6 Ways to Create a Second Instagram Account in 2024

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms, ranking fourth according to several websites like Wikipedia, Statista, and Buffer. 

Having multiple Instagram accounts can be handy when you have different social circles, like separating business and personal matters, or if you are involved in more than one trade.

This article will show you how to create a second Instagram account.

You can create a second Instagram account by creating different types of accounts, using a different email address or phone number, using your Facebook account, using shared logins, or adding an account.

Requirements for an Instagram account

All you need to create an Instagram account is an email address or phone number and if you already have a Facebook account; you can opt for that method to sign up for an Instagram account.

Instagram signup page

Tip: It is not necessary to have both an email and phone number to create an Instagram account; you can use either of the two. 

Now create a username and password, put in preferred full names, and birthday details, and voila! you have an Instagram account.

Creating a second account on Instagram

There are several ways to have more than one account on the Instagram platform; 

1. Using either a phone number or email address: 

As earlier mentioned, when creating an Instagram account you only need one of the two; a phone number or email address. 

Most people have both a phone number and an email address, so whichever option you did not use for your first/primary account, you can use it when creating your second Instagram account.

Here’s how to create a new Instagram account:

Go to instagram.com and click on Sign-up to create a new account using your other contact information. 

Instagram signup page
Instagram signup page

Alternatively, open the Instagram app, click on your profile picture at the bottom to go to your profile page, Settings and Privacy, and log out of all accounts.

Instagram profile page
Instagram settings page

Pro-Tip: You can choose to save the login details for your account so that you don’t have to re-type them to log in again.

Click on Create new account and proceed to fill in your name, birth details, and preferred login information; username and password. 

Instagram add new account page
Instagram add new account page
Instagram DOB page

Choose the substitute type of contact that you did not use at first, follow the prompts, and proceed to create a new Instagram account.

You can also tap on the drop-down arrow next to your username on the profile page and choose to Add account.

Select to login to an existing account, click on the NONE OF THE ABOVE in the popup window, and then Sign Up.

Instagram add account
Instagram add account
Instagram add account

Put in your new username and on the next page decide to create a new password instead.

Create a strong password, then choose your contact and continue to complete the sign-up.

Instagram shared logins page
Instagram signup with email or phone number

Tip: If you used an email for your first account, the above step will take you directly to the email address tab. Just tap on the phone number to switch tabs. 

2. Create a second Instagram account by adding an account:

It is possible to have up to 6 Instagram profiles or accounts attached to a specific contact and you can manage them all on one device.

All you have to do is keep adding accounts by;

Open your Instagram app and go to your profile page. Tap on the three lines in the top right corner (☰) and choose Settings and Privacy.

Instagram Settings and Privacy
Instagram Settings and Privacy

Tip: Depending on your app update, some of the names and order of these settings may vary.

Scroll to the bottom and click on Add account, select Create New Account, and choose a new username and password then Complete Sign-up.

You now have another Instagram account.

create a second Instagram account page
Create new Instagram account
Complete Instagram Sign-up

Alternatively, you can also go to your profile page and click on the drop-down button.

Select Add Account and proceed as before.

Tip: If you want to add multiple accounts, you don’t have to return to your first Instagram account to add another account. 

As long as the accounts are connected on the same email or phone number, just keep clicking on Add account.

3. create second Instagram account by Signing up with Facebook:

Open Instagram.com on your preferred device, choose to sign up, and select Sign up with Facebook

Instagram login with Facebook
Instagram signup with Facebook

Tip: If you are using your mobile phone, it may ask you to get the app first.

Do not go to the app even if you have it installed because you cannot create an Instagram account using your Facebook account from the app.

It will ask for your Facebook account email or phone number and password. Put in those login details and continue. 

You will be asked for access to your Facebook page, and to continue as your username.

Signup with Facebook
Signup with Facebook 2
Signup with Facebook 3

Proceed to complete creating your second Instagram account.

4. how to create another Instagram account Using shared login details

Open your Instagram app and go to your profile page. Tap on the three lines in the top right corner and select Settings and Privacy.

Scroll to the bottom, opt to Add account, and select Log into existing account.

Close the popup window by choosing none of the above.

Instagram add account
Instagram signup account

Click on Sign up, create a new username, and continue.

A window with shared login accounts will come up showing the two usernames for your accounts.

Tap Continue, read the disclaimer in the next window, and proceed to complete sign-up

Create new Instagram account in Accounts center
Create new Instagram account in Accounts center
Create new Instagram account in Accounts center

You now have two Instagram accounts that you can access with a single login.

5. Creating another type of Instagram account

There are three types of accounts that a user can have on Instagram; Personal, Business, and Creator account.

You can choose to have either one of these types of accounts or have more than one type attached to your email or phone number.

You can create a Business or Creator account by;

Open your Instagram app and go to your profile page. Tap on the three lines in the top right corner and choose Settings and Privacy.

Scroll down to the For Professionals section and choose Account type and tools.

Instagram for professionals

Click on Switch to professional account and scroll through the information given or keep tapping on the continue button.

Instagram switch to professional account
Instagram switch to professional account

Decide what best describes you or your business by scrolling through the options or typing a keyword in the search tab. Click on Done.

Tip: Depending on the category you choose, you may be eligible to have a Creator account, Business account, or both.

Choose what type of account you want; whether an Instagram Business account or a Creator account, and proceed to select the kind of contact you want to use.

You can customize your account to your preferences.

Instagram for professionals 2
Instagram for professionals

After creating a professional account you can now go and Add an account as previously described. 

The default account type on Instagram is the personal account, so you now have two Instagram accounts; one professional and one personal.

6. how to make a second Instagram account Using different email addresses or phone numbers

If you have more than one email address or phone number you can create new Instagram account (s) with different email (s) or phone numbers.

In fact, you can have up to 6 accounts for each of them.

There are three ways to do this;

  • You can follow the procedure for creating a new account and on the last page of contact, type in a new email address or phone number.
Instagram new email address
  • If using a business account, you can also select to add a new professional account. 

Open the Instagram app, go to the profile page, Settings and privacyFor professionals section → Account type and toolsAdd new professional account.

Choose a category for your business and then select the kind of contact you want to use; a phone number or email address.

Type in a new email address or phone number and continue to complete creating an account.

  • Alternatively, when adding an account, you can decide to add a new phone number or email address before completing the sign-up.


Q. How to unlink two Instagram accounts?

With recent updates to Instagram, it may no longer be possible to have the same login details for multiple accounts.

However, if you already have a single login for multiple accounts, follow the steps below to unlink them.

 Open the Instagram app and go to your profile page. Tap on the lines at the top right-hand corner, choose Settings and Privacy →Login section → Login info tap on the account you want to unlink.

This will prompt you to remove the account and allow you to create a new password for this unlinked account.

Please note that once the unlinking is complete, this action cannot be undone; you will have to log into that account using the new credentials.

Q. Will my contacts know if I make a second Instagram account?

No, even if you are using the same email or phone number, your contacts will not be notified when you create or log into a second Instagram account.

They will only know if you give them the username, or if they stumble upon it by chance while scrolling through Instagram and it has similar details as your other account.

Q. Can people see your email on Instagram?

No one can see your email address on Instagram unless their account is linked to it. There are two ways to link an account to an email address; 

– Create an account by adding it to an already existing account in which case only the username and password will change but the email address will be the same.

– You can also edit the personal information of an account and change the email address. Note that you will have to have access to this address as a confirmation code will be forwarded. 

Go to Profile page → Edit profilePersonal Information settingsContact infoAdd new contactAdd an email address and then input the new email address.

Q. Can you find someone on Instagram with their phone number?

There are several ways to search for someone on Instagram like using their username, full names or any of their names, hashtags, and if a person is famous even the first letter of their name may yield results.

Regardless of whether you sync your contacts or not, you can’t find anyone using their email address or phone number on Instagram unless they use it as their username.

Instagram only uses your contacts to suggest people you may know but you will not know which account uses a specific number except if they are using their actual photo as a profile picture.


Unlike what you may have heard, you can’t have as many accounts as possible attached to a particular phone number or email address on Instagram.

The number of Instagram accounts one can have is limited to six (6).

However, it is very possible to create a second account as described in this article.

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