How Many Gigabytes Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a popular game with a relatively massive size, thus requiring lengthy loading time and a lot of storage space. 

However, because of Epic Games’ latest Fortnite updates, Fortnite size has decreased by over 60 GB resulting in faster loading speeds, among other benefits. 

So, how big is Fortnite now? How many gigabytes is it? This is what I will be unfolding in this article. 

For starters, Fortnite’s size varies on different platforms and devices. We shall therefore explore Fortnite’s size on PCs, Mobile gadgets, Xbox, and PlayStations (PS5 & PS4). But roughly, you will need a minimum of 3 GB and a maximum of 75 GB. 

Before we get to it, let’s understand a few things;

Factors that affect Fortnite’s size

The size of Fortnite can vary significantly depending on various things. Primarily, the game’s size is affected by the following

1. Version or mode

The version of the game you are downloading will affect its size. Fortnite has different versions including the Save the World mode and the Battle of Royale mode, which have different sizes. 

2. Region or location 

The region from which you are downloading Fortnite will affect the size of the game. As you download you select particulars like language which varies in size per region.

3. Platform or device

The size of Fortnite varies greatly according to the platform on which you are downloading the game. The PC game for example requires much more size compared to the mobile device game. 

4. Updates and Add-ons

The size will also be affected by available updates and add-ons. As the game updates, more features are added that will require more space. 

That said, let’s see how many gigabytes Fortnite requires on different platforms. 

How many gigabytes is Fortnite on different platforms and devices? 

1. On the PC

Fortnite storage

Personal computers of Windows or Mac have specific Fortnite storage needs as follows. 

1. Windows: 

Because of the developers’ ability to compress Fortnite, this brings Fortnite’s size down to about 30GB without compressing the functionality. 

But its size on the PC will vary depending on the version you choose to install, and your location which influences the language you choose to use. 

Fortnite’s initial installation will take up about 26.75 gigabytes, other installations like Fortnite Save the World, High-resolution texture pack, directX, and disabling cosmetic streaming will require additional space of 3.82 GB, 9.75 GB, 4.62 GB, and 27.09 GB respectively.  

All this totals to 72.09 GB. But you may not need to install every single feature. Fortnite therefore precisely will consume between 26.75 GB to 72 GB of PC storage. 

So, you do not have to worry about downloading over 100 GB or using up your internet limit. Also, you enjoy faster loading speeds and much better performance with the new updates.

However, it is good to take into consideration future updates and changes which may increase the size. So dedicate a little more storage for Fortnite on your PC. 

2. MacOS:

On MacOS, Fortnite takes up pretty much the same space as on the Windows PC; it takes up between 26.75 to 75 GB

In the same way, because of future updates and patches, it is recommended that you dedicate a little more storage for Fortnite on your Mac. 

2. On Xbox 

Fortnite storage on Xbox

Compared to PC storage space, Fortnite on Xbox requires a smaller amount of space. 

It requires 28.5 GB on Xbox One and 31 GB on Xbox Series X. Remember to dedicate a little more space to accommodate future updates and patches. 

3. On mobile and switches

Fortnite storage on mobile and switches

Fortnite size varies on mobile devices depending on the operating system, and the device model. 

1. On Android devices

Although Fortnite may not be directly available on your Android’s Google Play Store, you can still enjoy it through the official website of Epic Games

Fortnite on your Android smartphone will take up about  3.3 GB. 

Precisely, Fortnite’s size can be between 1.56GB and 2.98GB before installation on Android.

2. On iOS 

Fortnite on iOS takes up a bit more than on Android. iOS users will need about 9 GB. 

However, Fortnite will not run smoothly on all mobile devices, it is for specific devices. 

3. On Nintendo Switch 

Compared to other platforms, Fortnite on Nintendo Switch requires relatively smaller storage space. The game consumes about 12.2 GB, smaller than other platforms. 

4. On PlayStations (PS5 and PS4) 

Fortnite storage on playstations

On PlayStation, Fortnite will require about 10GB before installation and about 8GB after.

However, it is recommended to secure more storage before installing Fortnite on PS. Hence, Fortnite will have 18 GB to 35 GB of storage space. 

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What is the current Fortnite download size? 

The download size for Fortnite varies significantly depending on the device or platform on which you want to download the game. 

Here are the download sizes: 

Platform/ device Download size 
PC (Windows, Android and MacOS) 26.75 GB
Xbox 28.5 – 31 GB
Mobile 6 – 7 GB on iOS10 – 15 GB on Android 
Playstation (PS4 & PS5) 18 GB 

How much data does Fortnite use?

Fortnite data usage is not uniform for all users, it is affected by the device in use, and whether you are playing in a Squad or Solo. 

Here are some data estimates to enjoy Fortnite on different platforms:

Platform Data usage 
Mobile (Android and iOS)50 – 60 MOs 
PC40 – 100 MBs depending on the quality of the graphics

How much storage do I need for gaming? 

Gaming storage will differ significantly depending on the games played and playing habits.

Here we can look at storage estimates based on the game capacity or size. 

For small file-size games like casual mobile games or small indie games, you will need between some hundreds of megabytes to about 2 gigabytes of storage space. These games are usually light and do not consume much space. 

For large high-end games like AAA Titles, you will need space between 30 GB and more than 100 GB. These can be quite large and demand space. 

It is however important to take into consideration regular updates and patches which also increase storage requirements. 


Fortnite space requirements vary depending on which version is being installed, the location, and the platform on which you are installing. 

This is why the needed gigabytes are not uniform as seen in this article. 

Keep in mind that Fortnite undergoes regular patches and updates which may affect the size. 

Consequently, the gigabytes could increase, so before installing the game, you should free up a little more space.  

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