My 10 Best Gutenberg Block Plugins

In this article, I’ll share some of the best Gutenberg block plugins.

Most of these block plugins will enable you to add dynamic content, animations and many more features.

From Kadence and Cwicly Blocks to Spectra, Jet Engine, Green Shift, Stackable, Otter Blocks and many others,.

You will not fail to find the best Gutenberg plugin for your WordPress website, blog or any other project.

By the end of this article, you will hopefully be convinced to build your website using one or more of these amazing Gutenberg block plugins.

Tip: Block Combinations

Some Gutenberg block plugins work best in combination.

For example, using Kadence Theme with Kadence Blocks or Spectra Blocks with Astra Theme would give you much better results and performance than using each alone.

That said, let’s get right into it.

Video: My 10 Best Gutenberg Block Plugins

#1. Kadence Blocks 

Kadence Blocks one of the best gutenberg block plugins

Kadence is a theme developer, but they also have the Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks plugin.

This offers a bunch of custom blocks like advanced buttons, testimonials, etc that you can use on your website to extend its functionality.

The Gutenberg editor not only supports feature grid layouts but also full-width layouts, configurable typography on particular blocks, and mobile responsiveness.

With Kadence you can set up a colour pallet, call to action and so much more.

The Kadence Blocks pro version gives you even more access to premium blocks and features like Modal, Image Overlay, Video Popup, Carousels, forms, etc, starting from $69.

#2. Spectra Blocks 

Spectra Blocks

Spectra was initially the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg before it was made into a standalone plugin. 

It provides you access to a lot of powerful advanced blocks, features and capabilities that help you build websites.

Features like Lottie animations, google map widget, call to action, and a lot more, and they have a full-featured pro version with even more features, starting at $49.

#3. Greenshift Blocks 

Greenshift Blocks

Greenshift is your best go-to tool for creating animations with Gutenberg.

Even their website is filled with block animations!

Greenshift animation features are very well-built and will not affect the speed of your website when you use them.

They have a template/block library that you can use to import templates on your website, along with features like animated headlines, containers, dynamic blocks, etc.

With the Greenshift pro version, starting from $39.99/year you could have access to query addon listings, animation addons, premium support, SEO addons, and many more premium features.

#4. Stackable Blocks

Stackable Blocks

This is yet another best Gutenberg blocks plugin.

Stackable Blocks provides a variety of page builder-like features like multiple block layouts, animation of blocks, dynamic content functionality, built-in custom fields and query loops.

Stackable also provides integration with other tools like ACF, Metabox and Jet Engine, which provides more possibilities for the design and functionality of your website.

Stackable is fully responsive and incorporates a wide range of customization options for you to create unique and professional-looking content for your website.

It is easy to use, with a simple interface and helpful documentation.

#5. JetEngine

JetEngine Blocks

This was initially an addon built for Elementor before it was built into a Gutenberg plugin that enables users to create quick and no-code dynamic websites.

With JetEngine, you can create custom dynamic sites with custom loops, taxonomies, custom post types, listing items and so much more for your website, which was initially only possible with Elementor. 

#6. Cwicly Blocks (Closed)

Cwicly Blocks

Cwicly is a powerful theme builder-level Gutenberg plugin which enables you to set up a design system with your own colours, typographies, etc. 

You can also use the Cwicly custom blocks and customize them to your preference.

Cwicly provides you with a trial version that you can install on a virtual environment and test out before you subscribe to its premium version, starting from 49 Euros per year.

With the Cwicly pro version, you have access to full site editing, dynamic data, scroll interaction, animations, repeater blocks and many more features.

Note: Cwicly announced the discontinuing of development sighting “personal attacks”, “relentless onslaught of destructive posts and comments”, “negativity and hostility” from the WordPress community making it “impossible to continue”.

#7. Otter Blocks 

Otter Blocks

Otter is a page-builder plugin with extra functionality that is great for a better page-building experience.

It helps you to create more refined and visually appealing content for your website without the need for traditional page builders like Elementor or Divi. 

Otter Blocks has some cool features like date range, URL query string, WooCommerce Products in Cart, Cart Total, etc. 

It also provides blocks like the section block, advanced heading block, button group block, slider block, etc.

#8. Genesis Blocks 

Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks is a collection of page-building blocks for Gutenberg which gives you more control to quickly create and launch any kind of website.

Genesis Blocks provides section and layout blocks, newsletter blocks, pricing blocks, post grids and many more free and pro features.

Genesis Blocks also extends your content creation experience by providing a template library of page sections and full-page layouts, available from within the Gutenberg block editor.

#9. Getwid Blocks 

Getwid blocks

Getwid blocks is a Gutenberg plugin by MotoPres.

It offers several unique premade block templates like the sections block, advanced heading, icon block, image slider, etc that you can use on your website.

Unlike MotoPress known for its advanced hotel booking engine, Getwid Gutenberg Blocks can be used on any kind of website as long as it’s running on Gutenberg.

#10. The Plus Blocks

The Plus Blocks

If you know about the Plus Addons for Elementor, you already know how valuable they are in terms of features, sections and widgets for Elementor.

This is what they’re now offering on Gutenberg.

The Plus Addons provide global colours, global spacing, global dark mode, breadcrumb, dynamic content, table of contents block and so much more that you can apply on your Gutenberg website.

From as low as $19 per year, you can get access to even more features and blocks with the Plus Blocks for Gutenberg.

In Closing

With the above and many more free and pro WordPress plugins, you can create a fully functional professional-looking website with Gutenberg and customize it to best suit your needs.

For comments, suggestions or questions, please use the comments section below. And remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel and newsletter for more tips and tutorials.

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