Why Is My Instagram Explore Page Full Of Models?

Just like most platforms, Instagram aims at making their users’ experiences personalized, better, and memorable.

Instagram Explore is one area where they do this by suggesting content or people that they think will get your attention and keep you active on the platform.

If your Explore page has mostly models, it is because of your browsing history, the accounts you follow, and the preferred topics you chose among other reasons that I will explain in this article.

Understanding the Instagram Explore page

The Instagram Explore page is where you go to search and discover new content on the platform, as well as get exciting recommendations.

Here, you will find posts that are currently trending and suggested accounts of people to follow and keep up with.

To decide what kind of information to display on your Explore page, Instagram uses a certain system that is affected by factors like; 

  • The key topics you initially chose
  • The nature of the accounts that you follow
  • Your previous activity on the platform

The Instagram algorithm will pick up this information combined with other analytics and then determine what to show on your Explore page.

Why is your Instagram Explore page full of models?

If your Instagram Explore page is suggesting models, it means that one or more of the factors explained below feature content that relates to models.

1. The preferred topics you chose

These are the keywords that you initially put into the application to express what kind of content you are interested in.

If these topics were along the lines of fashion and modeling, then the information on your Explore page will also be mostly that.

2. Relevance to your location or profile

As you fill out your Instagram profile, there are certain details that you provide to make the experience on the platform better and your own.

Instagram profile fill out

So if your supposed location is associated with fashion for example New York or Milan, or if your profile shows that you are a model then you will most probably be getting lots of models suggested to you.

3. Your browsing history

This generally covers your previous interactions on the platform including any searches that you may have made.

If you are mostly clicking to view posts that are shared by models or people working with models like photographers and artists, then that is what your Explore page will be showing. 

4. The posts you like or comment on

Liking or commenting on something means that it has piqued your interest.

 So if you are engaging posts that talk about models or share models’ pictures like some advertising agencies for cosmetics, then your Explore page will give you more of that. 

5. The posts you save or share links to

There is an option for bookmarking or saving posts that you like on Instagram. 

You can also share links to certain posts that you find quite interesting with the accounts you follow or off the application.

Bookmarking or saving posts that you like on Instagram

Saving or sharing posts that are model-related or that are liked by models for example fitness enthusiast accounts will contribute to your Explore page being full of models.

6. The media you post

The content of what you are sharing matters; what you are discussing, the captions, and the hashtags you are adding to your posts.

Even though they may be meant to gather more views, if those hashtags are being used by models, then you may instead just end up increasing models on your Explore page. 

7. People you follow

If the accounts you are following on Instagram are for models or people in the circles of fashion then it suggests that is what you are most attracted to.

The activity of these accounts will also contribute to the decision process of what information is being recommended to you.

So if they are sharing, liking, browsing, or following accounts and topics that are associated with models, then that is why your Explore page has them.

8. Most trending

Sometimes, your Explore page will display models because that is what is currently trending.

It could be the season for fashion week or because that is what everyone is talking about at the moment.

You will therefore be having models or model-related content in your feed in the hopes that it will interest you.

How to vary your Instagram Explore page content

From the above reasons, you have probably already figured out that your Explore page can have a variety of things.

If you wish to change things up and have different topics suggested to you, then you can take one or more of these actions.

1. Change your browsing behavior

You can click to view, like, comment, share, or search for more content about a range of things like food, football, and movies.

The algorithm will then pick up this activity and recommend content from several topics on your Explore page.

2. Unsubscribe from the content that you don’t like

On your Explore page, select a post from a subject that you wish to see less of.

Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the page in case of photos or the bottom corner for reels, and choose Not Interested from the list of options.

Instagram explore page
Instagram explore page

Instagram reel page
Instagram reel page

Alternatively, you can also long press on the photo, tap on the three dots in the bottom corner to bring up more options, and then select Not Interested.

Instagram explore page
Instagram explore page

Posts with content similar to this will then be reduced on your Explore page.

3. Remove search history

Clearing the list of your searches will also reduce the chances of you seeing more of a particular theme on your Explore page.

Open your Explore tab, click on the search bar, and select See All

It will bring up a list of all your previous searches; here you tap on Clear All to remove all search history.

Instagram Search history
Clear Instagram Search history
Clear Instagram Search history

You can also find this option when you click on your profile picture, choose the Your Activity option, and then Recent Searches.

Your Instagram Activity
Your Instagram recent searches

However, you should note that removing your search history does not necessarily mean that you will not see posts on that topic again. 

4. Change preferred content settings

You can also go to settings and change or add more keywords to your preferred topics. 

Tap on your picture to be redirected to your profile page. Click on the three lines in the right top corner to bring up a menu.

Instagram settings and privacy
Instagram settings and privacy

Select Settings and Privacy then go to Suggested Content. Here you can customize your content as you please according to your interests.

Instagram Settings and Privacy
Instagram Settings and Privacy

5. Un-follow same content-related accounts

Avoid following too many similar accounts to stop having an Explore page full of models or media of the same topic. 

Remember you do not need to follow most of these accounts to view what they are sharing on the forum.


How does Instagram recommend accounts?

Instagram suggests accounts to you depending on several factors, for example;

The posts you comment on, like, save, or share. These accounts may be the ones who shared this content or those who also engage in similar content.

The accounts you follow. Normally Instagram will recommend accounts followed by the people in your circles.

Your contacts: if you choose to synch your contacts with your Instagram account, then accounts associated with these contacts will be suggested to you.

The popularity of the account: sometimes Instagram will suggest prominent accounts to you depending on the topics that you often browse.

How do I block inappropriate content on Instagram?

Click on your profile picture, Settings and Privacy, and then Suggested Content. Under suggested content, select Sensitive content.

You can choose to see less, standard, or more content that is considered sensitive by Instagram.

Alternatively, you can also click on any suggested inappropriate content and select the option of Not interested.

You can also go to the Hidden Words section under settings and privacy. Here you can filter what comments, words, and messages you receive and further avoid offensive content.

Does Instagram suggest people who look at your profile?

No. Instagram suggests people according to your behavior on the platform and not that of the people checking out your profile.

Whatever recommendations you get will depend on your previous activity and engagements on Instagram or that of the accounts that you follow.

Therefore you will not be able to know who is looking at your profile or posts from the accounts suggested to you.

Can someone see how many times I viewed their Instagram story?

No, users can only see the usernames of those who viewed their Instagram stories and the total times in general that it has been viewed.

The person will not know how many times their post has been viewed by a particular account or if that user has saved the post.

So if you are enjoying that short video, go ahead and replay it as many times as you wish without the need of downloading it.

However, you should note that, even if you don’t follow a certain account, they will still be able to know that you have viewed their Instagram story.


In conclusion, an Instagram Explore page full of models does not have to be alarming, it is mainly a reflection of what you are up to and what interests you on the platform.

Try any of the solutions mentioned in this article to avoid having your Explore tab having too much content of one subject like models.

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