Automate Website Monitoring with SiteMonki

If you ever needed a tool to help you have all your domains, websites and other digital platforms monitored in one single platform (without having to switch tabs), this is the  article for you.

Actually, I’ve included a video which you can follow up step by step to get started on setting up your first automated website monitor services.

Why SiteMonki

SiteMonki is yet again another tool out there that has come to help you in your daily struggle to keep upto date with your digital infrastructure from websites, domains, SSLs among others.

It comes with a simple yet convenient user friendly interface that’s easy to use and requires no knowledge in writing code.

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Coming from a designer background, existing platforms that I could use to perform similar tasks required one to have knowledge in writing code or a simple scripting language like JavaScript. However, that only pushed me off and couldn’t have a chance to experiment with such platforms.

SiteMonki dashboard

With SiteMonki, it makes it seamlessly easy to sign up and get started within just a few clicks. Adding any of the monitors is instant and works right away.

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One of the most interesting thing was finding out that one of the domains I had added was expired in a few days yet had not even a single reminder to renew.

Now, that’s exactly what this tool has come to solve. ”Not letting us give away our domains to mafias”.

And not only that, everything is done in just a few clicks (Less than 5 to be exact). That includes adding Domain monitors, SSL Monitors and Website monitors.

SiteMonki dashboard

Pricing and Support

As of writing, SiteMonki is free to use and you can simply signup and get started. Adding any of the monitors is quite simple and done in a couple of seconds.

From the look of things, a support personal is already attached to a live chat and via email. So meaning that incase you fall into issues, they’re available to get you back on the road.

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Video Tutorial

Feel free to checkout a video I made when testing out SiteMonki and how to get started, add monitors, delete monitors and update your personal information within the platform.

SiteMonki Updates/Upgrades

Not sure yet when they’ll roll up another update which i think would be best to include stats, daily views, hints or even site security hack attempts. Just thoughts running in my mind that i think would be interesting to see, analyse and find possible solutions.

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In Closing

By experimenting with SiteMonki, it got me thinking about a possibility to have a mobile app which synced to the web interface so that one doesn’t have to be on a desktop to have a better view of there monitors.

The mobile app would be installed on my phone and at any point in time, I can just grab my phone and open up the app.

That aside, i find SiteMonki pretty useful, simple and easy to navigate. And yet, does the JOB.

Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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