6 Cheapest MongoDB Hosting Sites in 2024

Website hosting has various faces; including database hosting.

Different hosting needs come with varying complexities and requirements that demand particulars and specificity in hosting. 

Selecting a MongoDB hosting platform takes work and there are factors to consider; including costs. 

If you are wondering which platform best suits your budget but also offers you the features you need, that’s what this article is about. 

We will look into some MongoDB hosting services with a focus on prices. We shall explore options like A2 Hosting, Liquid Web, Hostinger, InMotion Hosting, Interserver, and Kamatera. 

But first, a brief explanation of MongoDB, and what to consider when choosing a MongoDB hosting provider. 

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a cross-platform, open-source NoSQL document-oriented database that is designed to handle large amounts of data that are likely to not fit well in the traditional relational database model. 

MongoDB emerged in 2007 from a company (10gen) that sought to build an open-source cloud computing stack in 2007. 

It is now owned by MongoDB Inc. which went public in 2017 with an IPO after deciding to focus solely on the NoSQL database.

MongoDB is currently one of the most well-recognized Databases; used by giants like Adobe, eBay, and Forbes among others, as well as widely used by developers.

This is mostly because of its performance and structure.

What to consider when choosing a MongoDB hosting

Server; MongoDB requires a powerful server.

Access; with MongoDB, it is important that you get root access.  

Due to these first two considerations, a private server is most viable, hence shared hosting is not a viable option for MongoDB, and you will need a VPS at least. 

Other considerations while choosing a MongoDB host include: 

Management status; you will need to choose between fully managed and unmanaged hosting. 

Fully managed hosting will give you time to focus on aspects other than the technical issues and is good if you are just starting or do not have an experienced technical team. 

Scalability; you will need to consider services that give you space to grow your business and expand as per your demands and needs. 

Security; when it comes to databases, security is very crucial. You will need to consider the provider’s compliance with security standards and regulations, and providers who offer encryption, backups and recovery among others. 

Cost; cost is paramount for hosting. You need a provider that resonates with your budget and resource availability. 

Some providers offer a free trial period, and a money-back guarantee so all this can help you settle. You will need to compare the pricing plans of different providers and take into consideration your required features and needs. 

Well, good enough this article is about cost! Let’s see some cheap MongoDB hosting providers in the following section. 

6 cheapest MongoDB hosting providers 

The following hosting services have made it on this list majorly because they offer hosting services at affordable rates. 

Some of these however have also made it on several “Best MongoDB hosting services” lists. 

So, while you have the budgetary worries sorted, the quality is not compromised either. 

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers you both Managed and unmanaged VPS hosting services that come with speed, and 99.98% uptime, and are good for developers and advanced users. 

This option supports MongoDB hosting only on its unmanaged VPS server, so, if you want to go hands-on and enjoy complete control, this is what you will get with A2 Hosting. 

A2 Hosting unmanaged hosting services come with various features for your MongoDB hosting, but first things first – How much?

The unmanaged hosting service comes in six packages; three Runway packages and three Supersonic packages. 

Prices for Runway plans range from USD 4.99 to USD 7.99 per month, while Supersonic plans range from USD 24.99 to USD 64.99 per month. 

Runway packages
Runway packages
Runway packages
Runway packages

A2 Hosting’s unmanaged VPS hosting service features include:

  • Flexible servers – unmanaged servers give you more flexibility and full control 
  • Full root access – tailor your server 
  • Security 
  • Speed – up to 20 times faster 
  • All-time support – 24/7/365 technical swift support 
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee 
  • Scalability – scalable VPS plans to allow you to scale up according to your needs.

In addition, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind, you can choose either Linux or Windows servers. 

And on the downside, the control panel comes at an extra cost. 

A2 Hosting is best for you if you want to save costs on unwanted support, you are okay with hands-on and have a competent team that will handle the technical aspects. 

However, if you would rather focus less on the technical aspects, you’ll want a hands-off approach to focus on other aspects like marketing that grow your business. 

You definitely will need managed hosting, hence you might have to consider options other than A2 Hosting for your MongoDB hosting. 

You can check out A2 Hosting here.

2. Hostinger


Hostinger is a semi-managed platform with 100% uptime; 300 Mb/s network speed; and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you want speed and impeccable reliability, Hostinger will give you that and more. 

Let’s check the pricing first!

It is a budget-friendly MongoDB hosting platform with relatively generous resources and features. 

Hostinger offers four VPS plans, with prices ranging from USD 5.99 per month to USD 17.99 per month. 

VPS plans

Features include: 

  • VPS control panel – pre-installed 
  • Full root user- access that will allow you to control your server
  • Semi-managed hosting that will offer you basic support 
  • Automated weekly backups – for data safety 
  • Scalability to allow for more server resources when you need them. 

In addition, you get a dedicated IP, as well as SSD storage which comes with all plans. 

You also get to choose from the 8 data centers spread across Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. 

This provider perfectly suits MongoDB hosting because of its affordable VPS hosting plans, among other features. 

Tip: Note that MongoDB requires large data sets and intensive resources, so you will need to choose your plan carefully and smartly. 

You will find Hostinger on several ‘Best MongoDB hosting services’ lists it tops some of them. 

Check out Hostinger before you make that decision. 

3. Interserver


Interserver also gives you full control of your websites with its unmanaged VPS hosting services. 

 It is quite reliable with 100% uptime; suited for smaller MongoDB projects and is quite generous with its resources. Let see how

Across Interserver’s 16 packages, prices range from USD 6 to USD 96 per month, with variations in the capacity and quantity of features. 

Interserver’s packages
Interserver’s packages

Feature include: 

  • Full root access 
  • Data access – easily access your data from anywhere 
  • Top-notch security 
  • Collaboration 

In addition, because payments are made monthly, there is no money-back guarantee with Interserver. 

A control panel with Interserver comes at an extra cost. But if you are not particular about which control panel and you are okay with Webmin, this can be installed for free. 

4. Liquid Web

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a fully managed, user-friendly, and secure hosting service with a powerful server suited for MongoDB hosting. 

It offers cloud VPS hosting, a control panel plus full root access to allow for more control panels. 

This hosting service option is also on the list of ‘Best MongoDB hosting services’. 

Liquid Web offers different interesting features, but let’s look at your concern first, the pricing. 

Liquid Web’s prices are competitive and reasonable. You stand at a better advantage price-wise if you prepay for 24 months, as there is a discount. 

The prices range per month depending on your payment period. If you choose to pay for 24 months, plans range from USD 15 to USD 45 per month.

Liquid Web packages

If you choose to pay for 12 months, plans range from USD 35 to USD 110 per month.

Liquid Web packages

While for a monthly prepayment, plans range from USD 29.50 to USD 89.50 per month.

Liquid Web packages

Though features differ in capacity and quantity for each plan, all plans come with a secure server plus; 50 GB Acronis Cyber Backup; and DDoS Protection.

Features include; 

  • Full root access – to allow you to have full control of your server environment.
  • Security – you will have integrated ConfigServer Security and Firewall (CSF); DDoS protection with Cloudflare; SSL certificates; and automated backups among others. 
  • Easy scalability – allows you to upgrade or downgrade your managed service with limited downtime on your server. 
  • Dedicated IP – the dedicated Internet Protocol address will help you enhance performance, speed, and protection on your website.
  • Unlimited sites.

In addition, Liquid Web provides all-time customer support, multiple control panel options and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

You can visit Liquid Web here and check these and more for yourself. 

5. Kamartera


Kamartera is a cloud-based hosting service provider with customizable, affordable, and flexible features and services. 

For easy access, Kamartera has 13 data centers spread across four continents from which you can choose. 

The option is quite affordable; 

It offers 17 pre-made plans from which you can select, or configure a custom one that better serves your needs. 

Prices range from USD 4 to USD 80 per month depending on the features and data center selected

Kamartera prices
Kamartera prices
Kamartera prices

Features include; 

  • Scalability – single click 
  • Customization – Customizable resources 
  • Storage – SSD storage
  • Security 

In addition, you can benefit from their 24/7 support in case you need help, enjoy fast speeds and the several server options Kamartera offers. 

This is a good option to try out. Check it out here.

6. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is a well-known platform in the hosting industry especially because of its 90-day money-back guarantee among other amazing features. 

They offer both managed and unmanaged hosting servers for your MongoDB hosting.

InMotion offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee to help you host your MongoDB website confidently. 

The unmanaged cloud VPS hosting is perfect for expert command-line users and offers Linux server use. 

It does not use Cpanel, hence more resources are dedicated to running website applications; and is the cheaper option. 

The managed VPS comes with plenty of technical support and it definitely will cost you more compared to the unmanaged. 

Let’s their pricing plans:

On unmanaged cloud servers 

The pricing on cloud VPS will vary by 1 dollar depending on whether you choose to use SSD or NVMe. 

Generally, prices range from USD 6 to USD 224 per month, with variations in RAM, CPU and storage capacities. 


Cloud VPS SSD plans


Cloud VPS NVMe plans

On the managed VPS 

Here plans vary also according to RAM and storage capacity, and payment periods. Generally, you will need between USD 21.99 to USD 77.99.

VPS plans
VPS plans

With InMotion hosting, you get features like; 

  • Free cPanel – the managed VPS offers cpanel that makes VPS operation easier for you 
  • Full root access on the unmanaged VPS 
  • Security – an added layer of security against DDoS on the unmanaged plan
  • Customer support – all-time and swift support 
  • DDoS and SSH protection – prevent attackers, and securely access and manage your server
  • Unlimited domains hosting 
  • Built-in Redundancy – helps minimize disruptions 
  • Migrations and optimizations – fully managed website transfers 
  • Scalability – grow your business as per your needs 

Visit InMotion to check and try out their service. 


Are there free MongoDB hosting providers? 

Yes, some MongoDB hosting providers offer free plans or tiers.

However, these free plans in most cases have limitations in resources, performance, and storage capacity; they have quite basic configurations of MongoDB. 

The free tiers are meant mostly for developers with the need for access to technology for application building. 

Some providers with a free plan include MongoDB Atlas, Aiven, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr.

What are the popular alternatives for MongoDB? 

MongoDB is a NoSQL database, meaning that it has several alternatives. These include the following 
Cassandra – A NoSQL database designed to handle large amounts of data, it is highly scalable. 
Amazon DynamoDB – known for its seamless scalability, automatic replication of data, and low latency performance 
Redis – An In-memory key-value store. Best in handling scenarios that require fast data access 
Couchbase – designed to handle a variety of use cases including mobile and web applications, real-time analytics, and caching
HBase – designed to handle large amounts of sparse data distributed across a cluster of commodity hardware. 
ArangoDB – supports documents, graphs, and key-value data models.


There is an endless list of hosting services you can use for your MongoDB with different features offered.

Some platforms, as seen, offer fully managed services, some unmanaged servers and others come with both managed and unmanaged.

If you are just starting, you are most likely going to need technical support, hence a fully managed service might be the choice for you, but if you are well conversant with hosting and would like to enjoy a hands-on experience, unmanaged hosting is your choice.

Remember that MongoDB hosting requires resources that call for VPS not shared hosting, so a VPS should be your last choice.

I hope you find something that suits you off this list.

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