Can You See Who Liked Someone Else’s Video On TikTok?

The Like feature on TikTok, annotated by a heart icon (♡), is a simple way for users to show their appreciation and approval of a video they have watched on the platform. Look at it as ‘digital applause’.

This article explores TikTok likes in conjunction with privacy, and answers the question of whether one can see who liked someone else’s video.

The short answer is no; TikTok does not currently provide a public list of users who have liked someone’s video, or their identities. 

The TikTok Likes feature

TikTok likes are not just about numbers. They are a way for content creators to connect with their audience and to be encouraged that their content is resonating with users on the platform.

This creates a sense of community for the creators since they can see who exactly liked their videos, and they can reciprocate by viewing and liking the other person’s videos as well.

Additionally, the likes feature is pretty beneficial to creators because videos that accumulate the most likes have a higher chance of being picked up by the TikTok algorithm and showcased on the For You page, hence increasing their visibility and engagement.

Why can’t one see who liked another’s video?

Unlike other platforms like Instagram, TikTok’s approach is more discrete, it does not disclose the identity of users who like a particular video, thus enabling users to appreciate a video freely and comfortably.

TikTok keeps likes anonymous because it prioritizes privacy, positivity and mental well-being. 

Look at it this way; if you could see who liked another person’s video, it might make you feel bad about your content or push you to compete for likes, we all know where that leads…

What can you see on someone else’s video?

Well, don’t lose all hope yet, if TikTok won’t allow you to see who liked someone else’s video, there are still a couple of things you CAN still see on that person’s video. 

Though why one would go through all that trouble is simply beyond me! But here goes…

Total video likes

While you won’t be able to see who exactly liked someone’s video, you can see the total likes on their video.

To do this:

Go to your TikTok and open the video you want to see, on the menu icons on the right, find the Like icon (♡), and right below it you will see the total likes this particular video has.

TiktTok video likes

Total overall content likes

TikTok also allows you to see the total likes count on someone’s account. With this, you can know how many people have liked this person’s videos in total and gauge the extent of their reach.

To see someone else’s total like;

Open up your TikTok app and search for the person whose likes you want to see, open up their profile.

Right below the person’s username, you’ll see three sections, one of them is Likes, which represents the overall likes this person has received so far for all their posted videos.

TiktTok likes
TiktTok likes


On a much brighter side, you will also be able to not only see the number of comments on someone’s video but you can also read through the comments and see who has commented!

To do this;

Open the person’s video and from the icons on the right you will find the message or comments icon (💬) and right below it the total number of comments on that video. 

And when you click on the icon, you will see the comments and replies and the people who have commented.

TiktTok Comments
TiktTok Comments

Note however that if this user has turned off comments on that particular video, they won’t be visible.

Total favorites and shares

Furthermore, you can see the total count of people who added someone’s video to their favorites and the total of those who shared the video. This basically means they liked the video enough to want to watch it again and to want other people to see it too.

TikTok Favorite and Shares

However, just like Likes, you won’t be able to see their identities.


Can someone on TikTok see who liked their videos?

Yes, a TikTok user can see who liked their videos. You can even interact with the people who have liked your videos.

To see who liked your TikTok video;

Launch the TikTok app on your device and go to your Profile by tapping your profile picture at the bottom of the screen.

Select the video for which you want to see the likes and from the heart icon on the video page, you will see the number of likes. 

You can tap on the number of likes or the comments icon and it will show you the usernames of individuals who have liked that particular video.

TiktTok Video Likes 1

Can you see who viewed your TikTok?

Yes. As per the latest TikTok update, you can see who viewed your TikTok video by opening the video and then clicking on the view count at the bottom. This will take you to another screen with a list of people who have viewed the video, and you can check out their profiles.

TiktTok Video Views
TiktTok Video Views 2

Note that this will only be available for 7 days after the video is posted.

What does it mean when someone has likes on TikTok but no videos?

When a TikTok user has likes but you don’t see any videos, it could be because of 1 of 3 reasons;

  • Their account is private and to see their videos you would have to send a follow request.
  • They deleted or unpublished their videos after receiving the likes.
  • There’s a glitch in the TikTok system (though this may be a rare occurrence).

What is the difference between likes and favorites on TikTok?

The Like feature on TikTok, annotated by the heart is primarily used to appreciate and approve a certain video you’ve watched.

While the Favourites feature, annotated by a bookmark is used to save your favorite videos so that you can easily find them later and rewatch them.

What happens when someone likes your videos on TikTok?

When someone likes your TikTok video, you will receive a notification in your TikTok inbox telling you so and so has liked your video, and you can check out their profile if you want.

If your video accumulates a large number of likes, this increases your visibility on the platform and your video just might end up on the ForYouu page. It also shows you how well your audience is responding to your video.


In summary, the ability to see who liked someone else’s video remains deliberately hidden by TikTok to respect the privacy of their users and to enable TikTok users to authentically and privately express themselves. 

For now, you’ll just have to be satisfied with seeing the total number of likes on that person’s videos, their comments, total shares, and favorites. 

However, remember that TikTok is constantly evolving, and if this feature ever changes, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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