How To Remove Filters From TikTok Videos

One of the most prominent TikTok features is the constantly evolving ‘Filters’ which can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Depending on your mood, message, or goal, you can choose from a large assortment of filters to add to your video during or post-recording to make it more colorful, captivating, or funny.

However, while TikTok filters add a dash of fun and style to your videos, there may be times when you want to go natural, without any or some filters. 

This article will show you how to remove filters from your TikTok videos.

To remove filters from your TikTok videos, consider these options:

  • Record your video without any filters.
  • Turn off the Beautify filter before recording your video.
  • If your video is saved as a draft, open it and turn off the filter feature to disable any filter you had applied when recording your video.

Points to note about removing flyers from TikTok videos

  • You cannot remove filters from any already posted videos.
  • You cannot remove filters added right before recording a video.
  • You cannot remove filters from a video uploaded from your device.
  • You cannot remove filters from other people’s videos.

Remove filters from TikTok video before recording

TikTok has a default Beautify filter when you are recording a video. It enhances your facial features and makes your appearance smoother. 

But if you want to record your video without the beautification feature, you can turn off the filter by tapping on the Beautify icon (it looks like a magic wand). 

This will open up a section of beautification features. Under Face, you’ll see that the Beautify feature is turned On. Simply tap on it to turn it Off

TikTok Filter Turn On
TikTok Filter Turn On

And now you can go ahead and record your TikTok video naturally, with all your flaws! But hey, nothing wrong with flaws right?

How to remove filters from a recorded TikTok video in Drafts

If you have a pre-recorded video saved in your Titok Drafts folder and it was recorded with filters, here’s how to remove the filters.


If you applied the filter before recording your video, that is, if you went to Filters and chose a filter you wanted then hit the Record button, and then saved that video as a draft, you will NOT be able to remove that filter. 

You can add another filter on top of the pre-record one but you cannot remove the pre-record added filter.

You will only be able to remove a filter that you added after recording the video, or that you added in the middle of recording your video. 

In this case:

Open your TikTok profile (tap on your profile picture at the bottom right) and go to Drafts. Choose the draft video with the filter you want to remove and open it up.

Go to the Filters icon. 

You can either find the filter you had added and move the slider up to zero(0), or you can just tap the no filter icon (🚫) and your video will go back to the original. 

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TikTok Filter icon
TikTok No Filter Icon
TikTok No Filter Icon

Remove effects from your TikTok videos

TikTok provides several effects like ‘ghost’, ‘green screen’, ‘voice’, and many others that can make your videos interesting. 

But what if you applied an effect that you do not want anymore, if your video is not posted yet and it is saved in drafts, or if you are still in recording mode;

Open the video where the effect was applied the select the Edit option.

Below the video, you will see a list of all the effects that are applied to your video, find the effect you want to remove then select it.

When you select the effect the Delete (🗑) icon will appear at the bottom, tap on it and the effect will be deleted.

Remove TikTok Effect
Remove TikTok Effect

You can go ahead and click on Next to save your edits to your video.

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TikTok filters FAQs

Q. Can you remove filters from saved videos on TikTok?

Yes, you can, if your video is saved in Drafts and if the filter wasn’t applied before recording the video. 

However, you cannot remove filters from videos saved or downloaded to your device, or those already published or posted.

Q. How do you remove a TikTok filter from someone else’s video?

You can not remove a TikTok filter from someone else’s video. The video is already uploaded with the filter when posted by the creator. Therefore it cannot be removed by you, or even the creator themselves.

Q. Are there online tools or websites that can help remove TikTok filters?

Not that I know of. I have not come across any specific website or tool that is designed to remove TikTok filters from videos.

Q. Can I re-upload the edited video to TikTok without filters?

Yes, you can edit your video outside of TikTok and then upload the edited version without applying additional filters on TikTok.

Q. How do I apply filters to my TikTok videos?

To apply a filter to your TikTok video; record or upload your video.

  • You can tap the Effects button at the bottom left of the screen and browse through the available effects, select the one you want to use.
  • You can also tap the Filters option from the vertically placed icons on the right side and choose the filter you want to apply to your video.

Q. Can I remove filters from a TikTok video after recording?

Yes, after recording your video with filters, before you hit the Post button, you can go back to the Filters section and tap to remove any filters you had previously applied.

Remove TikTok Effect
Remove TikTok Effect


In summary, while TikTok filters and effects are fun, sometimes you just want to be yourself and show the real you to the world. 

In this case, you can remove or disable all filters before recording your video, or if your video is still in your drafts folder you can reopen it and remove the filters and effects you had applied to it.

Remember, you cannot remove filters from already posted videos or other TikTok users’ videos.

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