[Fix] Why Don’t I Have Instagram Notes?

Social media keeps getting better through new features and functions. Instagram introduced the Notes feature in late 2022. 

Instagram Notes allow users to share what’s on their mind in a few characters. It is a wonderful update to have because it makes communication easier and quicker. 

But what if you have no access to Notes… 

In this article, we shall look into possible reasons for not having Instagram Notes, as well as solutions to the problem. 

For a quick glimpse, outdated apps, availability limitations, and temporary bans among others could explain why you don’t have Instagram notes. 

Updates, authentication, reinstallations, and checking settings are among the solutions that can help you access Instagram notes

Being a new addition, it is necessary to get an overview of Instagram Notes. Let’s start with this.  

What is Instagram Notes? 

Instagram Notes is a new Instagram feature that helps users leave short messages for followers. 

These messages will appear in the recipient’s DM the way stories appear in their news feed. 

This feature allows users to share quick updates with friends or family in just 60 characters. 

It is more like disappearing messages; the notes you share disappear in 24 hours. 

Instagram Notes being a new feature, it may not have shown up on your Instagram yet, this could explain why you do not have notes, or you may not have noticed it yet. 

But it may also be due to other reasons, especially if you have used it before. Let’s see some possible reasons why you don’t have Instagram notes.

Why don’t you have Instagram notes and what can you do to fix it?

1. Internet connection problems

Instagram functions with an internet connection. Many features therefore will not function with an unstable or poor connection, this includes the Notes feature.


Make sure your connection is stable. You may have to restart your source or try switching from wifi to mobile data, or vice versa. 

You can also try to enable airplane mode, and then disable it. 

2. Outdated Instagram app

If your Instagram version is outdated, Notes may not show on your app. 


Updating your application can solve several glitches and malfunctions. You can try updating your Instagram app to get Instagram notes. 

Visit your Google store or App store and search for Instagram, then hit the Update option. 

Open Instagram after the process and head to your messages to see if the Notes function is on. 

3. Muted feature

Instagram gives users the ability to mute certain features and block or restrict some followers, among other security features. 

It may be that you muted messages from a particular person.


Check through your settings and make some adjustments. 

Go to your DM and unmute messages for the user you want to keep in touch with. 

You can do this by; 

  • Tapping on the paper airplane icon in the top right corner 
Paper airplane icon
  • Select one contact from the list of people you have had a conversation with 
  • Tap on the name at the bottom of the page, not the profile picture to get a slide-up menu
  • From the items just below the profile picture and name, tap on Mute. This should give you a slide-up menu 
Mute feature
  • Now check and make sure you toggle the mute messages off 
Mute messages
  • Now you can try and check Notes again.

You can also turn on the activity status in your Settings. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to Settings by tapping the three-line icon in the top right corner 
  • Go to Settings and privacy 
Settings and privacy
  • Scroll down and tap on Activity status then toggle the show activity status on.

4. Account authentication error

You may not have Instagram Notes because of some issues with your Instagram account authentication. 


To solve the issue you may simply need to authenticate your app. 

To do this; 

  • Open your Instagram app and go to Settings by tapping the three-line icon in the top right corner of your profile page
  • Head to Privacy and Settings, and scroll down to Log out of your Instagram account.
Log out of Instagram Account
  • Now you can open Instagram and log back in using your details
  • This should help bring the Notes function 

5. Using Instagram Lite

The Instagram Lite app is designed to take up much less space and this also limits certain features and functions. 

With new features and functions, the main Instagram app is prioritized compared to the Lite. So if you are using Instagram Lite, it might be hindering your access to the Notes function.  


Switch from Instagram Lite; You need to change from Instagram Lite to the main Instagram app and then check for the Notes feature. 

6. Flagged account

Instagram takes security seriously and often may ban or flag some accounts. 

If your account has engaged in suspicious activities, it may be suspected as a bot account and be banned. The ban is usually temporary.

If this is the issue, you may have to wait it out a little to have the ban lifted before you can enjoy features like Notes. 

7. Availability

Developers keep making adjustments or introducing new features to applications. 

In some instances, these features are rolled out gradually, so, the Instagram Notes feature may not have reached you. 

In addition, the feature may be affected by regional availability. Sometimes certain features may be available in some regions but not in others. 

There may not be anything much to do to solve the availability, but you can visit Instagram’s official website to confirm the availability in your location. 

Additional fixes to Instagram Notes’ unavailability

1. Clear cache and cookies; 

Accumulated cache can be a problem with the proper function of several features. It is advisable to clear the cache often to unclog the app and improve functioning. 

To clear cache from your Instagram app; 

  • On your device, tap and hold the Instagram app, this will give you a popup menu, tap on App info (ℹ) then under Storage, select Clear cache.
App info

2. Reinstall Instagram

If the updates still don’t help, you can try reinstalling the Instagram app. Simply uninstall the app and then reinstall it from your Play Store or app store. 

3. Downgrade the app;

For some users, some features may disappear after an update! 

It sounds contradicting but app updates may cause some malfunctioning issues even though mostly they solve issues. 

If your Instagram Notes disappeared after an update, you are not completely out of options. 

You can downgrade the app. To do this; 

  • Tap and hold the Instagram app
  • Tap on App info 
  • Scroll down at the bottom to see the version of the app you are currently using. 
version of the app
  • Note your current app version, you can write it on paper
  • Next, you can open the APKmirror website where you will be able to download the earlier version. 
APKmirror website
  • Search for Instagram then check through the results, compare the versions with your current version, and download an earlier version. 
App version comparison


How can I use Notes on Instagram?  

Okay, so you know what Instagram Notes is and why you may not have the feature. If you have tried the solutions above and have finally succeeded, here is how to use Instagram notes. 

1. Open your Instagram app.
2. In the top right corner, you can tap on the Direct messaging icon to get a list of your conversations
3. Tap on the profile picture at the top of the chat list 
4. If the notes feature is available, tap on the share a thought option 
5. Next, you can type your message, keep it within the limit, and also customize it 
6. Set who can see your note, either followers or close friends
7. Lastly, you can share the note by tapping on the share option.


Instagram Notes are good for quick and short communications and it is only normal for users to want to have it. 

If you have read through the possible reasons and tried out the solutions above but still can not see the Notes feature, it may be that it is not yet available in your location or region. 

In that case, you may have to wait it out and see if and when Instagram will roll the feature out in your region. 

All the best. 

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