5 Ways To Send A Text With A Different Number in 2024 

Everyone uses text messaging at some point. For some, it serves as the primary medium of communication hence they use it daily. 

Ideally, one should be able to identify who texts them but once in a while, for whatever reason, you may prefer to hide your identity or send a text from a different number. 

In this article, I will explore how to send a text from a different number other than yours. 

Briefly, to send a text with a different number you can use another person’s number, a burner number app, send via message platforms, or use an email address. 

We shall explore these in more detail, but first, why you would want to send a text with a different number?

Why you might want to send a text with a different number 

1. Privacy reasons

You may want to be anonymous, maybe because you are whistle-blowing or reporting illegal activity, or because you want to file a complaint.

All these could be reasons for you to send a text using a different number

2. Business reasons 

You may have business operations that you want to keep separate from your personal contacts or may not want to be identified with you.

So you can set a private number for sending business text messages or even marketing messages to your business contacts without revealing your personal contact. 

3. Informal reasons

Another reason you may want to hide your identity is for informal reasons like pulling a prank on someone, you may want to do that using a different number. 

Caution about sending a text with a different number

Technology with all its greatness has given us a variety of options/solutions to a vast range of communication problems. 

Several people however use these options to instead create problems. This is why it is important to remind you when considering using a different number to send texts; 

  • Not to use it for unethical activity, fraud, or abuse.
  • Do not use these options to harass anyone or misrepresent yourself.
  • Use these options responsibly.

With that said, let’s see how to text someone with a different number. 

5 ways to send a text with a different number 

Here are the top 5 ways how to text from a different number:

1. Use another person’s phone

This is simple, actually the quickest, and free of charge. 

If you want to send a text message and make it from another number, you could just borrow someone else’s phone; your friend, neighbor, or relative. 

However, this should be only if the message you are going to send does not implicate the person whose phone number you are going to use, and also, if you do not mind this message being traced back to you. 

This is because, with this method, a text can easily be traced back to the sender. 

If this is not a good option for you, you can try one of the following, depending on your reasons for wanting to send a text with a different number. 

2. send text from different number Using Burner number apps

Burner number apps function like burner phones, the difference is that you will not need an actual phone, you will only get a secondary phone number to use to send messages. 

And when you are through with the number you just let it ‘burn out’ or you can simply delete it. 

The burner number services typically come at a cost. Here are some options you have if you choose to use this method to send a text with a different number. 

I. Google Voice 

Google Voice is a popular burner number app that connects to your Google account and provides virtual phone numbers. 

Google messages and/or calls are forwarded to your phone, or email address if preferred.

Google Voice does not support bulk texting, it is only intended for one-on-one texting. 

Much as Google is a trusted name and works worldwide, Google Voice services are not supported in some countries, so not everybody can use this option. 

To use the service, you will need to register and create an account, you will receive a number after registration. 

Google Voice accounts are opened at no cost, Google only charges for making international calls and changing a Google Voice number. 

Google Voice works on web, Android, and iOS devices. 

II. My second line 

Another option for how to text someone from a different number is my second line. You can download this app on your mobile phone or tablet. 

Like all other burner number options, My Second Line allows you to get a different number that you can use to send your text messages.

To use this option as an app;

Download the app on your smartphone, and sign up to get started.

My second line homepage
pick a phone number

After signing in, pick a phone number that you would want to use, this will lead you to the country selection page. 

On the first option (country), tap on change to get a list of countries in which this app operates. 

The countries are already determined so if yours is not on the list, then you cannot access the app services from that country.

Scroll through the list and tap on your country of choice.

Change country
Select a country

The country you choose will determine which services you can enjoy with this app. A list will appear below the first three options, with; texting services, call services, etc. 

The services on the list with ✅ are accessible for your country choice, but the ones with ⛔ are not.

services on the list with ✅ are accessible for your country choice
services on the list with ⛔ are not accessible for your country choice

Before you continue, select the number type by tapping change. The options in the drop-down menu will also depend on the country selected. 

For some country selections, your option will be just ‘mobile’, for others you will have ‘local’ and ‘toll-free’.

Given options for local or toll free in some countries
Given options for mobile in some countries

Make your selection, then move on to the user type, your user type choice will be informed by your reason for wanting to send a text with another number as discussed earlier. 

The available options are either individual or business, make your selection then tap continue.

Given options for individual or business in some countries

On the next page, you can enter your desired area code, and then continue. Click OK in the next box. Now you get a list of numbers to choose from! Scan through and take your pick

choose your number from the list

The next step is to purchase the phone number, you can select your plan from the options depending on how long you intend to use the number.

Choose the plan to use

Then you can choose a payment method and provide the necessary details depending on your method.

Once the transaction is done, you are free to start sending messages using another number! 

III. Burner 

This is another private number service, it is a mobile application that allows you to create a temporary disposable phone number. Burner can also be accessed through your search engine. 

To use Burner; 

Go to your browser and open it. Start by entering your area code, then click on find numbers

enter Area code, then select find number

The next page will come with a list of numbers from which you can choose, click on your choice then you will have to choose a subscription plan and go through with the transactions. 

IV. Hushed 

Hushed is a mobile app that also allows you to buy a fake number that you can use for texting. 

You can download the app, open it, and go through the registration and account creation, and a couple of permissions before you can start sending a text with a different number. 

Hushed signup
Hushed permission request

3. send text from different number using an email account

You can do this by submitting an email through Gmail, Outlook, or any other email client you are using. 

In most cases, phone numbers come with their corresponding gateway email address that can be used to send SMS to that number through email! 

However, for safety reasons, some telecom companies in some locations block these services. 

To use this method, 

Determine the gateway address:

First, you need to know your recipient’s phone number and their SMS gateway address

An SMS gateway email address has the recipient’s number and a carrier-specific handle, from a particular telecom. For Example, [email protected] 

To get the gateway address, check carrier lookup sites like FreeCarrierLookup, and Data247

With such sites, you can find a list of telecom services with their country of operation and the gateway address.

Or you will have to type the number to which you want to send an SMS into the search bar, and the results will come with details including the SMS and MMS gateway address of that number. 

FreeCarrierLookup homepage

Create the email message:

After getting the SMS gateway address, open your email and compose. In the recipient (or To) field, enter the SMS gateway address, then type your message. 

Send email:

When you are sure you have the correct gateway address and the right message, hit the Send button.

This of course will allow your email to be sent. It will appear as a text message on the recipient’s phone, with your email address as the sender. 

There, you have a text message delivered, but it does not show your mobile number.  

4. how to text from a different number Using SMS platforms 

SMS platforms allow you to keep your personal phone number private and communicate with a large group of people if you would like to. 

With this method, you get a number for yourself, but you are even free to add more numbers as needed. 

If you intend to send messages with another number quite regularly (like for business purposes), then you may want to consider using the SMS messaging platforms.

There are several platforms you can choose from, let’s go over some of them here:-  

a. Mobile text alerts 

The mobile text alerts service is an SMS platform accessible on your desktop search engine or via a mobile app. 

You will need to create an account to use the service, and each account comes with a free phone number that you will use for texting. 

To use this option, go to the mobile text alerts website, and register. 

Upon successful registration, you will receive several options from which you can choose your preferred number. 

Mobile text alerts homepage

Type your area code in the search bar to get a list of numbers with that code, tap on your preferred number, and hit select number.

That will be your SMS number, and you are officially ready to start your journey. 

On the welcome page, you can change the timezone on the top right corner, then move to the green rim on the left to view the menu. 

Mobile text alerts change time zone
Mobile text alerts menu

Select Send message from the menu. 

On the messaging page, you can select to whom (either individuals or groups) you want to send the message from the dropdown menu on the right.

Then select the phone number(s) you want to send the message. Now you can type your message and click send a message.

You get to view how the message will appear on the recipient’s phone on the right side. 

Mobile text alerts messaging page

The services are paid monthly or annually depending on how often you are going to use the platform. Hence you will need to have subscribed to send SMS’ with this platform. 

b. Text magic 

Text Magic is another SMS platform that allows you to reserve a number at a monthly cost.

However, its availability is limited to particular locations due to mobile phone networks and other country-specific policy restrictions. 

If this service works in your location, you will need to register and create an account with Text Magic, get a number, and make needed transactions before you can send your SMS.

This service is accessible by mobile app, but also on your desktop browser. 

5. how to text from different number using Spoof card 

Spoofcard ensures that your personal information is private and secure, as much as it gives you an enjoyable experience of using a second number.

You can access Spoof Card from a computer, from your mobile app, or your tablet, get your number and enjoy the texting experience. 

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Q. Can someone track your location by a text message? 

By sending you a text message through messaging apps or SMS, yes, someone can track your location.

However, it is much harder for someone to track your location based on a text you send to that person. 

Your location can be tracked in different ways, including the following;

1. Live links. There are several geolocation services that allow people to track anybody at the lowest cost.

Someone can send a text message to your phone using one of these services, the message will contain a disguised (a picture or a joke) link.

As soon as you open the link, your device transmits your GPS. 

2. Triangulation. For someone to track your location using this method, they require equipment and phone company software.

Telecom companies have various towers in different areas, and to transmit messages and calls, phones must connect to these towers in their respective areas. 

If someone has access to the right tools, they can send you a silent text message and then analyze the signal from your phone to the towers in your area.

It is called triangulation because someone will estimate your location using three different towers, whichever picks up on your signal first, that is where you are located. 

Q. How can I send text messages from a computer? 

Typically, text messaging is done on your phone or tablet, but this can get tedious and knuckle-cracking especially if you have to send messages of several types to several people.

Thanks to advances in technology, you can use the help of your computer for relief and maybe better efficiency.

You can send text messages on your computer using the; 

1. Online texting platforms like mobile text alerts and others as we have seen in this article. 
2. You can also use Google Voice and other fake number apps to send text messages on your PC. 
3. Email. As already elaborated, you can send a text using your email address
4. Also, go to your telecom company and use the wireless carrier’s website. 

These and more can help you send your message on your computer. 


Text messaging can be quite exciting and necessary for communication either for fun, business, or just to keep in touch with family and friends.

Well, you or someone you know may have been wondering if it is possible to use this medium of communication without revealing your identity.

Yes, this is very possible with email texting, burner number apps, and SMS platforms as seen in this article. 

However, for whatever reason you may want to send a text using a different number, and whatever method you choose to use, make sure you keep on the right side of the law and do not do anything that could harm someone or gravely scare them. 

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