How to Get Threads on Instagram in 2024

In July 2023 Instagram launched a new Twitter-like text-based app called Threads. 

Picture a carefully crafted post that includes text, pictures, or videos; which in turn sparks a conversation with a long line of replies, reposts, follows, shares, likes and even other threads springing from it; that’s Instagram Threads for you. 

In this article, we are going to see how to get Threads on Instagram.

I will show you step-by-step how to access the Threads Instagram feature and create a thread, and I’ll give you some additional tips that may help you navigate this feature.

If you are an Instagram user, you can download the Threads app from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it on your computer.

You can then start a new thread and select people from your followers and/or following list who can reply to it. You can also reply to other people’s threads.

What is Instagram Threads?

Instagram users and content creators know Threads as a standalone sister app to Instagram used primarily for conversations and updates.

Threads is a subsidiary of Meta Platforms, Inc. that provides a platform for Instagram users to text and share videos and photos with a selected group of people. 

Your thread posts can include images, videos of up to 5 minutes long, text of 500 characters in length, and even links.

Threads users can import and use the same profile and settings they use on Instagram if they want to.

They can also follow the same people as they do on Instagram.

This is possible because to use threads, you have to log in with your Instagram credentials.

While Instagram and Threads are related, they also maintain a degree of independence from each other.

For example, if you set a different profile picture or have a whole different set of followers on Threads, this will not affect your Instagram.

However, if you want to update things like your personal info or username on Threads, you will have to update this via Instagram, you can’t do it on Threads.

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How to get Threads on Instagram

1. Get Threads from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store(Android)

On your Android or iPhone device, open your Google Play Store or app store (respectively), go to the search bar, type in “Threads” and then hit the search button.

You will see the Threads app in the results, tap the Install button beside Threads, an Instagram app.

Wait a few seconds for the Threads app to download and install.

2. Get threads through the Instagram app

When you open your Instagram app and go to your Instagram Profile (to find your profile tap your profile picture at the bottom right corner).

Go to the hamburger menu (☰) in the upper right corner.

You should find an option called Threads in the Menu. 

Go to profile
Select threads options

Tap on Threads then follow the prompts to go download and install it from your store.

Download threads

3. Get Threads via a web browser

If for some reason you only have access to a computer at the moment, don’t worry, you can still use your web browser and install Threads straight to your mobile device to use later.

You can do this by visiting the website;

Log in with your Instagram credentials then you’ll be redirected to the page where you can choose either the Apple or Android option depending on which mobile operating system you use.

Instagram login

choose Apple or Android option

If you click on the Android icon for example, it will open up the Google Play Store website where you can go ahead and install Instagram Threads app. 

 Google Play Store

From the popup, choose your mobile device then click install.

You will be asked to verify your identity by signing into your email (use the email address that you are using on your Instagram account). 

After signing in just give it a few minutes and the Threads app will be installed on your mobile device.

click install
verify your identity

After installing the threads app on your mobile device, it’s now time to proceed and start using your threads.

How to create your Threads profile

Go to your mobile phone’s homepage and tap on the Threads app to launch it then tap Sign in with Instagram at the bottom. 

Select Threads app
Sign in with Instagram

You will be given your Instagram username or the account that you’re currently logged in to on Instagram, tap on it to log into Threads.

Tip: If you have more than one Instagram account and want to sign in with a different one, tap Switch accounts at the bottom and select another account.

Once logged into your Threads account, you can go ahead and customize your profile;

You can add a short description about yourself under Bio

You can also add a new profile picture by tapping the profile picture icon next to the Name. You can then upload a picture or import one from your Instagram.

You can also add a Link to your profile, then you can share it with your followers.

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add new profile picture
add a Link to your profile

When you are done setting up, tap the Continue button.

Under Privacy, you can choose whether to have a Public profile (anyone can see and interact with you) or a Private profile (only approved followers can see and interact with you).

tap the Continue button.

Proceed with the Continue button and in the next window you can choose to follow the same accounts you follow on Instagram, or you can choose which accounts to follow. 

 choose to follow the same accounts you follow on Instagram

Tap Continue at the bottom.

At this stage, you are almost done.

You just need to read and review the Threads terms and policies, then when you are done just tap the Join Threads button at the bottom. 

Select Join Threads button

And now you’re ready to text and share your creativity through videos and photos with your selected close friends and family, or even new users.

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How to start a thread on Instagram Threads

Now that you’ve created your Threads profile, you are ready to start a new thread. You can do this by tapping the post icon at the bottom.

Tap on the post icon

Add your thread text (up to 500 characters) and /or any attachment (picture/link/video) that you want to include in your thread.

Tip: To attach a photo or video to your thread, just tap the paper clip icon(📎). You can select up to 10 items to attach. 

When you’re done, tap Post and your thread will go live!

Tap post

After posting your thread, you can go ahead and choose who you would want to reply to. 

Open your thread tap the 3 dots at the upper right (⋯) and select from your Followers list who can reply.

Tap on the 3 dots
 select who can reply
select Followers list

Bonus tips about Threads by Instagram

  • The Threads feature/app is only available on the Instagram mobile app. It doesn’t have a desktop app or work with the web version of Instagram.

    Threads has a web page but it only helps you to install the Threads app on your mobile.
  • You can only use threads if you are already an Instagram user; that is if you have an Instagram account.
  • If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can create a different Threads profile for each of them, then you can log into Threads with each of them separately.

    To switch between them you would have to log out of one and then log in with the other (Profile >settings > Log out)
  • If your Instagram account is verified, your verification badge will show on your Threads account as well.
  • A thread can have up to 500 characters. If your thread has more than 500 characters, another thread will automatically be created.
  • To access someone’s thread using a web browser; open your web browser and type in “”, for example,

Instagram Threads FAQ

Q. How does Instagram Threads work?

The Instagram Threads, as its name suggests, enables you to post threads, reply to other people’s threads, and follow profiles you’re interested in. 

Threads and their replies may include short pieces of text (up to 500 characters), links, photos, videos, or any combination of them. 

It`s also easy to find and connect with other people for private threads and to keep track of their updates.

Q. Do you have to pay for Threads?

No, the Threads app is free to use. All you have to do is download and install it and you are good to go.

Q. How do I get my Threads link?

To get a link to your Threads profile, open your Threads app and tap on your profile picture at the bottom left to go to your Profile

Here you will find the Share profile option; tap on it and then select the Copy URL option to copy your Threads profile link to the clipboard.

After copying you can go ahead and share it with your friends and all.

Go to your profile
 Copy URL option from share profile option

Q. What kind of content works best for Instagram Threads?

Any visual content like photos, graphics, and videos is ideal for Instagram threads.

But you can mix it up with engaging captions, storytelling, and user-generated content to keep your audience interested.


In summary, Instagram Threads is a great way for you to elevate your online presence a notch higher by creating engaging threads and interacting with a broader audience.

Remember to create visually appealing, straightforward, and informative captions in your thread, and to interact consistently with your followers through replies and reposts.

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