3 Easy Ways To Fix TikTok Green Screen Video Effect Not Working

In today’s post, If you have been wondering why your TikTok green screen video effect not working, we are going to look at why and how you can fix it.

What is the TikTok green screen effect?

The TikTok green screen effect is a feature that was introduced to allow users to superimpose images and videos on an existing frame so that they appear to be in front of a completely different background than they are. The green screen effect can be used with both images and videos.

With the TikTok green screen, users have the ability to set their videos in any spot/location they can imagine, as long as there’s a picture of it. It allows users to make more entertaining videos with custom backgrounds.

Even for users with no prior editing experience, using a green screen background can easily boost their content and make it project whatever feeling they want to their viewers.

How to access TikTok green screen effect:

  • Launch your TikTok app and select plus sign button at the bottom of your screen (+) to create a video
  • Select Effects and under the Trending section, look for the green screen video icon.
  • You can browse through the Green Screen effects to find and decide which one best suits what you want to do with your video, or you can even choose a video from your phone’s video album to use as a background, then just hit record to go ahead and record, edit, and post your video as usual. 
TikTok Green Screen Video Effect Not Working

How to fix TikTok Green Screen Video Effect Not Working

If you have followed the above steps to access the green screen effect on your TikTok but realize it is not showing up, or it shows up but covers your face, or it’s just not working as you expect it to, try the following methods to solve your issue.

1. Restart your  TikTok app

Restarting the app is the primary solution when you run into any error. When the green screen filter is not working, quit TikTok, and launch it again to see if it’s resolved.

2. Update the TikTok App

TikTok fixes bugs by frequently rolling out updates, so you as a user also ought to make sure your app is up to date by frequently checking for updates. Alternatively, you can set your app to automatically install updates whenever they are available. 

To update your TikTok app:

Open the App Store or Google play store on your device and search for TikTok. 

If a newer version is available, you’ll see the Update button beside the app. 

Click on the button to download and install the update on your device.

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3. Clear your  TikTok Cache

Sometimes too much cache might affect the performance and functionality of any app, and TikTok is no exception so make sure to clear your cache from time to time to fix avoid any interruptions in your functionality. 

To clear your TikTok cache:

Open your TikTok app and go to your Profile at the right bottom corner

Click the three-line icon () and go to Settings and Privacy

Scroll down to Cache & Cellular then tap Free up space

Click on Clear cache.

Alternatively, you can do this in your device’s settings:

Go to Settings > Apps or Apps and Notifications, look for TikTok from the list of apps on your device, click on it, then go to Storage and Clear cache.

You may also consider freeing up some storage space on your device if it is almost full’

And you can also try deleting and reinstalling your Tiktok app, this will enable you to start afresh. Make sure you restart your device as well after reinstalling the app.

However, if your TikTok app is already updated, and your cache cleared but you are still unable to find or use the green effect, then you can follow the steps below.

  • In your TikTok Search, find any video on TikTok that was made using the Green Screen effect. You may do this by typing #greenscreenvideos in the search box. 
  • In the search results that you are given, open that video.
  • There should be a small button saying “Green Screen Video” somewhere on the video description or under the video.
  • Tap on that button and it will take you to the green screen effect where you can choose to record your own video. Use the ‘Use this effect’ option if you want to proceed.

If all the above methods fail, consider using an alternative method to do the green screen effect for your TikTok videos.

If you want to make a really engaging and high-quality green screen video for your TikTok, try using the VideoProc Vlogger, it is a free video editor with an easy-to-use green screen tool. 

There are also other video editors you can try out like Filmora Video Editor for Windows, iMovie for iOS, PocketVideo and more, all of which might provide you access to the green screen effect to use in your TikTok videos.

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In conclusion

I hope this article has helped you restore your TikTok green screen effect, as well as given you a few ideas on how you can make high-quality professional-looking videos to post o your TikTok and grow your following.

If all the solutions fail yet you do not want to use a third-party video editor but would prefer to continue using the inbuilt TikTok green screen video effect, consider reporting the problem to TikTok so that they can help you figure it out. 

To do this:

Just go to Settings and Privacy 

Scroll down to the Support section and select Report a problem

Click on Videos and sounds then go to Beauty filters effects/templates

Select a topic; I want new filters/effects, select No, click on Need more help then in the text box provided type in precise details of the issue you are facing with the green screen video effect feature and click the Report button. 

You can even attach a screenshot of what the problem looks like. TikTok will get back to you and hopefully help you fix this problem.

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