3 Reasons Why Won’t TikTok Let Me Trim My Video and How to enable TRIM on TikTok

In this post, we are going to discuss why won’t TikTok let me trim my video and why the video trim feature may fail, and what you can do about it if it does.

TikTok has an inbuilt video trimmer that allows you to trim the starts and ends of your video to your preference before you post it to your profile. 

You can use the TikTok trim feature with a video you record using your TikTok built-in camera function. You can also use it with a stitched video, that is; you can borrow another user’s video snippet, and use the trim feature to cut it to fit it to your content.

You can find this trim tool under Adjust clips section after you record or upload your video, as illustrated below:

Hold the red record button to record the content you want to share, and press the checkmark icon to move to the next page.

After capturing your content, tap on the ‘Adjust clips option on the right-hand side.

On the Edit option at the bottom, select Split then use the slider to adjust your content.


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Why Won't TikTok Let Me Trim My Video

After trimming your video to your satisfaction, click Save and TikTok will then play for you a preview of what you’ve done, if you are satisfied with it you can go ahead and post, or if you still want to adjust you can go back and do so.

The Trim tool is essential if you plan to join multiple clips together, or if you want to create a video montage.

Below, we’re going to look at a few reasons why you may not be able to trim your TikTok video. But first, if you are looking to trim a video or videos you have uploaded from your device, make sure you choose Default mode instead of Sound sync mode. 

Let’s Start with Why Won’t TikTok Let Me Trim My Video

Why Won't TikTok Let Me Trim My Video

Sometimes you might find that your TikTok trim video feature is not working, here are a few reasons why that might happen.

1. You already uploaded/posted your TikTok video

Unfortunately, with TikTok, you can not edit or trim a video if you have already posted it to your profile. So if you Adjust The solution, in this case, is to save that video you had already posted to your phone and then re-upload it and trim it to your liking.

2. Your video is too short or too long

The Adjust Clips option will not appear if your video is too short or too long, so you will not be able to trim it.

Note that currently, TikTok videos can range anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes in length

The 3-minute video length gives users the liberty to post almost any kind of content (short tutorial, travel vlog, etc), while at the same time being the maximum helps users regulate content so that their subscribers don’t get bored and stop watching a lengthy video. 

So, if your video is too short (below 15 seconds), try adding some more footage or extending the start and/or end points of your existing footage to make your video longer.

Additionally, if you happen to record or upload a video that is too long or has too many clips, the editor may not be able to process it. Try to shorten it to the acceptable length.

3. You’re using other incompatible TikTok effects

Sometimes, using certain filters and effects may not be compatible with the TikTok video editor and adjusting clip lengths.

This includes filters and effects that have a heavy requirement for processing like the video green screen.

If you need to use the video green screen or another incompatible effect, try making and editing or trimming your entire TikTok first then later adding the clips where you need the special effects.

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How do I enable TRIM on TikTok?

If it turns out one or more of the above reasons is not responsible for your failure to trim your TikTok videos, here are a few additional steps you can try out to enable TRIM on Tiktok.

1. Update your TikTok App

There’s a chance you may not be able to find the Adjust Clips on TikTok because your app is not up-to-date. Try updating your app and see if that will fix the problem.

To update your app just go to your Google Play Store (or App Store for iPhone), search for TikTok then press the Update button and your update will download and install.

2. Clear your TikTok App cache

Your failure to find the Adjust Clips option may be attributed to some errors in your apps’ processes and data. To solve this, you should try clearing your TikTok app’s cache to refresh the app and remove any error and process failures that may have occurred.

You can clear your TikTok cache directly from your profile by going to your TikTok Settings, under Cache & Cellular, going to  Free up space and then clearing your cache. 

Or, you can clear your cache via your device’s settings.

To do this:

Go to Settings > Apps or Apps and Notifications, look for TikTok, click on it, then go to Storage and Clear cache.

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3. Reinstall your TikTok App

If all has failed, another method you can try as a last resort is to delete and reinstall your TikTok app and start afresh. 

To do this simply navigate to your device’s home page, and uninstall or delete the app.

Then, reinstall the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Reinstalling the app will delete most of the app’s settings, data, and cache which might help to refresh it.

Alternatively, you could also try logging in to your TikTok account using another phone or device and see if the trim video feature is working there.

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Closing Up On Why Won’t TikTok Let Me Trim My Video

That’s how you can go about why won’t TikTok let me trim my video, cut or adjust clip privileges if they had disappeared from your TikTok account. 

Please note that it is also possible that TikTok may suddenly have stopped some features (in this case the Adjust Clip) for a while for their own reasons, so sometimes, you may have to wait it out and the feature might start working again.

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