Policy

8. Promoting your business

Tip: Most of the Twitter monetization programs have limited users and some are still in the beta stages.

Therefore even with all the requirements fulfilled, you may be put on a waiting list or may not even be accepted into the program.


Q. How much does Twitter pay monetization?

The amount Twitter pays depends on what Twitter monetization program you are using and the respective terms and conditions.

Twitter Amplify – You may earn up to 70% of the ad revenue from your amplify pre-roll and amplify subscriptions.

Click on each video in Media Studio to see estimated earnings.

Ads Revenue Sharing – Earnings depend on how many impressions from verified users you have on the ads in your post.

Tips and Tipping – You will get all the money from your tips and less charge fees from the third-party payment processor.

Sponsored tweets and Affiliate marketing – Your revenue will depend on the commission you agreed upon with your brand or merchant.

Subscriptions/Super follows – Determined by your monthly subscription fee and how many users subscribe to your exclusive content.

You will be entitled to get paid up to 97% of the revenue Twitter earns from selling access to your Subscriptions.

Ticketed Spaces – Depending on the price of your tickets and how many tickets are sold at a rate according to Twitter’s discretion.

Twitter Spaces Spark Program – $25,000 per month for 3 months.

Promoting your business – It depends on the price of the products you are selling in your tweets.

Q. How many followers do you need to monetize Twitter?

There is no specific number of followers to make money on Twitter, however, some monetization programs have a restriction to the least number of followers one should have before they qualify.

For example;
Ads Revenue Sharing and the Subscriptions programs require that an account have not less than 500 active followers.

The Ticketed Spaces program necessitates at least 1000 active followers while the Twitter Spaces Spark Program calls for 5000 active followers or more. 

You should also note that the higher your following, the more your earnings will be and the higher the possibility of being considered for sponsored tweets and affiliate marketing.

Q. What countries is Twitter monetization available in?

Different types of Twitter monetization are available in several countries. Check out the links below to find out which program is available in what particular country.

Twitter Amplify – Available in 22 countries; Australia, Brazil, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Kingdom. Follow this link for a detailed country list.

Ads Revenue Sharing.
– Available in 115 countries like Algeria, Argentina, Canada, Finland, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania. More eligible countries here.

Tips and Tipping – Available where your third-party payment platform like Cash App, Patreon, or Venmo; is accessible.

Sponsored tweets and Affiliate marketing – Available in over 200 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America. Click here to see the detailed list.  

Subscriptions/Super follows – Available in 115 countries like Albania, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Morocco, Niger, and Rwanda; expanded list here.

Ticketed Spaces – Only the United States.

Twitter Spaces Spark Program – Only the United States.


Anyone with a Twitter account can make money from their tweets, but I advise you to first grow your following, identify what monetization method works for you, and then fulfil the eligibility requirements above.

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