What Does SMT Mean On Instagram? (10+ Popular uses)

We live in a fast-paced world and it seems we are constantly trying to catch up or find shortcuts to get us along.

Abbreviations are becoming the new norm and you will come across them almost everywhere, especially if you are using social media.

Short forms ease texting by making long statements quicker to type, although in some circles using certain acronyms may be your badge of being cool.

Honestly, sometimes the full statement just doesn’t have the same effect as the short form, for example, using SMH instead of ‘shaking my head’.

Whatever the case, acronyms are seemingly inevitable and as such you will come across many that will leave you wondering what exactly they mean. For instance, SMT.

Finding SMT in your Instagram inbox; as a tag in a trending thread, or as a comment on your post may mean several things such as Send me this, shin megami tensei, sm town, surface-mount technology, something, and share my thoughts among others. 

7 Most Popular SMT Uses On Instagram

There are too many abbreviations, but as far as SMT on Instagram goes, there are hundreds of statements it could stand for, depending on the topic of discussion and the situation it is used in; you could even create your own.

1. Send me this/that

This is a popular meaning for SMT on Instagram and other social media platforms.

It can be used as a comment to a post, or sent as a direct message asking someone to send you a piece of media they have posted that you find interesting.

Even though there are several applications you can use for downloading someone’s reels, stories, photos, or anything they post, the easiest way is to ask them directly for it.

2. Shin Megami Tensei 

Unlike popular belief, this may probably be the most common use of the tag SMT on Instagram.

Instagram search
Shin Megami Tensei Instagram story
Shin Megami Tensei Instagram post

Shin Megami Tensei is an anime role-playing video game usually abbreviated as SMT. For Anime lovers who are into gaming, this will probably be their go-to meaning when they come across the abbreviation SMT.

3. SM Town 

In the circles of people who love Korean popular music also known as K-pop, SMT will most probably be used in reference to the popular music group called SM Town.

SM town
SM town on stage

This is a very common tag on Instagram posts especially surrounding any upcoming tours or news about the group.

4. Sucking My teeth

This is another common one used to express displeasure at someone’s actions, comments, posts, or even a discussion you are having.

It can also be used as a tag on a post like a video that shows something that you do not like.

You may wonder why sucking my teeth, it is because normally when you grit your teeth in disapproval or “tsk” at something you are not happy with, that gesture you make is literally sucking your teeth. 

It can also apply in situations when you want someone to measure what they are planning to say to you or comment on your post.

You may also use it as a way of showing someone that you are contemplating what to say either as an answer to a question or giving your opinion as it may cause conflict.

5. Surface-Mount Technology

This is the fixing of an electrical component known as a surface-mount device (SMD) onto a circuit board. 

This acronym will be used by electrical engineers or people who understand the electrical field.

Circuit board
electronic circuit board

6. Smiling to myself

SMT – Smiling to myself can be used to comment on someone’s post on Instagram, especially when it individually involves you as a way of thanking them for including you in their post.

Couples may also use it as a way of showing appreciation to each other by tagging SMT on posts about each other.

It can also be used as a way of remembering the good times that are shown in that video or photo shared; more like an inside joke or secret.

You may perhaps use it to comment on a post that has made you smile for example a video of an adorable baby even without expressing that happiness outright.

Also, people talking to their partners or someone they like in private messaging on Instagram may use this to mean that whatever the other person has said or sent has made them blush.

Expression of happiness

It is sometimes abbreviated as stm.

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7. Something

Depending on who you are talking to, some consider this the original meaning of SMT, or at least in the traditional texting world. 

It existed long before social media became hype even though it was mostly used by the youth who just loved abbreviations. 

Other Usages of SMT

As aforementioned, SMT can stand for so many things, and when you come across it on Instagram, other social media websites, in formal settings, or while doing some reading about a certain subject or otherwise, it could mean any of the following depending on the topic;

1. Computing/Technology

This topic probably has the most SMT short forms, but I will only mention a few here.

  • Simultaneous Multi-Threading – This is associated with computing and can be quite complex to explain to a layman of this field. Simply put, this is the process that helps computers works by enabling the operating system to allow more than one user without requiring several copies of the program.
  • Satisfiability Modulo Theories – Another complicated one linked to the process of authenticating software and hardware.

Other meanings of SMT in technology include but are not limited to; Surface Mount Transistors, Service Management Tools, Secure Mobile Transfer, Smart Multi-Tasking, Simple Multi Touch, and Sustainable Materials and Technology among others.

SMT in technology

2. Social

In relaxed settings, SMT can be used as tags for media shared like photos, stories, and reels; when chatting with someone or just commenting on their post. 

  • See Me Through – In instances when writing a message to a friend as a way of appreciating their help when you needed it or imploring them to stand by you in a difficult time. It can also be tagged on a post showing one’s physical status update for example in a hospital asking for their support.
  • See My Tweet – This is self-explanatory, used to refer someone or draw their attention to something you have posted on the social media website known as Twitter.
  • Share My Thoughts – It is used to refer to the act of expressing your personal view about something or any concepts you have come up with.
  • Sick-Minded Taggers – In this case, ‘taggers’ stands for people who attach their personal identifying signature on the graffiti they do. This full form can be used to describe taggers who are defacing important property or who do inappropriate graffiti.
  • Slightly More Than – This means a little more or better than something or someone. It can be used as a comment, label, or in private messaging to compare different people or things.
  • Social Media Today – This one is used when talking about the status and evolution of exchanges of people across virtual networks. You may come across this in discussions on Instagram or other social media platforms.
  • Social Media Trends – It can be used in deliberations on Instagram or other social media platforms while chatting about what the new thing is or it can also be used by marketing teams of organisations when discussing strategy.
  • So Much Time – You can use this when describing a great deal of time that may have passed or will be required but are not sure of the exact time. It can be a reply to a throwback post or as an additional tag.
  • Suck My Toe – A way of telling someone to back off or mind their own business. If you get this as a reply to your message, then it is your queue to leave the person alone.

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3. Culture

For a particular group or society of people, SMT may stand for something else other than what you may imagine. For example;

  • Shrimati / Shreemati – SMT – Shrimati / Shreemati is a title used to respectfully refer to married women in various Indian languages the way Mrs – Missus is used in the English language. It comes from the words ‘Shri‘and ‘mata’, which mean ‘respectful lady’.
  • Shiver me timbers – For the people in the pirate community or pirate fans, SMT is short for Shiver me timbers; an expression used to show wonder and disbelief about something. It basically means that their bewilderment can be compared to the violent shuddering of their ship.

4. Business

  • Social Media Team – This is a group of people usually from the marketing department though may sometimes be from the IT department, who are responsible for running an organization’s social media accounts.
  • Social Media Toolkit – This includes materials and guidelines for boosting a business’s social media presence including schedules of any campaigns or promotions.
  • Social Media Traffic – You may hear this in a strategy meeting used to reference the people who are checking out the firm’s website by clicking on links posted on the various social media pages.
  • Satellite Media Tours – This is a process common to public relations agencies or departments in companies that involves interacting with various media outlets such as television networks to reach as many people as possible within a limited period usually a single day.

More full forms for SMT in business include; Smart Money, Store Manager Trainee, Staff Monitoring Tool, Sales Marketing Training, Self-Motivated Team, and so many others.

Sales Marketing Training

5. Academics

  • Science, Math, and Technology – Universities may use this as a name for departments that teach Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
  • Senior Management Team – Though not so common, this can also be used to refer to top leaders in academic institutions like deans of studies, directors of departments, head teachers, and deputies.

It can also be used to refer to the top management of a company like the heads of departments, the chief executive officer, and their deputies.

  • Student/School Management Team – This team is responsible for making sure that the quality of education provided at the institution is satisfactory and to manage students efficiently. 

6. Medical field 

  • Spinal Manipulative Therapy – This is a treatment method that involves applying measured pressure either using hands or a device to the spines of patients normally those with back pain.
  • Surgical Medical Technician – Also known as surgical technologists or operating room technicians are the professionals who assist members of the surgical team in the operating room in maintaining a sterilized and ordered environment. 

SMT can also be used in religious circles to refer to Sahih Muslim Translation, Shared Ministry Team, in construction to refer to Standard Measurement Technique, and Surface Modification Technology, as names of different enterprises like Suzuki Motors Thailand or SMT machining and so many other fields.

Motorcycle wheels
SMT machining


Q. What does FTW mean on Instagram?

A. FTW is short for ‘For The Win’. This is an expression used to celebrate an achievement or victory or to show excitement or support for an accomplishment. It is usually used as a way of toasting or cheering on.

Q. What is FOMO slang?

A. Fear of Missing Out. This is a common acronym nowadays, especially among users of social media platforms. It is used to express a lack of desire to be left out of any trending social events or big opportunities.

Users may use this abbreviation as an explanation for their spontaneous action or why they are joining the bandwagon.

Q. What does LMK mean on Instagram?

A. LMK stands for Let Me Know and is used in many ways on Instagram; when asking someone for feedback or opinion about something let me know what you think.

You can also use it as a tag on a post to encourage people to comment or check it out. If you ask someone a question and you are waiting for their answer, you can use this statement.

Please note that however short and sweet this abbreviation is, avoid using it in formal situations as it may come off as inappropriate.

Q. What does TFW mean?

A. Used when expressing that you can relate to a particular situation or emotion, TFW stands for That Feeling When. It is usually attached to images or GIFs showing expressions or actions of how someone feels at that moment.

Q. What is NTG on Instagram?

A. Commonly used in Instagram direct messaging to mean Need To Go. This abbreviation is used to inform the person you are chatting with, that you are going offline and will not be able to reply to them until later. Maybe you have a meeting to get to, or an errand to run.

It can also mean Not too good, implicating that either the person is not feeling very well or something is not really to their liking.

Other meanings include Nice to go as a way of showing support for a certain proposition or idea and Nothing to gain when trying to avoid getting involved in a disagreement. 


As I said earlier in this article, there are plenty of meanings for SMT and though I have given several, they are not the only ones.  

If you want to use this short form, make sure the person understands what you mean, and if you are not sure they will get it then it may be better to write the full statement.

If you come across this acronym on an Instagram post or in your inbox, it is important that you find out the context in which it is being used to fully understand it.

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