Envato Elements for Elementor Plugin: Access free and Premium Templates and Blocks for Elementor

In this tutorial, I am going to introduce you to the free Envato Elements for Elementor plugin. A plugin that is bundled with hundreds of free and premium Elementor templates that you can use on your Elementor website. 

The Envato plugin is free, but to access the premium templates you need an Envato subscription, and this gives you access to millions of other digital assets made by Envato. 

Note: the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.

Video: Envato Elements for Elementor Plugin Tutorial

Install Envato Elements Plugin

Let’s get started by installing the free Envato Elements plugin

To do this:

On your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, in the add plugin area search for Envato, install and activate it (01:04)

After installing your plugin, go to your Plugins section and click on the Envato Elements option (01:25).

Here you need to sign in to Envato with your email to be able to access the templates (01:40). You can sign up and get a free account on the Envato website, then use that email here, accept the terms and Continue.

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Acessing Envato Templates

After you connect your Envato account, the Envato platform opens up and it comes with already made templates that you can use in your Elementor (01:57) They provide you with different templates for different pages, both free and premium. 

If you have the Envato Pro subscription you have access to a number of premium templates, like these nice EBook author templates, the Dance School templates and so much more (02:26)

envato elements for elementor

Let’s check out some of the free templates provided:

Under the Free Template Kits for Elementor option, there are about 120 free templates (as of publishing this article) you can use. 

For example, the Retirement Community template (04:49); has a number of homepage templates, about us, and other page templates that you can just import into your Elementor website, and you can make any changes to any of the sections to suit your needs.


Some of these free templates require you to have the pro version of Elementor or an Envato subscription to be able to access some of the plugins and features. 

However, that doesn’t stop you from importing them into your website, you can still import them and use the other free plugins and features that are available. 

But of course, if you have Elementor pro or an Envato subscription, it’s an added advantage.

Using Envato Premade Blocks

When you go over to Elementor > Blocks (06:12), Envato provides a number of blocks that you can use on your Elementor website, both for free and pro users.

There are for example blocks for hero sections, call to actions, headers, footers, pricing tables, popup sections, etc.

Some of them, of course, require you to have Elementor Pro to access all their features, because they have some features that are from the pro version of Elementor, but you can still just ignore the warning and import them anyway, or you can just use the other free blocks and available.

Let’s for example import one of the footer templates into our Elementor website.

Click on the Footer option (07:18), scroll through the many footers provided, and click the Import to Library button.


When you import any of these Envato blocks or templates into your Elementor website, you can find them in your Templates Library when you click the folder icon (🗀).

Envato Photos

Envato provides you with over a million photos (09:13) that you can use on your Elementor website.

If you have the Envato subscription you can access all the available photos. You can simply use the search option to type any keyword for the photo(s) you’re looking for, and you can just import them into your website without having to download or re-upload them.

When you click on a particular photo, you are given details about it like the dimensions, orientation, and others (09:48).

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Import a Free Envato Template into Your Website

Back in the Templates Kit section, let’s look at how to practically use one of the free templates.

Under the free templates, click on the Flight Training template kit (10:26), select the Home 1 template.

Under Create Page from Template name it ‘Flight Home’, then click Create Page (10:49)

Wait for the page to be created and when it’s done click on the Flight Home link, this takes you straight to Elementor where your page has been imported into your existing Elementor website.

Go to the Settings () at the bottom, then under Page Layout, select Elementor Canvas (11:28), to remove the header and footer that are already on the existing website. 

Click on the folder icon (🗀) to go to the Templates Library, insert the footer template you imported earlier (11:53)

When you preview (👁), this is what you should have; a flight training homepage with its newly added footer (12:20) 

Back in your Elementor editor, you can make changes to all the sections in your imported page just like you would on any other Elementor website. 

For example, you can delete a section if you don’t want it, you can change the images, rearrange the sections, change the styling, and many other changes.

When you’re done with your changes, you just update/publish your website and you’re done!

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In Closing

In a matter of minutes, you can be able to have your Elementor website up and running smoothly using the Envato templates and blocks, without having to go through the hustle of designing from scratch.

I hope this will be a very useful tool for you in your website projects.

If you have any questions or comments about this tutorial, let me know in the section below. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter and youtube channel for more tips and tutorials.

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