6 Little Known Free Stock Photo Sites

No hula bola.. You can actually get VERY high quality free stock images for use online with no strings attached. And don’t have to face the hustle of looking for a pro photographer if you’re only looking at having a sizeable project of yours to get off the hook.

You may also just have a mini project that you want to present at some company for a much bigger business prospect. Now these sites come into handy.

All you need is to head over there and browse through the different resources so that you find whatever you’re looking for. No attribution is required so that you to use any of the images.

Also, NO signup is required or an any kind of ‘give us this to give you that’. Nothing totally. They’re free stock image websites are here for you mostly in the last minute rush.

Now in this blog, i’m going to share with you only those i think you’ve never come across. These stock image sites are like no other.

Let’s head in straight.

1. Freerange

freerange stock images

How Freerange made it to my list, I also don’t know but they’re an amazingly a great team with great free stock photo images on there website.

This platform is one other you should bookmark on  your browser. Look, there image sources are two and very simple. It’s an in house team sharing some of there experiences  using very high end good resolution cameras or contribution from the outside community.

If we’re to watch this platform grow, it could be next pexels or pixa bay. They should not be under estimated and i think the earlier we recognize there significance, not only will we enjoy using there free stock image resources but also appreciate the bunch of effort they put in to offer all this.

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2. Death to Stock

Death to stock

Yet another amazing collection from Death to stock. It is project initiated by pro photographer with a big argue to support creatives in there daily hustles.

The actually found out that it was hard one to get super high quality free images to use and so the reason to kickstart Dream to stock.

All you need to do on your side is to subscribe and get onto there email list so that you can always have high quality free stock images delivered straight to your inbox every month.

On the side, to support these young genius, Allie and David the founders of this platform, you simply have to get on the pro version of this platform so you can simply make a monthly contribution of $15 or $180 for a year which actually helps them to travel the world taking photos that will later on be made available on this platform

Want to support real hustlers, then why not support these two with this amazing platform.

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3. Stokpic

Stokpic free stock images

Stockpic is yet another free stock photo website to add on your list.

Being contributed to by a solo photographer Ed Gregory, his willingness to put up 10 amazing new pictures every week can’t be disputed. There images can be used any where in your creative projects and you have not to dash out a single penny.

He is doing it really well by even providing categories for the stock images he uploads.

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4. Startup Stock Photos

Startup stock photos

Selling name aside, startup stock photos are actually super nice pro stock photos. They’re not under incubation or that they lack quality.

These photos can be used just by anyone from any industry. But i find that most of the posses, angles and  guiding principal on taking pictures on this platform basically inclined to startups.

And off course, they do have really great photos and you just can’t afford to miss checking them out and the variety they have on table to offer for free.


5. Life of Pix

Life of a pix

Life of a pix is yet another great addition to this list.  Imagine an advertising agency put aside resources to fund work on making this platform does exist. This means that through there network of photographers, they make sure they’re in position to meet travel and gear expenses to as to be able to produce such images.

Obviously, when you check them out  by yourself, you’ll testify and love the quality of amazing shots taken by these photographers.

For me, the first time i came across this platform, the name caught me off guard and fell in love with it. You can actually use the Life of pix platform to also source for copyright free videos and clips on a weekly basis.

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6. Negative Space

Negative space

It’s not actually what it sounds to be. It’s NOT negative i mean. This stock photo site is awesomely good. Bringing you new free stock photos weekly is something you can be proud of..

With the awesomely amazing photos that are shared free to use with no restrictions however, you’re also NOT limited at how many times you can download and use them.

With Negative space you’re actually in position to use there search and sort filter which i find very useful to search and sort images based on your liking or specification. It can be by color, size, copy space among others.

Only what is mentioned in this blog is the very limited version of what you’ll find at Negative space. Best is to check it out for yourself.


In Closing

Honestly these free stock photo websites shared here are just a small percentage of sites I don’t know about out there.

Also please not that this article is only referencing to free stock image sites that are not commonly known to people. Please don’t ask why you’re not seeing the likes of pexels dot com, or pixabay dot com, istock photos etc.

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