Anywhere Elementor Tutorial – Insert Elementor Pages, Library Templates & Global Templates Anywhere with Shortcode

In this anywhere elementor tutorial, i’ll show you how to display your elementor templates, sections and custom layouts anywhere in your elementor website using a shortcode.

When you make changes or updates your templates, changes will apply wherever that template shortcode is used in your Elementor website.

Note: the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.

Video: Anywhere Elementor Tutorial

Install the Anywhere Elementor Addon

On your Elementor dashboard go to Plugins > Add New, search for Anywhere Elementor then install and activate it (00:31)

anywhere elementor tutorial

When it’s activated, it will appear on the dashboard as AE Templates (00:40), click on it.


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Create a Template using Anywhere Elementor Addon

Click on Add New to create a new template. Give your template a name, I’m using ‘Demo Temp’, then hit the Publish button, then Edit with Elementor (01:03)


In the Elementor editor, click on the folder icon (📁) to go to the templates library, under Pages choose a template, and insert it (01:22)


Select the section and go to Style > Background, give it a Background Type of gradient, and select gradient colors of your choice (01:44), then click the Update button.

wfdaP xh6wQX4sNeweb6PJf Bx2senw97kLnycJ0K6urevwCR3MDgtELxDFHH SxbMtgDl z0lGTXEhTOPdofHGlWvo7EDYr wQTh r8U7nm2sEhpMP6rU3tMDgevUpQuq9hw lp

After creating and editing your template to your preference, go to Pages on your dashboard and Add New, give it a name; Web Doc and Publish then open the page with Elementor (02:23)


In your Elementor editor go to Settings > Page Layout, change it to Elementor full width (02:30)

uL9bLUK7WCMVM3XdYWOf3pOPFhaRCrqOSictLHdUZUaYF9kiwA2L 3MHn7czpd0bcr19iTFNnAUhh id8BM2R 1ZGff AM3RMtna4p1I3etda74CzUPyyWpJPfWOIhkv358SdG1r

Go to your Widgets area, search for the Shortcode widget and drag it to your canvas (02:45)

U6pk0XuHChh7I4zUIsYJs2Kd4LekPfc23X62HShgrDapWTK7u8XppmGFEpY56b7jQK2hZCT7 W6rlSnDEt1laJ1jmb0zlnxz0pl5I0AGkp3 GoI1ogK0i2zC8JRkBWCckJ9kQQJ4

Back on your dashboard go to AE Templates, you’ll see the template you created, copy its shortcode (03:04), then paste it into the Shortcode under Content and Apply the changes.

wjt JqMrklWXXBfJBOrXBOdnfeQJZyhzFCRd F17ENw84cuGEJfv3ciwUxmOYLW6xX8XR3w1c3xKZzCpjeFo39E K4gcTTGLjriegtUpdOMOuLfHJLslgMCsLggZZLaWc0IgBb0p

With this, your template is inserted into your page.


You cant make any changes to your template from the page where you’re using it as a shortcode. You can make global changes to the template itself and they will reflect wherever you’re using it as a shortcode.

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Make Changes to your Anywhere Elementor Template

To demonstrate how to make changes to the template, I’m going to delete the VISIT US section in the template.

Back to AE Templates on the dashboard ill go to my Demo Temp and Edit with Elementor, open your template with Elementor.

When it opens up, scroll down to the visit us section and delete it (04:06). You can try this out on any other section in your template. Click the Update button when you’re done.

KBuv3LN3 mQy6rOBD2HfydLx2YDU3o9IYEpMMRGzFZ Li8PG1NyGk2dZuSk PZ0sT KKw2tbXxxerg3UZfUtNPGwsx8tIThUHxB4YwdxLB9zpT279qq m7YgO6DnHBsaNGGLIQPa

Go back to the page where you used a shortcode to display this template and when you Update, the section you just deleted from the template disappears from the page as well.

When you go back to your dashboard under Plugins > Anywhere Elementor, click on View details (04:41)

xJKY 1Rgw0N9M0vrlHKlz7XhzFZI21vucIBxMCnvlI7kvDBfatM0fmOBTT XrBbjSuT93Ef 1v471BcxsmzemxphbX8xZUZVee13qINqSDtXImL9L W7tI RrbcfBulIBOpVO m7

You’ll see a description of how Anywhere Elementor works and where the templates you create using this plugin can be used, and you can also see the features in the Pro version of the plugin.

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In conclusion

That’s how you can use the Anywhere Elementor plugin to create templates and use their shortcode to display content on your Elementor website.

For any questions or comments, let me know in the comments section. Subscribe to my youtube channel and newsletter for more tips and tutorials.

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