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Why I Switched To Hello Elementor Theme

There is NO theme I ever needed like the Hello Elementor theme, Period.

Why? This is the reason I’m writing this very blog.



Three years ago, Elementor now one for the best if not the best page building WordPress plugin surfaced. No one ever would think that just another page builder would rock the streets and shake up existing tools like Divi, WP Bakery and many others. But Elementor did that.

And hey, not just that. They are not stopping. Now with over 2million users, Elementor is among the 20 most popular plugins on the Evanto marketplace.

Elementor on Envator

And again, just as we think these guys are yet to stop. They disrupt us again.

Now, with the NEW Hello Elementor Theme.


Personally, I’m more than happy. Just like I said in the beginning. It’s something I’ve ever wanted to have a year ago when I redesigned my blog.

I searched around for themes that are said to be fully compatible with Elementor and I found that none actually could suit my needs.

I needed a free, lightweight theme, fast and with a reliable support team. Those available were a bit bogged with code that I never needed offering options I would never use on this blog.

Therefore, I settled for one, the WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme. I actually wrote a massive guide on how I redesigned this whole blog with Elementor.

In the end, I was glad. The theme enabled me to achieve 95% of what I wanted but still, had a lot of code executing in the background and consuming server resources including a number of page requests.

Now, the King comes. The Hello theme by Elementor.


New Journey With Hello:

After reading the official announcement from Elementor about this theme. I simply open a new tab and straight away, I looked up this theme, checkout through it’s code and the beauty it would bring me.

The Hello Elementor theme comes as a perfect remedy for my search for a theme that works best with my blog. More so that everything here is built using Elementor’s theme builder from Headers, Footers, Pages, Archives to Blogs.

So, I literary needed a blank theme, or canvas just to have my site running. And this is what the Hello Elementor theme brings.

Hello Elementor theme

In a matter of minutes, I had made up my mind to switch from WordPress’s Twenty Sixteen theme to Hello by Elementor.

Actually, I made a video and uploaded it on my youtube channel on how I installed, tested and got my self going with this new baby.

I would write on and on. But, let me just hint for you some goodies this theme brings.

  1. It’s free (Yes, forever) Elementor says
  2. It’s fast (at least for me, my blog and where I’ve tested it)
  3. It’s versatile
  4. Free theme support and updates
  5. Super light



Using this theme is Free and forever. But hey, it’s not just like any other themes. It’s blank. No header, no footer, no sidebar, no blog layout.

So to use it, you either have to hand code the rest of the theme sections or grab yourself a copy of Elementor Pro. Yes, specifically the Elementor Pro plugin.

Why, because the available free Elementor plugin won’t enable you to create headers, footers, popups among others.

So, is this a catch? I don’t know.

But as an Elementor user, this theme is what I all needed to have.


In Closing:

How did you hear about Hello Elementor theme? What are your thoughts regarding this new kid on the block?

Wish you happy building, creating and establishing your online presence. Be sure to check out my youtube channel for some of my Elementor tutorials including those on how to create page templates, headers, footers, etc.

Talk soon

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